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Want to play online pokies and win AUD at the online casino?

Online slots are difficult to quantify in terms of win rate.  They are the complete opposite of fixed odds games like blackjack and poker.  It doesn’t matter how smart you are or whether you have a degree in mathematics or game theory, there is no way to calculate the statistical probability of achieving certain outcomes.

Those of you familiar with the genre will know that there is no skill or strategy that can influence the odds of winning at online slots.  Having said that there are ways and means to maximize the time you spend playing slots at SlotoCash online casino. 

Go for Informed Choices

In a word, it is all about “choices” and by that we mean making informed choices when it comes to games selection.  Too many of us rely on the wow factor — you know, the wonderfully evocative game themes, awesome 3D graphics, alluring character animations and foot stomping audio that define the reel-based online casino games right here at Slotocash.

Rather than allowing aesthetics to influence our decision making we should be more focused on the elements that do have the potential to boost the payout rate.  What are the key features we should be looking for in RTG slot machines?

Well, besides the stated volatility of a game; the critical components you should assess include the game’s payline structure, paytable and bonus features.  Here is a more detailed account of how and why each of these elements should be fundamental to your decision making:

Volatility of Slots Online 

The volatility of a slots game is basically a term that defines the game’s frequency of wins.  It also points to the average value of the payouts. 

Games with a high volatility have a relatively low win frequency but when you do hit a payout permutation, the winnings are seriously impressive in anyone’s estimation.  Low volatility online slots on the other hand pay out really often but the monetary rewards are kind of skimpy. 

As you can see there is a tie-in between the volatility of a game and the cash or coin value of the winnings.  In the broadest possible terms, the slots games with the highest payouts have the lowest odds.  Conversely, the games with scanty pays have the best odds of hitting wilds, scatters and matching symbols… by far.

Risk and Reward 

When it comes to volatility it all boils down to risk and reward.  If you are the type of player who does not mind spending time at the reels and is inclined to take more risks for higher rewards, online slot machines with a high volatility are tailor made for you.

However, if you enjoy hitting lots and lots of wins and are more focused on building the balance in your online casino account, the low volatility slots with their low risk and low reward structure are the ones for you.

How do you find the volatility of slots online at Sloto Cash Online Casino?  That’s easy.  When you hover the mouse over a game’s thumbnail and click on the red arrow, you will open a drop-down window featuring all the pertinent game information, from volatility to in-game bonus features.

The Payline Structure of Slots Online 

The actual game mechanics of online slots can have an impact on the overall payout probability.  In fact, it is common knowledge that classic three-reel and one-payline games have the best odds. 

That is because there are a limited number of reels, symbols and bet lines in play.  Fewer variables mean a higher probability of hitting matching symbols on every few spins of the reels.

“All Ways Pays” Slots 

To make things interesting, software suppliers like our very own Real Time Gaming (RTG) have come up with multi-line All Ways Pays (AWP) online slots. 

These games have hundreds even thousands of paylines or pay ways.  To refine the odds, these games pay out when you land matching symbols anywhere on adjacent reels.

When one considers how many genuine opportunities there are to win on every spin of the reels, the cost of playing AWP slot machines is rock bottom.  That means these games can be a hot prospect for online gamers.

Fixed or Variable Paylines? 

Beside the actual number of paylines, there are online slots at Sloto’Cash Online Casino that have fixed bet lines and games with variable paylines. 

In the case of fixed payline slots, you cannot alter the number of bet lines in play.  All the lines are active all the time.  In the case of variable payline slots you can choose to activate as many bet lines as you wish by adjusting the number of coins you wager per spin.

If you do want the best chance of winning when you play slots online at Sloto-Cash Casino, it is vital you activate all available paylines.  There is nothing more soul destroying than hitting a high paying symbol combination on an inactive bet line! 

For that reason and that reason only, fixed payline slots are the go-to games as they take the disappointment factor out of the equation.

Special Symbols and Bonus Features 

The best RTG online slots are those with multiple bonus features.  Games that have stacked or expanding wilds, multiplier values and loads and loads of free spins are potential money spinners. 

These features, especially substantial line win multipliers of 5x, 10x or even 20x, have the potential to power up the payouts to all extreme heights.

The Best Online Slots at SlotoCash

At Slotocash Online Casino we want you to have the best possible chance of winning lots of money every time you play slots online.  That is why we have hunted down a few of the best ever RTG games in terms of bonus features… and here they are:

  • Witch’s Brew - a medium volatility RTG slot with 25 variable paylines and up to 125 free spins with extra stacked wilds.
  • Gods of Nature - a high volatility game with 30 fixed paylines, stacked wilds and up to 33 free games with 15x multipliers.
  • Santa Strikes Back - a high volatility progressive jackpot game with 25 fixed paylines and up to 133 free spins with multipliers up to 20x.
  • Swindle All the Way - a high volatility game with 25 variable bet lines and up to 60 free spins with 33x multipliers plus a progressive jackpot.

Now that you have all the information at your disposal to make the best choice when it comes to playing online slots at Sloto Cash, all that is left for you to do is register a real money online casino account… and play hard to win big!

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