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Radar and other modern tracking devices have pretty much eliminated ghost ships from modern sea tales. Yet there are many people are still fascinated by unsolved stories about ghost ships of the past. The term “ghost ship” refers to either a ship that sinks mysteriously or to a phantom ship which is found sailing the seas with no sign of the crew that set out with the ship on the voyage. Fascination with those ships continues to obsess individuals who try to solve the mysteries by reading books, watching movies and playing ghost ships online casino real money slots.

Some of the most intriguing accounts of ghost ships include: 

Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste was discovered floating in the Atlantic Ocean on December 4 1872.  The merchant brigantine was adrift near the Azores Islands in seaworthy but disheveled condition. The ship’s lifeboard was missing and there was no sign of her crew. The ship was discovered by Dei Gratia, a Canadian merchant brigantine, on December 4 and the last entry in the ship’s log was dated ten days earlier.

The ship had ample provision when found and her cargo was intact. The belongings of both the captain and the crew had not been disturbed. Neither the captain nor the crew were ever heard from again.

SS Valencia

The SS Valencia was built to provide passenger service for people traveling between New York City and Venezuela and sailed the West Coast. She was wrecked mysteriously along the West Coast of Vancouver Island, in the “Graveyard of the Pacificnear Clo-oose in January 1906 and all women and children aboard were killed 

The Ourang Medan

The Ourang Medan was wrecked after badly stored cargo that it was transporting – sulphuric acid – spilled out and its fumes overcame the crew. It was wrecked southeast of the Marshall Islands. Only one crew member lived, and he survived only long enough to tell natives on the Toangi atoll, who found him, what had happened.   

Carroll A. Deering

In 1921 the Carroll A . Deering, a commercial Schooner, was found after it ran aground off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The crew has never been found. The most likely explanation for the incident is piracy or mutiny. 

The Octavius

Next to the Mary Celeste, the Octavius was probably the most famous ghost ship. In 1775 the schooner was found abandoned west of Greenland. A boarding party from the whaler Herald, who discovered the ship, found the entire crew of 28 frozen and perfectly preserved below deck, along with the bodies of a woman and a boy. The captain’s frozen body was seated at a table in his cabin with a pen in his hand.

The last entry in the log was dated November 11 1762, which indicated that the ship had been lost for 13 years.

Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is probably the most famous ghost ship of all, but it seems to be mostly literary. It was mentioned in Travels in various part of Europe, Asia and Africa during a series of thirty years and upward (1790) by John MacDonald and then in A Voyage to Botany Bay (1795) (also known as A Voyage to New South Wales), written by George Barrington in the late 1700s. Flying Dutchman was referenced in Scenes of Infancy by John Leyden, by Thomas Moore in his poem Written on passing Dead-man's Island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Late in the evening, September, 1804  and by Sir Walter Scott in Rokeby: a poem.  

There seems to be no such historical vessel as the Flying Dutchman but the image of a riches-laden ship left crewless has captured the imaginations of readers around the world for centuries. 

Ghost Ships Slots

If you’re fascinated by ghost ships, try the Ghost Ships slot machine from Real Time Gaming. There’s plenty of treasures and wealth in this game, both in the sea and on board.  You’ll win prizes for lining up combinations with the ship’s artifacts including fallen figurehead, treasure chests, ship's bells, cannons and more.

Wild ghost captains and scattered ghost ships deliver big wins for moderate stakes, with a minimum deposit of just 0.01 coins per spin. You can’t go lower than that. Of course, you can always bet more -– up to 6.25 on as many of the game’s 25 paylines as you want -- for the chance to increase your winning payouts.

In the literature, the Flying Dutchman was only seen at night so as you make your way through the dark you’ll spin the reels and search the paylines for the big payout symbols. They include naked-lady figureheads at 250 coins per win, cannons at 500 coin treasure chests at 1000 coins and the Flying Dutchman’s bell which delivers a prize of 1,250 coins.

The Wild Ghost Captain substitutes all other symbols, expanding as he does so to create even more wins.

The 5 Ghost Ships are the game’s scatter symbol. If you get 5 of them you’ll multiply your total bet for  a x100 win. 3 or more Ghost Ships will trigger a payout and also activate the Free Games Bonus. During the free spins, the appearance of a ship or a captain gets you two more free spins.

If 4 ships appear simultaneously during the free games, all prizes are multiplied x5. The appearance of 5 ships  multiplies the free games wins x10. 

Progressive Jackpot

Ghost Ships slots features a Random Progressive Jackpot that can activate after any spin. The jackpot can be triggered by any regular game spin, at any time, anywhere in the world, so when you play Ghost Ships you’ll have the chance to vie for the progressive jackpot prize with only a small additional deposit as you compete with other players who are spinning the same reels and playing the same game.

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