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password security - very important at all online casinos

In today’s online world, much of your personal life lies behind passwords. Passwords protect your personal communications, your bank account, your ecommerce accounts, your retirement accounts, your work accounts, your social media accounts, your online blackjack casino accounts, your government accounts and much more.

For this reason, hackers direct considerable efforts into stealing your passwords. A stolen password can give a cybercriminal access to your files, your money and even to your identity.  The importance of protecting your passwords cannot be overstated. It’s not fear-mongering to say that, if someone gains access to your account passwords, they can turn your life upside down.

Having your password stolen isn’t a rare occurrence. In 2022, hackers exposed over 24 billion passwords, most of which were related to weak, stolen or reused passwords. Yet only half of internet users are familiar with password security best practices.

For convenience sake, people use common passwords like “123456” or “ABCDEF.” In 2003 nearly 40% of people surveyed admitted that they share their personal passwords with others and many Internet users continue to use the same password for all of their accounts.

Yet even with what we know today about the importance of strong passwords, hackers seem to be winning. In 2022 nearly 1 in 4 internet users were affected by a data breach and 65% more passwords were compromised than 2 years previously. In 2020, it was estimated that 32% of individuals had been affected by identity theft due to hacked passwords.

The importance of safeguarding your online presence has never been so vital. What do you need to do?

What Can A Strong Password Do to Help You Protect Your Online Accounts?

Many times, people don’t bother to choose a strong password because it’s too hard to remember, especially if every bank account, every ecommerce account, every telecommunications account, every entertainment account, etc., need their own strong passwords.

Yet the longer your password, and the more capital letters, small letters, numbers and symbols you use, the less likely your account is to be hacked.

Cybercriminals’ techniques and constantly evolving. Hackers are employing increasingly sophisticated techniques to gain access to user accounts. Weak passwords simply make their job easier. By choosing a robust password, you reduce the risk of unauthorized individuals gaining control of your account so your personal information – and your money -- can remain secure.

This is especially true for online casino players. The casino stores vast amounts of sensitive information. By taking the time to ensure that your account is protected with a strong password, you can set up a formidable defense against hacking attempts to keep your account secure.


How to Create a Strong Password

Creating a strong password is crucial for securing your online accounts. Here are some tips to help you create a robust password:

  1. Length matters -- Aim for a password that is at least 12 characters long. Longer passwords are generally more secure.
  2. Unique for each account -- Use different passwords for different accounts. If one password is compromised, it won't affect your other accounts.
  3. Mix character types -- Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. This makes your password more complex and harder to guess.
  4. Avoid common words -- Avoid using easily guessable words, names, or phrases. Hackers often use dictionaries and common phrases to crack passwords.
  5. Randomness is key -- Avoid easily predictable patterns or sequences.
  6. Use passphrases -- Consider using a passphrase, which is a sequence of random words or a sentence. Passphrases are easier to remember and can be just as secure as complex passwords.
  7. Regularly change passwords -- Change your passwords periodically, even if there's no suspected compromise. This adds an extra layer of security.
  8. No personal information -- Do not use easily accessible personal information such as your name, birthdate, or address. This information can be easily obtained or guessed.
  9. Avoid common patterns -- Don't use easily guessable patterns like "123456," "password," or keyboard patterns like "qwerty."
  10. Use a password manager -- Consider using a password manager to generate and store complex passwords securely. Password managers help you manage strong, unique passwords for each of your accounts.

Here's an example of a strong password: "Ship7#@hiLL2"

Password Manager

One in three internet users use a password manager. Considering that people who don’t use password managers are three times more likely to be affected by identity theft than are those who use password managers, that seems to be a risky choice indeed.

If you have accounts that you use to send and receive funds, you should consider getting a password manager. Password managers generate strong, complex passwords for all of your accounts, stores them securely and give you access to those passwords as needed.

Cybersecurity advisors note that there are many reasons to consider getting a password manager. With a password manager, you avoid password reuse. Your passwords are encrypted in storage and only you have access to those passwords via one strong master password. Since the password manager remembers your passwords for you, you can easily change a password on a site with the manager generating and updating passwords in many cases.

Many password managers work to detect phishing sites through integration with browsers and sync your passwords across multiple devices. You can also designate a trusted family member or friend to access your passwords in case you can’t.

Don’t become overwhelmed by the allure of exciting gameplay and jackpots when securing your online casino account. Adopt strong password practices so that you can enjoy your gaming entertainment, knowing that you have taken all needed steps to secure your digital space and safeguard your gaming experience.


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