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Zhanshi online slot machine - get the scoop from SlotoCash

The Zhanshi online slot machine takes players back to ancient China when the Zhanshi soldiers were the cord of the army, defending the land and preparing to carry out the government’s wishes as needed. Now Sloto Casino slots players can summon that ancient warrior spirit when they play Zhanshi online slots at the online casino.

Chinese Warriors

Ancient Chinese warriors were part of a culture within a culture, men from noble families were expecting adventure and glory. Throughout history the Chinese army was one of the largest and most technologically advance in the world. Weaponry included chariots, swords, crossbows and cavalry which were used liberally as the country defended itself against threatening neighbors.

Many Chinese soldiers were well-trained in the martial arts including in the practice of jiao di, Xiang Bo and Kung Fu. Other soldiers, called janke, excelled as swordsmen. These professionals fought for their emperors who sought to emulate Qin Shi Huang who conquered all of the other Warring States during and formed first Chinese Empire, the Qin Empire, in 221 BCE. Qin Shi Huang may be best known for demonstrating that only a truly "nationalized" army that eschewed a warrior class and included soldiers from all strata of society could really succeed.

In addition to the members of the emperors’ forces, the Chinese celebrated the Youxia, a warrior folk hero who was looked upon as a wandering vigilante. The Youxia can best be compared to the Western world’s “soldier of fortune” or “adventurer” who bore no loyalty to any leader other than to the one who fed and clothed him.

They became part of Chinese folklore due to the legends that grew around their efforts to right wrongs and take care of the common people. Some former shi knights dedicated themselves to taking care of the weak, often using martial arts to see justice served.

All of these swordmen, horsemen, martial arts practitioners and cavaliers have always been dependent on the Zhanshi, the core of the army. The word “Zhanshi” means “to reveal” and symbolizes the revealed force of a Chinese warrior’s  focus and concentration.

In Chinese military talk, the Zhanshi are the infantry troops who are prepared and trained to engage in close combat at the drop of a hat. Meet the Zhanshi and let them give you their support as you spin the reels to collect real money wins and more.

Zhanshi Online Slot Machine

Slot machines that focus on themes of ancient Asian traditions are among the most popular titles in the casino’s games lobby. Games such as Fortune Buddha, Fu Chi, Wu Zetian, Gods of Nature and Lucky 8 have captivated slots players who enjoy the slots gaming fun while they experience Asian culture.

Now, in Zhanshi, a warrior-themed slot game, there’s another chance to experience the unique world of the Imperial Chinese emperors and their troops. Zhanshi is a five-reel, 25 payline slot machine that’s available for PC gaming, mobile browser play or competition via the casino app. Zhanshi is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and can be played for free in the Free Mode or for real money prizes in the Real Mode.

The game is full of Chinese symbolism. As the reels spin you’ll see artifacts of ancient Chinese life, horses, swords, amulets, banners with Chinese characters, traditional village homes of ancient China and traditional slot letters lettered in Chinese script. All of this brings to life the Zhanshi’s goal of protecting their kingdom’s people and land.

The Zhanshi slot machine features two bonus rounds. The first is triggered by the game wild, the Zhanshi warrior. Not only does the Zhanshi substitute for other symbols to enable completed combinations and create payouts he can enable 25 respins as he becomes a 3x multiplier during the Free Spins round.

The second bonus game is triggered by 3 Temple symbols which are the game’s scatter. When 3 scatters appear simultaneously on the line during any game spin it triggers ten free spins. In this bonus round, the warrior Wild symbol is a double multiplier. If 3 scatters emerge on the reels during a free spin the free spins round is retriggered and you continue to spin the reels for free and collect all payouts that result from wins on those spins.

The game highlight is the progressive jackpot which can be triggered randomly at the end of any spin. The jackpot prize can go as high as 30000 coins!

With a betting range of between $0.01 and $20 and a bet per line at $0.01 to $1, this slot has something for every player, budget gamer and VIP competitor alike.


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