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Online dinosaur-themed Megasaur - the best of real money slots.

With fearsome dinosaurs and an exciting bonus feature, Megasaur offers an adrenaline-pumping real money slots gaming experience. The Megasaur slot machine joins a list of suspense-filled dinosaur-themed slot machines that create a high-energy slot adventure of fun, excitement and real money prizes.

When you play Megasaur you’ll find yourself immersed in a world where mighty beasts once roamed. You’ll have the opportunity to combine the excitement of gambling with the awe-inspiring allure of the earth’s prehistoric history where you’ll journey back into time to line up different species of dinosaurs on the reels, create combinations and achieve cash prizes.

Dinosaur Slots

Dinosaur-themed slots transport you to a long-lost era when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Many different types of dinosaurs, from the humungous Argentinosaurus and Saltasaurus to the flying Microraptor and Sinornithosaurus and water Spinosaurus, these prehistoric creatures roamed the earth in a past so distant that we find it hard to imagine today.

Yet dinosaurs continue to fascinate us today. Since scientists first identified the existence of these ancient reptiles, modern man has been bringing them to life in books, movies and now video games.

One of the most vibrant and life-like of these multi-media experiences involves the Megasaur slot game that features a wide range of interactive features that make the ancient past come to life. As you spin the reels of the Megasaur online slot you’ll find wild symbols, scatters, free spins, bonus rounds and other interactive elements that will keep you on your toes as you explore your opportunities to turn images of the dinosaur age into cash wins.

Megasaur Slot Machine

Win big prizes, play bonus games and collect jackpots when you wander amongst the dinosaurs of the Megasaur online slot machine. This adventure slot features multiple species of dinosaurs including Pterodactyls, Diplodocus, Velociraptors and Triceratops which line up on the paylines to deliver real money payouts.

The Green and Red Megasaurs trigger bonus games including the Wild Megasaurs Bonus game, Scattered Volcanoes bonuses, a gripping Megasaur Feature, a rollicking Feature Guarantee, and the big payout Megasaur Jackpot.

The game is available for free gaming fun in the SlotoCash online casino Demo Mode or for real money play in SlotoCash’s Real Mode.


Megasaur is a great game for players at any betting level. You can bet as little as 1.25 coins per spin on any or all of the 25 paylines or you can bet the maximum bet of 5 coins on as many paylines as you wish per spin. Each player makes the choice of how to wager according to his personal budget but it’s worth noting that you can only collect a win on a completed combination that occurs on a payline that you’ve enabled with a deposit.

So even if you’re placing minimum bets, it’s a good idea to bet on as many of the 25 paylines as you can.

Throughout this action-filled slot adventure you’ll see dinosaurs of different shapes and sizes roaming through open grasslands, in dark forests and through savannahs. Throughout the game, you need to keep an eye on the volcanos because if they erupt, havoc can ensue!

Winning payouts can go as high as 250 coins for Pterodactyls or Velociraptors combinations, up to 750 coins for Diplodocus matches or up to 1,000 coins for combinations of three Triceratops or more.

Green and Red Megasaurs roam the screen throughout the spins. These are the game Wilds who devour other dinosaurs as they create new winning paylines. The Red Megasaur emerges on Reel 4 and doubles any payout for any combination that he completes while the Green Megasaur appears wild on reel 2.

The Volcanoes are the game’s Scatter symbol. Multiple volcano symbols can trigger payouts of up to 300x your total bet. In addition to that scatter combination payout, 3 or more Volcano scatters trigger the Megasaur Feature.

If you spin at least 250 times, you are guaranteed the Megasaur Feature! In this feature, you are presented with three volcanos. You pick one of the volcanos and the volcano that you pick will reveal two, five or 10 free spins.

During the free spins the Megasaurs continue to stalk the other dinosaurs on the reels as Wilds which can complete the free spins and deliver free spins wins.

Five Volcanos appearing on a free spin wins you 100% of the Jackpot prize. If you get four volcanos on a free spin you get 20% of the prize and if you achieve three volcanos on a free spin you get 10% of the jackpot payout.

Slot Entertainment

You don’t have to be a paleontologist to appreciate the Megasaur online slot.

Dinosaurs are endlessly fascinating and the game brings these creatures to life as they trigger rewards and an immersive gaming event. The game is enhanced by high-quality graphics, a realistic audio track and multiple opportunities to achieve real money wins.

Regardless of whether you’re a dinosaur enthusiast or simply a fan of action-style gaming adventures, you’ll enjoy the Megasaur online slot, now available in SlotoCash Casino’s game lobby.


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