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Vegas XL Slot - Slotocash's newest and brightest

In the 1930s, development of brick-and-mortar casinos turned Las Vegas from a small, unknown desert town into a major tourist destination. Over the years Las Vegas has expanded to support a multi-billion dollar gambling industry where visitors can find high-end entertainment, luxurious accommodations, world-renowned eateries and every possible form of cash casino and land-based casino entertainment.

Slot machines are one of the most popular gaming activities for Vegas players. Every casino features a slots room where visitors can play the “one-armed bandit” for as long as they want. Many gamers prefer the slots because they have themes that mimic video game interactivity, are easy to play and offer options to VIP high-rollers and budget gamers alike.

Now the opulent atmosphere of Las Vegas combines with the fun-filled slots in the Vegas XL slot machine which you can play online at your convenience at any time and from any location on your PC or handheld mobile device.

Las Vegas Slots

Slot machines existed long before Las Vegas developers began to build a gambling mecca in the 1930s. The first slot machine was introduced in 1894 by Charles Fey who designed a device with three reels, one payline and an automated payout system.

The machine was named the “Liberty Bell” and soon became a feature in saloons and soda shops where, in lieu of cash and to circumvent anti-gambling laws, payouts of gum and candies were presented to players who matched symbols and created winning paylines.

When the first Las Vegas casinos opened in the 1930s, slot machines were introduced. The casinos learned to appreciate the gaming machines that required no staffing and little maintenance.

Players liked the machines because they were easy to play and accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they had a high or low betting budget.

Vegas casinos learned to contend with the various ingenuous ways that were used to try to trick the machines including counterfeit coins, piano wires that were poked into the machine to influence the outcomes of the spins, magnets, wands, yo-yos, slot machine engineers’ cheat codes, jamming the machine, revision of the top and bottom joints and more.

One of the biggest game-changers for the casinos happened in 1963 when the Bally slot machine designer company introduced an electromechanical machine that mechanized much of the process that had previously required human action.

The slots world changed again in 1976 with the introduction of the video slot. Casinos were concerned when online slots machines came on the market in 1994 but there was no appreciable drop-off in traffic in Vegas casinos’ slots rooms and it quickly became evident that people were coming to Vegas for the atmosphere more than for the actual games.

Vegas XL

The Vegas XL slot machine combines the interactive excitement of slots gaming with a genuine Las Vegas casino atmosphere. The game delivers a high-energy slots adventure of five reels and the 243 Ways to Win feature where you don’t have to bet on individual paylines but instead make your matches across the screen, reducing the pressure to decide on which lines to bet and increasing your odds of completing winning combinations.

The Wild Symbol in Vegas XL is the Golden Coin which substitutes for all other symbols to complete combinations and trigger payouts. The Vault is the scatter symbol. Three scatters, appearing anywhere on the board, create a winning scatter payout.

Wins are multiplied by the total bet before being added to the regular game wins. Scatter wins trigger the Free Spins feature in which you spin the reels for free and collect on payouts that result from those free spins wins.

If, during a free spin, 3 or more symbols appear simultaneously, you get to re-spin for free and add those winning payouts to your other payout prizes.

Vegas XL is one of the first slot machines to include the Oversized Symbol feature. If you see an Oversized symbol land on reel 2, 3, or 4 you will be presented with either 3 Re-Spins or the Jackpot Pick Bonus feature.

If you get 3 respins from the Oversized Symbol feature you’ll find extra Wild symbols on the game board which allows you to substitute more symbols and create more winning paylines.

If you get the Jackpot Pick Bonus Feature you’ll be presented with 9 symbol options. You pick one of them and that will reveal one of the Jackpot symbols. For each 3 matching Jackpot symbols you will win the corresponding jackpot.

You can play Vegas XL at any time and from any location at the online casino. It’s fun to aim for the major win of 2000 times the bet but as you play the game, even small bets add up so you can take it slow and easy and still walk away with a nice big payout. The alluring graphics, combined with the sounds of a genuine Vegas casino gaming floor, make this a great game for an action-packed gaming adventure of fun and excitement.


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