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Does Sloto Cash Pay Real Money?

You betcha! When you play Shopping Spree II Online Slot you’ll enjoy online casino real money gaming entertainment plus loads of fun and excitement!

The Shopping Spree II online slot takes you to where the original Shopping Spree slot left off to set you off on an adventure of fun, excitement and real money prizes.

Retail therapy can be relaxing and rewarding. That's what you'll find when you play the Shopping Spree II slot machine – a shopping adventure that will ultimately make your own shopping expeditions more meaningful and effective.

Regardless of whether you're looking for home décor, clothes or simply some non-essentials, learning about shopping marketing psychology will help you maximize that data as you shop and when you play the Shopping Spree II slot at the SlotoCash Casino.




Psychology of Shopping

Businesses put a tremendous amount of time, effort and money into marketing. The right marketing strategy can make or break your business so it's worthwhile for a business to invest heavily in its marketing strategy. By targeting the right population with the right message, you can drive more conversions.

Marketing isn't something in which just marketers engage. It's also well within the realm of the field of interest of psychologists who study the ways that a marketer can draw otherwise rational individuals into their vision of what the buyer must acquire.

Some of the strategies that marketers use to influence consumer behavior include:

Marketing strategy basically explores how marketers can manipulate consumers into thinking that we are making informed and rational decisions while, in reality, we are flailing prey to the whims of our psychological impulses. Here are a number of ways that marketers use psychological tools to influence consumer behavior.

Reciprocity Principle

Marketers often try to create an environment of reciprocity in which the "target" is made to feel that s/he is obligated to do something. They aim to create an understanding that, if I do something positive for you, you will in turn feel compelled to return the favor.

If the consumer feels that the brand that engages him/her has done something positive for his/her life, s/he will be more likely to do something for the brand in return. We naturally believe that we must return a favor -- that it’s a social obligation to reciprocate. This is true regardless of the reciprocal action involves our personal or  professional life.

Researchers have found that, even something as small as finding a coin can improve a person’s mood  and make them more open to passing on that happy feeling by making a purchase. For marketers, that reciprocity helps them bring customers to a brand and helps the businesses  retain those customers. It cements customer loyalty, educates the market and gives potential buyers a lead generation tool.

Some examples of reciprocity in marketing include:

  • Giving out shopping vouchers.
  • Making the shopping experience an enjoyable one.
  • Inviting customers into loyalty programs.
  • Creating a relationship between the brand and the buyer by allowing customers to show support (reviews, online community, etc).
  • Providing useful material and information that people can use to their benefit (tutorials).

Attractive Marketing

Research has shown that, when people look for an online purchase, they aren't necessarily looking only for the information about the product, its cost and how to obtain it.  They want to see the product presented in an attractive way. Even if you have an amazing, innovative and creative start-up, if you don't package it properly, your chances of success are diminished.

If you're displaying something in a brick-and-mortar venue, it's obvious that you want to make it as visually appealing as possible.  That's true as well for the web design that promotes your product or service online.   Even if your website is "different" or "creative', make sure that you've incorporated the basic principles of visually appealing font size, column widths, line heights, margins and proportions.


Color has a huge impact on buying behavior. Research by Satyendra Singh has demonstrated that people make up their minds about whether they will purchase a product within 90 seconds. Up to 90% of that decision is based on color.

It's clear that color can influence mood and feelings and set you apart from competitors. Yet researchers don't really know which colors drive conversions. What they do know is that colors that stand out receive the most attention and are remembered for the longest period of time. Also, how the color is referred to impacts on how it's seen – "scarlet" and "crimson" sound better than "red", "mocha" outshines "brown", etc.


You can increase affiliation with a brand by creating a tribal identity that links a targeted consumer's sense of self to a group membership.  The gaming world has come to specialize in this kind of  group atmosphere by increasing loyalty of fans and viewers through communities that are built around games.

The gaming industry promotes teams, leagues, channels and other game communities who support each other and the games that they buy, the "loot" that they purchase and the gaming activities in which they engage – all of which are highly profitable to the gaming industry.

Shopping Spree II Online Slot

No one understands the importance of retail therapy as much as Shopping Spree II online slots players. The game follows shoppers through their adventures as they move through the aisles, choose their items and make their purchases. You'll see many different types of products including cosmetics, shoes, jewelry and even fragrant flowers along with dollar signs, shopping bags and more.

This video slot features 9 paylines, bonus rounds, special symbols and much more. Total minimum bet is 0.25 while the maximum bet is 125.00. The game offers a volatility of up to 97% -- a high percentage for such a mid-range game.

The Mystery Grab Bag Bonus is the highlight of the game. When you are offered the Mystery Grab Bag Bonus you get your choice of 16 boxes. Click the boxes that you choose to receive cash prizes. When the "collect" sign appears, the bonus round finishes and you play on until the next Bonus Round is activated.

There’s an additional jackpot payout too which is yours when you land five diamond rings on a spin. You can either take the progressive jackpot or choose a real-life New York shopping spree with $100,000 in spending money.

Shopping Spree II offers a fun-filled shopping-inspired slot that's full of excitement and real money prizes.




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