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Wagering online for real money - SlotoCash Tips

The online casino makes it easy to play for real money prizes in a safe and secure gaming environment. When you make deposits and withdrawals online you need to review safety protocols regarding your account’s security, your privacy, questions regarding wagering requirements and other issues that will allow you to keep your finances secured.

Find out more about what does wagering mean for online gamers and which steps they need to take to protect themselves and their accounts for online gaming entertainment.

What to Know

The goal of the online casino is to give gamers a chance to play and interact in an atmosphere of light-hearted fun and real money prizes. The online casino features multiple games including many different types of games, bonus gifts, a 24/7 support line and much more.

You can move from an intense poker or blackjack game to a simple spin-and-win online slot machine within minutes so regardless of your betting level, your past experience or your interests and preferences you’ll be able to find the game that meets our individual needs and expectations.

You can play any of the casino games for free in the casino Free Mode or for real cash prizes in the Real Mode.

Remember however, the online casino is – online! If you don’t take the right precautions you could open yourself up to deception and fraud. Scammers focus their attention on people who transfer funds because, if they can gain access to your account, they can invade your privacy, get ahold of your funds and even use your online persona to contact your friends and gain access to their accounts!

If you’re wagering real money bets, there are some things that you need to know about online safety protocols.

Your Account

Guard access to your casino account closely. In the same way that you guard your bank account details, you should keep all information about your casino account secure because a casino accounts IS a type of bank account.

Your casino account is where you hold your funds that you’re using for your wagers and it’s where your casino winnings are kept. Your casino account is linked to your cybercurrency wallet or to your ebank account.

If a scammer gains access to your account, the scammer will then be able to obtain information about your online bank, your cybercurrency wallet or your credit/debit card details. Then, the scammer will be able to access that as well.

Maintain the integrity of your online account by keeping your username and password secret. Don’t share that information with anyone. Don’t include that information in any electronic transmissions – email, instant messenger, social media, etc.

Over the years scammers have become very savvy in trying to weasel that kind of information out of account holders so beware!

For instance, they might send you an email with your casino’s logo or the ebank’s logo that asks you to “confirm your account” but the minute that you pass that information along, the scammer has everything that he needs to break into your account and steal your money.


You should choose a strong password that is comprised of both big and small letters, symbols and numbers. Your password shouldn’t include your name, address, birthdate or any letter or number sequence.

Most people don’t change their password because it’s hard to get used to a new password but for optimal security you should change your password every six months or so. Don’t forget to log out of your account when you aren’t using it.

You should never log into your casino account via a public computer or via public WiFi or make any money transfers unless you’re on your own personal network.


Casino advisors remind you to treat any requests for information with suspicion. If the request is real, you’ll be able to find a copy of the email in the personal section of your casino or ebank account under “inbox” or “messages”.

Check the inbox of your casino or ebank’s personal account to see if you really were meant to receive a message. If there’s no message waiting for you, ignore the message and change your account log-in password immediately.

Some of these messages may include offers for special deals, information on how to obtain extra coupons or invitations to collect bonus codes. Don’t forget, if that information is legit you’ll receive notices in your casino account’s message center so never click on any link that’s sent to you through email.


Online casinos feature games that are supplied by game design studios. Worldwide, there are hundreds of studios supplying casinos with games and while most of these developers are reputable and honest, that’s not always the case.

It’s suggested that you check the game developer by reviewing the studio’s license. If the studio is operating under a recognized licensing agency, the regulator will test the games to ensure that the RNG (Random Number Generator) that powers these games delivers random results for every deal of the cards, spin or the reels or throw of the dice.

Look at the casino’s homepage footer to determine the game studio that supplies the games and then check the licensing status of that company.

Funding your Deposits

You can play all of the casino games for free but if you’re wagering real money, you need to transfer money into your casino account and withdraw your winnings back into your online banking account. To do this, navigate to the casino’s banking page and link your ebank account to your casino account.

Slotocash and other top casinos protect your transfers by using the most updated 256-bit encryption technology which encrypts the transaction code so that that no third party can access your financial information.

Make sure that your ebank account is accessible via a unique username and password and don’t share that username and password with anyone.

Monitor your ebank/credit card statement so that you catch any suspicious transactions immediately. If you do see something suspicious, contact your credit card server or bank immediately to dispute the transaction. If necessary, you should change your credit card number or bank information.

Cybercurrency users should remember that, while there are many advantages to using crypto, there is no option to dispute transfers of funds if they are exchanged with a crypto waller. Keep your password to your ewallet secure using a combination of capital letters, small letters, numbers and symbols.

A little bit of care allows you to make safe and secure wagers when you play at the online casino!


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