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play slots with crypto at Slotocash

You may have been following SlotoCash’s promotional information about using cryptocurrency for all your casino slots real money gaming needs but if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide that makes it easy to use cybercurrency at the online casino, read on. Here, we give you the basic information that you need to

  • Buy crypto coins
  • Put them in your crypto ewallet
  • Transfer the number of coins that you want to deposit at the casino to your casino account
  • Make your casino deposits
  • Withdraw your funds in crypto or in another form of currency

Many gamers have been avoiding using crypto because they are unfamiliar with it. Crypto seems like science fiction to some while others are worried about its stability. But if you approach crypto transactions with an understanding of what it offers and how to maximize its use, you can gain more out of your casino adventure than ever.

Bitcoin Casino

Online casinos have begun to offer bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a way of transferring money to and from the casino. Some casinos simply list crypto options alongside their other methods for depositing and withdrawing funds but Slotocash wants gamers to enjoy all the advantages of cybercurrency exchange. That’s why SlotoCash has created a series of video and written tutorials to make it easier for players to benefit from crypto.

As a crypto casino that accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lite and Litecoin, SlotoCash can now offer players enhanced privacy and security thanks to transactions that are encrypted and decentralized. This ensures that the transactions are both anonymous and highly secure and that players have no need to share sensitive financial or personal information. In turn, this reduces the risk of identity theft and fraud.

Slotocash casino encourages its customers to explore crypto because the withdrawal process can be effected within hours, as opposed to days for other methods of ebanking. The transaction fees are also less so more of your payouts stay in your pocket. And as a crypto casino, SlotoCash can offer the widest possible range of games and betting options for a more exciting and diverse gambling experience.

Best of all, when you play at the SlotoCash crypto casino you’ll be able to gamble without the need for extensive registration or verification. The process for making crypto deposits and withdrawals is quick and doesn’t require the submission of extensive personal or financial information.

You simply need to prove that you are 18 years of age or older and have a valid email address and you can start making your deposits from wherever in the world you wish thanks to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies.

Two Steps

You can play with Bitcoin when you follow these two easy steps.

1. Purchase Bitcoin – buy cryptocurrency at a currency exchange. It’s advised to purchase your crypto at a site that is both an exchange and a wallet so that you can both buy and send cryptocurrency in one convenient place. Some options are, Coinbase, Blockchain and CEX. You can buy a small amount of coins to begin with and then buy more as you need them.

Register at the Exchange of your choice by filling out the registration form and confirming your new account on the registration email. The exchange will send a code to the mobile phone number that you submitted when you created your account – enter that code to confirm your new account.

Go to your dashboard and set up your preferred payment method. Best options are bank account or credit card. Submit the details of your credit card or bank account. Once you’ve created the link you can buy cybercoins. As soon as your new cybercoins are available your credit will appear on your dashboard at the Exchange website.

2. Now you’re ready to fund your casino account. Lot into your SlotoCash account and click on the Cashier Page. You will want to choose Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lite or LiteCoin as your preferred ebanking method, depending on the type of cybercoins that you purchased. Enter the amount that you wish to deposit in your casino account. Click “next” and wait for an address to display. Copy that address and return to your Exchange dashboard. Click “Pay” and then paste that address into the

“Recipient” box. Enter the amount that you submitted to the SlotoCash cashier and click “Send.” That tells the Crypto Exchange that SlotoCash is on your list of banking locations to which you will be sending money. The transfer takes up to 2 hours to be confirmed – after that, the money will be available in your Slotocash account.

Now you can start playing for real money. When you’re ready to withdraw your winnings, you can withdraw your casino payouts directly into your cyber ewallet within minutes.

Slotocash suggests that you explore the Munn wallet or the Satoshi wallet for easy transfers to and from your casino account. With the Munn wallet you’ll be able to take advantage of the Bitcoin Lightning Network that allows you to make instantaneous transfers with low – even zero – fees. The Wallet of Satoshi supports both the Bitcoin Lightning Network and the standard Bitcoin Network so you can send funds in a way that more accurately represents your personal ebanking preferences.


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