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Have a bit of history with your slots at Slotocash online casino

Plentiful Treasure From Ancient China

According to legend, ancient China was a land full of mystery and magic. Chinese civilization dates back over 4000 years and includes a deep history of culture and innovation. Now you too can explore ancient China through a review of Chinese emperors and the historical events that they oversaw with SlotoCash casino’s new Plentiful Treasure online slot machine. The Plentiful Treasure slot features 5 reels, 243 All Ways Pays, retriggerable free spins and four jackpot prizes!

You can play Plentiful Treasure online slots real money game on your PC or your handheld mobile device at any time and from any location. SlotoCash casino is mobile-accessible via Wifi, cellular or cable connectivity so regardless of the time or day or your location you can click in and play at your leisure.


China’s recorded history is generally dated from the Records of the Grand Historian, also known as The Shiji, when accounts of events were first written down. This occurred under the Xia dynasty (2070 BC–1600 BC). The Qing dynasty (1644 AD–1911 AD) was the last dynasty and 1911 marked the end of the dynastic era.

A number of different monarchies ruled during this time including some that were marked by periods of great prosperity, innovation and cultural advancement.
Some of China’s greatest emperors include:

Qin Shi Huang

Qin Shi Huang was known as the First Emperor of China. He founded the Qin dynasty which succeeded in unifying all 7 of China’s warring states – something that his predecessors had tried to do numerous times with no success. Qin was best known for establishing a common currency for China and a standard unit of measurement that facilitated equality and efficiency in running the economy.

Qin is possibly best known for having initiated the building of the Great Wall of China that he undertook to defend China’s borders from Mongol invaders who constantly attacked China from the north. The well-known terracotta army that consisted of 8000 statues of soldiers and horses was built for the Qin Shi Huang mausoleum.

Emperor Wu of Han (157 BCE – 87 BCE)

Emporer Wu was the 7th emperor of the Han Dynasty. He is known for expanding China’s territory by conquering territories throughout the region including the Minyue, Nanyue, northern steppes, Xiongnu and Korean peninsula regions.

He is remembered as the Chinese emperor who developed a strong centralized state through economical re-organization and governmental policies as part of a Legalist-Confucian doctrine. Much of ancient Chinese art and poetry has Emperor Wu to thank as he promoted the arts and literature avidly.

The Silk Road, the famous trade route that linked China with the West, was built during his reign.

Emperor Wen of Sui (541 CE - 604 CE)

Yang Jian was the Sui dynasty’s first emperor. He is remembered for bringing prosperity to China after the fall of the Jin dynasty through efficient government and the promotion of a clear political agenda. When he died he left a prosperous economy that included food stocks with enough supplies to last  for 50 years.

During his reign the Grand Canal was built to link  the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers. Wen was responsible for opening  up a major trading route with surrounding countries.

Empress Wu Zetian (624 CE – 705 CE)

Empress Wu Zetian was the only female ruler of ancient China. Under her rule China fought a series of wars that extended the country’s boundaries and major advances took place in China’s art and culture during her reign. Many of the bronze figures and buildings that are admired today by those studying ancient Chinese art were created under her rule due to her patronage of the arts.

Empress Zetian instituted a number of reforms in Chinese government including placing competent government officials in jobs where they were expected to be fair and efficient. It’s surprising that after her success, no other female rulers followed her example.

Throughout the centuries China has seen many rulers. Not all of the emperors brought China riches and prominence but those who did are remembered for laying the foundations for the place of prominence that China holds in the world today.

Plentiful Treasure isn’t the only Chinese-themed slot to enjoy popularity among slot players but it’s one of the most engaging and enjoyable online slot games to be featured at today’s online casino.

Plentiful Treasure

Plentiful Treasure brings the riches of ancient China to the gaming screen with 5 reels, 243 Ways to Win, multipliers, wilds,  scatters, free spins, jackpots and more. The highest jackpot pays out at 50,000x the wager which makes this a worthwhile slot for both budget and high-stakes players. You can wager from $0.10 to $5 per single spin.

Game symbols include the Bao-treasure, the Pearl, the Tripod, four god symbols, a Gold Coin, Bowls, Rings, Caskets, Teapots, Necklaces, playing card characters and more.

This is a 243 Ways to Win game meaning that you don’t need to worry about which paylines on which to place your bet. Instead of putting your efforts into figuring out the paylines, you simply put one bet on your spin and then, regardless of where the symbols fall on the reels, if you achieve a combination, you collect your payout. Mathematicians say that by calculating the lines and the reels, this means that every spin offer 243 Ways for your spin to Win.

The Bao-treasure symbol is one of the game’s Wilds. It emerges on the second, third and fourth reels to substitute for regular symbols and complete paylines. There’s another Wild in this game, the Pearl. When the Pearl, which appears on the third reels, completes a pay way it brings with it a 5x multiplier.

The Pearl Wild also randomly activates the Gold Coin feature that gets you one of the four possible jackpots. There’s a Mini, Minor, Major and Grand Jackpot with prizes that can reach tens of thousands of dollars. When the Gold Coin feature triggers you are given your choice of 12 Gold Coins.

If your 3 picks reveal three matching deities, you get one of the jackpots, with the one that you get being a random give-away prize. The higher you bet, the more prizes that you’ll be able to compete for to win.

This slot features a free spins bonus game that activates whenever three or more Tripod Scatter symbols appear on the reels in any position. You receive 8 free spins which can retrigger if 3 or more Tripod Scatter symbols appear on a free spin.

The presence of the four jackpots plus the Gold Coin and free spins game makes this slot a real winner!


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