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When Marco Polo returned from his excursions to China he introduced Europeans to a popular gambling pastime that was enjoyed throughout the mysterious East – keno. Keno has been played for real money in China since ancient times and participation in the lottery game was so widespread that, historians say that profits from the government-sponsored game paid for military excursions and the building of the Great Wall of China.

Today, 21st century technology has turned this classic lottery game into an online gambling event of high-energy, interactive gaming entertainment. You can enjoy keno play online 24/7 when you play on your PC or mobile device. Keno online takes you on a gaming adventure of anticipation and suspense which you can experience regardless of whether you play for free in the Free Mode or for real money prizes in the Real Mode.

If you don’t want to put your efforts into a skill-based game, keno is the casino game for you. There’s no worry about strategy or technique……just make your prediction of which numbers will come up in the keno lottery, press the button and wait to see how much you’ve won!

You can play keno for high stakes, at a budget level or anywhere in between – the choice is yours. Pick your numbers and wait for luck to do the rest!


Keno originated in China’s Han Dynasty over 2000 years ago. Emperor Cheung Leng was looking for a way to bolster the country’s struggling economy and he noticed that, despite the fact that many of his countrymen had little disposable income, they looked forward to lottery games as a way to keep their spirits up.

Cheung Leng’s government took over the management of one of those games and presented it to the public as a diversion.

Participating players would pay a small fee to enter the lottery. They would then be given a sheet with 80 Chinese characters with each character corresponding to a character on a ball inside a large lottery ball.

The Chinese characters that were used for the lottery were generally the first 80 characters of the book Thousand Character Classic. According to legend, Emperor Cheung Leng created the first keno card with these characters.

Players could choose up to 20 characters. When the lottery took place, the lottery sheets would be compared to the balls that were chosen and payouts would be based on the number of correct characters chosen.

There was only one main lottery where characters were chosen so the results of that lottery would be sent out to outlying towns and villages via carrier pigeon. Till today, many people in China still call Keno the “Carrier Pigeon Game.”

21st Century Keno

Today, numbers have replaced the traditional Chinese characters on keno cards and balls but, regardless of whether you play at a land-based lottery, on your PC gaming device or on your mobile, the Keno game that you play today is roughly the same as that played in China thousands of years ago. You place your bet on the numbers that you want to play and, for every correct number that you choose, you receive a payout.

If you want to play keno from the comfort of your own home, sign into your online casino account and place a wager on every “spot” that you choose – every number that you believe will come up in the Keno draw. You can wager on up to 20 “spots” but you don’t have to bet on all of those spots. Remember though, only those spots that you activate with a bet will pay out on a win so it’s worthwhile to activate as many of those spots as you can to boost your chances of winning.

After you’ve chosen up to 20 numbers and placed your bets on your spots, you wait for the draw. The numbers that you chose that come up will trigger payouts!

You can play as many or as few times as you wish -- after each draw, your play card will finish and you can take a new play card and play again.

Keno Bonuses

You can make your keno game more entertaining and more rewarding by taking advantage of the casino’s special keno bonuses. Just log into your casino account, create a link that connects your ebank to your casino account and find your keno bonus on the casino promotions page. You’ll be able to identify the bonuses that will allow you to play more games for more time for fee.

There are multiple keno bonus promotions which allow you to multiply your wins. For new gamers, there’s a Welcome Bonus gift of up to $7,777 on your first five casino deposits. Once you’ve finished with your Welcome Bonus giveaways you’re eligible to start collecting additional casino promotional deals such as weekly and monthly promotional gifts, cashback deals, comp points and free chips for slots.

The $1000 Free casino games bonus is yours when you deposit up to $500 and enter the TABLE1MATCH bonus code for a 100% match and then again when you deposit up to $500 and the TABLE2MATCh bonus code for an additional 50% match.

Keno is available at many lottery kiosks but when you play keno at the online casino you can play on any Internet-connected gaming device at the Instant Casino or on downloaded casino software at the Download Casino. Enjoy keno online anytime, from any location!


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