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Casinos have been giving out complimentary perks for decades. Now, when you play at the SlotoCash mobile casino you can collect double comp points when you play featured games for a chance to double your real money gaming events.

Comp Points

Vegas casinos are known for the perks that they gift to their patrons as a “thank you” for playing at their casinos. Vegas casinos offer gamers the chance to join their loyalty programs which is a springboard to valuable casino amenities. Casino visitors may be treated to free drinks, discounts on restaurant meals, complimentary accommodations and, for VIP players, special treatment which includes access to exclusive lounges, priority service, and special events.

At the online casino, everything is online so the casino’s promotional bonuses take the form of match credits, casino cash and other types of special give-aways that allow gamers to play more games for more time with no additional deposits. The winnings from these free games are counted as real casino payouts and are added to the player’s Win Box which they can withdraw at their leisure.

Once a casino customer has completed his/her Welcome Bonus credits, s/he is eligible to join the online casino’s Comp Points program in which s/he earns comp points based on the wagers that s/he has made on casino games.

These points can then be redeemed as gaming points to be used for additional gambling adventures. Comp points are calculated based on the amount of time that a gamer plays, the number of games played and the amount wagered on the games. The more the player gambles, the more comp points s/he accumulates.

SlotoCash Comp Points

At SlotoCash, the Comp Points program is extensive. Every game at SlotoCash generates Comp Points and for every 100 comp points you’ll be awarded $1 in real money cash that you can use on any of the casino games.

That means that, if you generated enough comp points to redeem them by playing on a slot machine, you can redeem those points when you play any of the casino’s games including other slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, craps or any of the SlotoCash specialty games.

The comp points will accumulate automatically in your account and you’ll be able to see your comp points collection when you click on “Balance. When you’re ready to redeem your Comp Points, click “Redeem” and then choose your preferred game to redeem those points.

You can redeem all of your points at once or redeem them over the course of several gaming sessions. You can also shop FREEBIES with your comp points – follow the instructions for every offer to collect your FREEBIES through your comp point collection.


Get More Comps!

There are 2 ways to generate more comp points at SlotoCash. You can become a VIP player and collect comp points at a higher rate than you would as a non-VIP gamer or you can play the SlotoCash Double Comp Point games and collect double the number of comp points!

SlotoCash features a number of popular slots such as Double Comp Point slot machines. You play these machines as you would usually and you’ll receive double the number of comp points based on the number of games that you play and the amount that you wager. The Double Comp Point program is featured in the following games:

T-Rex Slots

There are 3 T-Rex slot machines at SlotoCash and all three generate double comp points. The games include the original T-Rex, T-Rex II and T-Rex Wild Attack online slots. The T-Rex slots focus on a prehistoric dinosaur theme and feature popular game elements including

  • T-Rex– Egg and T-Rex animating symbols, the T-Rex Pick feature and a random Jackpot.
  • T-Rex II – A progressive jackpot, free spins, T-Rex Terror Wilds and a top award of 5,000.00 times bet per line.
  • T-Rex Wild Attack – Cascade feature, 50,000 times the bet per line top win, free spins and Stacked Wilds.

You don’t have to be a robber to walk away with double comp points when you play any of the 4 Cash Bandits slot machines. The Cash Bandits slots follow a band of bumbling crooks who are determined to get into the bank vault. Features include:

  • Cash Bandits – Free spins, jackpot and a Vault Feature.
  • Cash Bandits 2 – Grouped Wild on all reels, the Vault Cracking Feature and a progressive jackpot.
  • Cash Bandits 3 – maximum win of 50,000.00 times bet per line, progressive jackpot prize and the Vault Feature.
  • Cash Bandits Museum Heist – two wilds, the Morphing Feature and the Museum Heist Feature.

There's more! You'll find sweet dragons galore in the Dragon Feast slot machine where you’ll encounter free spins and an intriguing Mystery Symbol. Set sail on The Legend of the High Seas slot machine for a pirate adventure with free spins and a progressive jackpot. You can head out on a trip to the savannah when you play the Big Cat Links slot machine that features free spins, Oversized Symbols and the Fortune Link Feature.

Take advantage of Comp Points and Double Comp Points to maximize your casino event!


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