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Pirate fun at the SlotoCash online casino

Pirates have fascinated people for years. In reality, some pirates were bloodthirsty scoundrels who showed no mercy to their victims while others were suave, cultured and had some principles. The earliest pirates were recorded as having sailed the seas more than 3000 years ago. Throughout the millennium pirates plundered ships of every nation. Even today, with modern technology and security, pirates continue to menace seafaring vessels in many areas of the world.

You can learn more about pirates through books, films and other types of research. If you want to experience some of the thrills and excitement of a pirate’s life, open the Sloto Cash casino lobby and play the Pirate Isle Slot machine for free or for real money prizes.

Famous Pirates

Most people have heard of Captain Kidd and Blackbeard but there were many other pirates that history will never forget.

Sir Francis Drake

Francis Drake was not considered a pirate by the British, who supported his privateering activities because his attacks were carried out against the hated Spanish. Queen Elizabeth I actually called Drake “my pirate” and encouraged him to prey on Spanish vessels.

Drake targeted Spanish ships that were returning from plundering South American gold and he was one of the most successful of the era’s privateers as he raided Spanish ports and captured Spanish vessels. Drake turned much of that treasure over to the Queen and Elizabeth thanked him by granting him a knighthood. Drake later became active in the English-Spanish War and helped to defeat the Spanish Armada.

Henry Morgan

Henry Morgan captured towns, plundered entire cities and raided settlements up and down the coast of South and Central America. He was originally from Wales but went to sea as a privateer in the mid-1600s. He targeted Spanish ships and settlements and operated with impunity, thanks to a license from the Governor of Jamaica that gave him permission to attack and seize Spanish vessels. His most audacious attack was in Venezuela where he raided Gibraltar and Maracaibo and destroyed a large Spanish squadron before he left with the cities’ wealth. 

Morgan was arrested and taken to London but he was feted there as a hero by King Charles II and other government figures. He was given the title of Knight Bachelor and appointed Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica.   During his administration the Jamaican legislature passed an anti-piracy law and Morgan actually prosecuted pirates. 

Barbarossa Brothers

The Barbarossa (Italian for “Redbeard”) brothers, Aruj and Hizir, sailed the North African Barbary Coast where they attacked Spanish ships. The brothers sought to avenge Muslims who had been expelled from the Iberian peninsula after the Spanish and Portuguese defeated Muslim rulers.

The Spanish and the Portuguese sought to make additional territorial gains in North Africa and Khiḍr and Arūj joined the struggle against the invaders and offered their services as privateers  to Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II. Their goal was to disrupt Spanish and Portuguese shipping in the region.

Barbarossa and their pirate forces captured Tunis in 1531 and emerged victorious in a battle with a Papal fleet that included ships from Malta, the Papal States, Venice, Genoa, Spain and Portugal.  That victory cemented Ottoman rule in Tripoli and the eastern Mediterranean for centuries.  

Calico Jack

Calico Jack was born John Rackham in England and became a pirate in the Caribbean in the early 1700s. He is best-known for having designed the Jolly Roger skull-and-crossbones flag that became the emblem of pirates of that era.

He is also remembered for bringing two women on board his pirate ship, Ann Bonny, who was Calico Jack’s lover, and Mary Read, who disguised herself as a man for at least part of her career as a pirate. Calico Jack was eventually captured, tried and executed.

Pirate Isle Slots

There are many mysteries that surround the exploits of history’s pirates, most specifically the secrets of where the pirates hid their treasures. Pirates captured hundreds of millions of dollars in gold, silver and jewels, especially those pirates who sailed the seas where Spanish ships were returning from South America where they had plundered Aztec and Inca riches. Many pirates, having no place to leave their wealth when they returned to sea, buried their treasures in secret sites.

Now you can join the search for the pirates’ treasures when you play Pirate Isle slots at the online casino for real money prizes.

Pirate Isle slots takes you on a high-seas treasure hunt with special elements, free spins, bonus features, jackpots and much more. The game is available for both high-stakes and budget mobile and PC gamers who want to explore the world of pirate larceny in a way that allows them to share the pirate wealth.

Stakes start as little as 0.25 per coin and you can move at your chosen betting level through the Scattered Galleons, Wild Skeleton Keys, Free Spins, Treasure Chest Bonuses, Treasure Map Bonuses, Scattered Treasure Chests and the big-payout Broadside Jackpot Feature.

As soon as you start playing, you’ll be whisked abroad Captain Red Beard’s ship. Red Beard captains one of the most feared pirate ships and he’s inviting you to sail with him as he and his cutthroats search for treasure. Ships sink, gold and silver is stolen and treasure maps lead searchers from one island to another as they follow the trail of the stolen coins, precious metals and jewels.   

The game includes both low payout symbols such as ships wheels, cannons, monkeys and parrots and big payout symbols such as the ships captains, skull and crossbones and Captain Red Beard himself. The blond wrench flits in and out of the reels but she shouldn’t distract your search for the keys symbols which is valued at up to 2000 coins. If Wild Skeletons come up on the third reels they will substitute for any other symbol to complete your payline.  

Treasure Chests combinations can trigger up to 150x your total-bet. If three, four or five keys appear simultaneously on the reels, in any pattern, the free spins feature will activate and you’ll be awarded 300 Free Spins. Three, four or five Galleon symbols trigger up to 200x your total-bet and activate the Broadside Feature which allows you to sink ships – the more ships you sink the higher up the prize ladder you climb on your way to a progressive jackpot. 

Don’t miss the Treasure Map Feature in which you choose a spot on the treasure map – depending on your choice you can win a new map, an instant prize or 100 free spins.

History’s pirates would be pleased to get a chance to check out the Pirate Isle’s big themed prizes, lucrative  bonus games and exciting features. It’s all there for you to click in when you play at the online casino.

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