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two men at a casino table with a drink

One of the most iconic images of a casino includes well-dressed patrons, casino cards and chips and cocktail glasses galore. Gambling and drinking seem to go together like peas and carrots – it’s taken for granted that the casinos will ply their valued players with drinks so that the gamers will keep playing. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and casinos count on that phenomena to keep everyone happy while they throw their money around.

If you want to enjoy casino entertainment while avoiding the lack of restraints and inhibitions that alcohol can promote, you can mix your own non-alcoholic drinks while you play at the online baccarat casino - known for James Bond's martini "shaken, not stirred".

When you play online at SlotoCash you don’t have anyone pushing drinks on you and there’s no peer pressure as you sit with other gamblers who are merrily sipping  their way through a night of reckless abandon. When you play on your PC or mobile device, you can focus on the gaming entertainment itself, rather than on the surrounding bells and whistles.

But, what if you want to create a Las Vegas casino atmosphere while you enjoy your games on your device? Check out some of the top non-alcoholic drinks that deliver the same sophisticated atmosphere that you’d find on The Strip.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Today, there are a wide array of non-alcoholic beverages that deliver great taste, infusions of nutrition and refreshing boosts of energy that can be prepared with ingredients that are easily obtainable and available in most kitchens. These flavorful options cater to a diverse range of preferences and tastes.

They include alcohol-free spirits, invigorating “mocktails” and other delicious options that don’t carry the after-effects of alcoholic drinks. Some of the most popular include


Mocktails were once mere imitations of their alcoholic counterparts but today’s mixologists have elevated these concoctions to an art form. They mix fresh fruits, artisanal syrups and herbs to create alcohol-free drinks that are perfect for anyone who wants the flavor of a cocktail without the booze.

Non-Alcoholic Beers  and Wines

Many people don’t want a non-alcoholic beer because these brews were once known for their lackluster flavor. No more…..breweries around the world now craft non-alcoholic beers that rival their alcoholic counterparts in taste and complexity.

You can grab a can, a bottle or a mug of rich alcohol-free stout or a hoppy IPA which are as perfect as anything that the alcoholic beers have to offer. Thanks to mindful drinking and health-conscious consumers, the demand for high-quality non-alcoholic beers keeps rising which leads to even more options on the shelf.

Non-alcoholic wines are made exactly like traditional wine are made and, in the beginning fermentation processes, have alcohol.  During the last part of the fermenting process the alcohol is removed from the wine by way of vacuum distillation. You may want to explore a non-alcoholic wine so that you can enjoy the taste of wine without experiencing the negative effects of alcohol.


Spirit Alternatives

If you like the ritual of sipping on a spirit but you don’t want the alcohol, check out a spirit alternative. The options are growing here too, from alcohol-free gin and whiskey to botanical-infused spirits, to give you innovative drinks that capture the essence of traditional liquors. By pairing the ingredients with tonic water these spirit alternatives can be used as a base for cocktails to deliver a sophisticated and refined drinking experience without the tipple effect.

Tonics and Elevated Elixirs

In conjunction with the relaxation that gaming offers, many people who want to focus on health and wellness want options for health-focused non-alcoholic beverages that they can sip on while they play their favorite games.

These kind of drinks range from adaptogenic elixirs to botanical tonics and are crafted with ingredients that not only tantalize the taste buds but also nourish the body and mind. There’s everything from calming herbal tonics to energizing latte to give you the chance to enjoy a holistic approach to hydration and well-being.

Sparkling Water

Don’t forget good old H20, served as a sparkling drink in a special glass. These fizzy drinks lack the calories and sugars found in traditional sodas but offer a refreshing drink that allows you to enjoy casino ambiance without the boozy effects.  There are all sorts of innovative flavors and formulations, ranging from exotic fruit-infused sparkling waters to CBD-infused seltzers.

Mix It Up

You can make most of these drinks in your own kitchen with easily-accessible ingredients. Some include:


The most important part of the mocktail is the glass!  Make sure that you have a nice cocktail glass ready for your mocktail blend.

To make a mocktail, blend the base –¼ cup of juice concentrate, chopped herbs, 1 Tablespoon of fresh fruit (same as the juice concentrate), ½ cup of ice, and pieces of fruit or herb for the garnish. Blend and add to 10 ounces of sparkling, unflavored water.

Garnish with pieces of fruit and herbs. Some popular mocktail fruit/herb combinations include blackberries and sage, grapefruit and rosemary, lemon and lavender, cucumber, lime and thyme and strawberries and basil.


You can make a non-alcoholic spirit drink by replacing the gin or vodka with an herbal alternative. These alternative blends can be mixed with a variety of herbs and spices to allow you to create the drink that suits your palate. You can even mix the alternative blends with coffee for an espresso that delivers the zip without the booze.

Casino enthusiasts have exciting and diverse alternatives to alcoholic drinks that allow them to focus on their gaming entertainment while maintaining their commitment to wellness, mindfulness and responsible consumption.


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