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Goblins: Gluttony of Gems slot

Goblins are often seen as little malevolent creatures who are at best, mischievous troublemakers and at worst, evil tricksters who can be dangerous to humans. Goblins can be quite greedy and that desire to collect riches comes to the fore in the Goblins: Gluttony of Gems online slot now available for real money gaming at our very own Sloto.

The Goblins: Gluttony of Gems slot machine is a five-reel 50 payline slot that features two free games features and jackpot prizes. In this medium volatility game, the grinning green goblins create havoc as they mine gems and search for real money wins.

Get set for a wild ride with the tricky creatures but don’t let your guard down for a moment – the goblins will try to overwhelm you so that they can take all the winnings for themselves.


Goblins were first mentioned in Anglo-Norman literature of the 14th century but the concept of a grotesque little creature that prowled the countryside making mischief may be traced back to the 12th century to gobelinus mentioned in medieval Latin and French and German folklore. Goblin-like creatures have also been written about in other cultures from around the world including in Japan, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Peru, South Korea, South Africa and the Wamponoag native American tribe.

According to legend, goblins are extremely light-sensitive and come out at night to do their deeds. They have been known to sneak up on people and bop them on the head and then disappear before they can be seen. Goblins have a variety of weapons at their disposal such as knives, falchions, spears and pikes. Some carry a throwing net, spiked bola or shield to accompany them on their nightly excursions.

Many people are familiar with goblins from books like The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series but they have featured in other works as well including Outside Over There by Maurice Sendak, Little Orphant Annie by James Whitcomb Riley, The Hollow Kingdom by Clare B. Dunkle and the Dungeons and Dragons’ Monster Manuel.

Goblins can be difficult to deal with but even more than their mischief-making, they are known for collecting and hoarding small shiny objects. They love gold and jewelry and many goblins are said to work in the mines, digging these gems out of the earth. Now you can help the slot machine goblins expand their collection of baubles with the Goblins: Gluttony of Gems online slot machine, available for free or for real money gaming at the online casino.

Goblins: Gluttony of Gems Online Slot

Head down below the earth with the goblins of the Goblins: Gluttony of Gems slot machine and spin the reels to see what the goblins will dig up for you. This fresh new gaming experience will give you a chance to hang out with some adventurous creatures who will share their money-making schemes with you. Dig for your riches as you spin the reels and collect the wins from your gaming adventure.

As you spin the reels you’ll see gems, goblins setting out in their mining gear, gold goblin masks and traditional slot machine letters and numbers. The green goblins who hold pick-axes for their work in the mines are the game wilds meaning that they substitute for other symbols to complete paylines. The more of these goblin miners you get, the more payouts you collect as the bright-colored goblins pop up here and there on the matted board.

There’s no time to get bored in this game because it’s chock-full of special effects, features and elements. If you achieve six Golden Coins on a regular game spin you’ll trigger the Hold & Spin feature which gives you 3 re-spins while the coins stay in place for the next spin. If you get any more Coins, your respins are reset again so you can keep the prizes coming as long as those Coins continue to turn up. If on a spin, all of the payline spots are filled with a Coin, you collect the Grand Jackpot reward.

The scatter symbol is the minecart and if you get three of these gem-filled carts you’ll receive three free spins. During the free spins, you have your choice of either Goblin Spins, Wild Reels or Golden Coins. Throughout, Goblins remain on the selected reels with the possibility of retriggering more free spins or Hold & Spin.

Goblins: Gluttony of Gems is available for a fun-filled real money gaming experience that you can play at any time and from any location. Just sign into your online casino account and get started. With 50 paylines, this game gives you endless opportunities to complete combinations and achieve payout rewards.

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