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It’s healthy to have a dog - pet your pooch while playing at SlotoCash casino

If you’ve been thinking about getting a dog, now may be the best time to act. As people try to avoid crowds and stay close to home, many find themselves bored, lonely, and at wits end about what to do with their time. If you have a physical space that allows for you to own a dog, you may find that getting that dog is one of the best things that you can do to alleviate the stress of social distancing.

SlotoCash online casino invites you to learn more about adopting a dog who can accompany you on walks, exercise with you in your back yard and curl up at your feet while you play your favorite online casino games on your PC or mobile device. 

Why Get a Dog?

Most people get a dog because they want a canine companion. Dogs are loving, friendly and enjoy human company which makes them suitable for singles, families and seniors. Many people don’t realize that there are health benefits to owning a dog.  They include:

  • People with dogs have, statistically, fewer incidences of cardiovascular disease. Doctors often suggest that people with high cholesterol or heart problem, of people who are recovering from surgery, get a dog, since research shows that the presence of a dog lowers cholesterol, mitigates issues related to heart problems and speeds recovery from surgery.

  • Dog owners tend to be more physically active than non-dog owners. They walk outside with their dog, make efforts to take the dog to a dog run or park and otherwise “exercise the dog” which, of course, constitutes exercise for them as well. And since most of the exercise takes place outdoors, that means that the dog owner is getting more vitamin D from the sun.

  • Getting a dog has been shown to mitigate symptoms of dementia among the elderly. In a 2011 study, researchers found that people with dementia experienced reduced heart rates and fewer aggressive outbursts when they were in the presence of a dog. The presence of a dog has a calming effect which translates to physical well-being.

  • Dogs can be trained to serve people with disabilities or special needs. Some people receive a dog from a service that trains the dog to serve a specific need but many people have learned how to train their dogs themselves. 

    Some of the ways that dogs serve is by alerting people with seizure disorders to the onset of a seizure so that the person can get to a safe place, call for help or take a seizure-blocking medication; help people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) function in society despite the limitations that the disorder can create and even recover. In a 2018 study, researchers found that military veterans who had been diagnosed with PTSD showed better coping skills and fewer PTSD symptoms when they were paired with a dog. 

    Other ways that service dogs can serve people with disabilities include service dogs for hearing-impaired people, sight-impaired people, people with mobility issues, people with psychiatric issues and more.

  • Having a dog relieves feelings of loneliness.  In a 2019 BMC study, researchers in Australian were able to determine that in three months time, people who acquired a dog experienced a reduction in loneliness. The findings are significant, especially today when health officials are concerned about the effects of social distancing on the mental well-being of people who are isolated because of the pandemic. 

Guidelines for Adopting a Dog

Regardless of whether you’re going to get your dog as a puppy from a licensed breeder or as a rescue from the local animal rescue association, there are some things that you should consider when you bring a new dog into your home.

  • Age – how old are you? You age will play a big part in determining the type of dog that you adopt. If you’re young (or young at heart) and have a lot of energy, you will probably enjoy a young dog or a puppy whom you can take for walks, exercise and put up with a lot of young dog silliness. If you’re older, consider taking in an older dog. Some of these old souls want nothing more than to cuddle and enjoy a bit of attention in their senior years.

  • House – If you have an active household without a lot of expensive furnishings, a puppy will do well.  Remember, puppies like to chew so you have to be prepared to put up with some torn socks and shoes and more if the puppy is going to be left alone (unless you have a space to keep the puppy while you’re not on watch).  

    If you have kids in the house, the kids will almost certainly enjoy the puppy’s energy and the puppy will enjoy the kids’ activity. On the other hand, if you have a nice, sedate house with expensive furnishings, you should either be prepared to have a young dog stay in some outdoor area while you’re not around or bring an older dog who has already gotten a lot of the rough-housing out of its system.

  • Size – The size of the dog is going to determine a few things, not the least of which is how much the dog needs to eat. If you’re on a budget, you might be better off with a small dog. Also, a large dog needs more room to run around – either outdoors or in a fenced in yard.  

    If you have a small house or apartment, a large breed isn’t going to do well but if you have the space to allow the dog to run around, there are many large breeds that are friendly and good-tempered.

  • Temperament – High-strung dogs tend to do better when they are in a household without children.  Children can make a high-strung dog nervous which can then cause it to act up. It’s hard to tell a puppy’s temperament but if you’re bringing an older dog into a household with children, try to determine whether it has the temperament to live with a lot of action.

  • Health – make sure that you have a connection with a veterinarian before you bring the dog home. Aside from any health issues, the dog will need to be vaccinated to keep both the dog and your family safe.  Also, check out the food options.  There is special puppy food with nutrients added that are specifically for puppies so if you’re getting a puppy, you should make sure that your puppy has the right kind of food. Same with senior dogs……special food for seniors. 

  • Safety – even the best-trained dog may wander away so it’s important to get your dog chipped which will allow animal control to identify him/her if s/he gets lost. Many people place a tag on their dog’s collar with their phone number so, if someone sees the dog, they can call the owner directly. 

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