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A summary of today’s digital gaming options

As people around the world continue to self-isolate, many are investigating different activities that allow them to pass the time in an engaging and entertaining manner. If you’re fed up with watching Netflix, doing jigsaw puzzles, reading and finding small talk topics for family chats,  you may want to try something new.

For an idea that will allow you to experience a sense of progress, engage your cognitive skills and have some fun along the way, consider online casino real money gaming.

Why Gaming?

Digital gaming has been around since the ‘90s but not everyone knows about it. Basically, the digital games give you the chance to play the same games that you would play with your friends, but in a virtual world. You can play against the computer or a live dealer that you see in real-time via live streaming software.

There are also options that allow you to compete against other gamers who are located in other locations around the world. Many of the social media sites feature games that you can play in a social media milieu. 

There are thousands of game choices with options that range from old-fashioned Scrabble, poker and blackjack to the newest and most dynamic online slot machines. If you play console games you can select a virtual reality or augmented reality game that, with the right equipment, lets you enter the game’s virtual world.

If you choose to visit an online casino you’ll find a wide range of amenities including free games, a wide range of bonuses, VIP extras for high rollers, easy ebetting for gamers who want to play for real money. You can play a challenging skill based game where your decisions help to decide the game’s outcome or you can choose a simpler game model that involves no stress and no worries. 

Gaming During Coronavirus

The coronavirus shutdown has upended our entire world. Activities that we used to enjoy as leisure pastimes are now occupying more of our time. Gaming isn’t meant to take the place of the tasks that we need to perform daily, our work or other leisure activities. But digital gaming is a new and different type of distraction that goes beyond entertainment consumption – it involves players making active decisions that influence the outcome of the game.

People enjoy playing games as a fun-filled diversion from the stresses and complexities of the real world. Not only do you control what happens but you reap the consequences of your decisions. When you play interactive games, you’re not a passive participant. You engage all of your senses so that, when the gaming session finishes, you feel invigorated and refreshed.

The Basics

If you’re going to explore virtual gaming, you should be prepared. There are different types of platforms, different devices and hardware needed and a wide range of game types.


The kind of platform that you choose for your gaming entertainment is dependent on your budget and the hardware available to you. Platforms for virtual gaming include a television monitor, a PC/ mobile device for online casino gaming or a console for no-bets video gaming.

You can check out games in which you are interested on Twitch, a streaming service that caters to gamers (among others).  As opposed to YouTube, which is populated by pre-recorded videos, Twitch gives users the chance to broadcast live. So you can click into your Twitch account and open a streaming video to give people the chance to watch the gameplay in real time – or watch someone else’s game. Sign into Twitch and enter the name of the game in which you’re interested. Everyone who is playing that game, and who is streaming it on Twitch, will appear, enabling you to select  the gamer that you want to watch.

If you’re into video gaming you can find free titles for Windows and Mac games on Steam. Other stores with both free and for-pay titles include Epic Games Store and Blizzard Entertainment. Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass offers game selections for $5/month.

The online casino is an easily-accessible platform where players can find games on which they can wager. The online casino games are available on PC and mobile devices so players can choose their preferred device and can even move from one device to the next at their convenience. Players sign up for a casino account and can then manage all of their games, their bets and their bonuses from once central account. The games are available for either free gaming entertainment or for a real money challenge.  

The newest platform on the horizon is Google’s Stadia. Stadia is a cloud gaming service that supports fast-action games that you can play on computers that run a Chrome browser. You can also play on most TVs so, thanks to the server computers that are operated by the cloud provider, you don’t need to own a device. Instead, the TV screen serves as a display. You need a high-speed internet connection to support games on Stadia.


There is a game for every taste, every interest and every level. Regardless of your gaming background, your previous gaming experience or the subject matter in which you are interested, you can find a game that will allow you to enjoy the pastime in a fun-filled atmosphere of entertaining excitement.

At the online casino, game options include the traditional casino games of roulette, blackjack, craps and poker along with a large slots lobby that features themes of holidays, military life, wildlife, adventure, mysticism, science fiction, history, mythology, suspense, romance, magic, intrigue, culinary arts, animals, sports, humor, culture, travel, whimsy, circus fun and nursery rhymes. Many of the most recent slots are based on popular films and TV shows.

Video game choices range from first-person shooters and puzzle games to games of strategy, sports, adventure, action, fighting, stealth, survival, sports  and role-playing. Many of today’s most popular video games are Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality games where the player is immersed in the gameplay via AR or VR headsets. 

If you’re tired of crafts projects, TV and movie binge-watching and other types of busy work, make the best of the coronavirus shutdown with some gaming fun.  

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