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Mermaid Royale Slot Machine

The Mermaid Royale online slot brings mermaids, their ocean home and their underwater treasures to gaming screens in the Mermaid Royale online slot, now available at the real money Sloto Cash Casino.  Mermaid-watching has never been so enthralling as it is when you watch the mermaids and other sea-related symbols spin on the reels to give you real money wins.

The Mermaid Royale slot makes it easy for players with any budget - large or limited - to join in the fun. Betting range spans the spectrum from a 0.01 coin worth as little as $0.25 to a 1.0 coin that translates to $25 in casino fun!

You can play Mermaid Royale at any time and from any location via your online casino account. Just sign in to your personal account, choose “Mermaid Royale” for your gaming action and play for free in the Free Mode or for Real Money Prizes in the Real Mode.


Stories of mermaids have been told for thousands of years and form a central part of the mythologies of many cultures around the world.  One of the earliest mermaid legends comes from Assyria and dates back to approximately 1000 BCE, telling the story of the goddess Atargatis who dove into a lake where her bottom half became that of a fish.

Greek mythology often referred to mermaids as “sirens” which were beautiful creatures which were sometimes half-fish and half-human but sometimes half-bird and half-human. All the sirens/mermaids were beautiful but Greek legends frequently portrayed them as nasty, vindictive creatures.

The Romans adopted the Greek understanding of sirens and Roman sailors looked for mermaids on their travels because they were convinced that mermaids appeased the sea, ensured good weather and could help sailors find a safe way back home.

Christopher Columbus wrote in his diary that he spotted three mermaids off the coast of Hispaniloa and that they had masculine features in their faces. Pirates of the Middle Ages feared mermaids’ magical powers and Blackbeard is reported to have seen some and kept his ships away from certain areas in order to avoid them.

In modern times, stories about mermaids have mostly taken the form of fairy tales and, most recently, children’s movies and TV shows.

Now you can dive into the fun of Mermaid Madness with Mermaid Royale online slot machine!

Mermaid Royale Online Slot

In the Mermaid Royale online slot you’ll find jackpot treasures and underwater riches under every reef and coral. The mermaids are there to direct you as you make your spins and work to achieve real money prizes. Between features that include expanding wilds, bonus rows, free spins, re-spins and random boosters you have a good chance to achieve the maximum win of 50,000 the triggering bet!

The Greeks were enchanted with the idea of mermaids and a Greek ambiance accompanies the spins of the reel with symbols that include 4 beautiful mermaids, treasure chests, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and more. Slots fans will also find the traditional playing card symbols to offer a satisfying round-up of lesser wins.

In addition to the 25 paylines the game contains a Bonus Row that appears above the second, third and fourth reels. That’s the row where the wild symbols, scatters, special scatters and other unique symbols land.

If you achieve three or more scatters OR a combination of 3 or more regular and special sactter symbols you will activate the free spins game where you receive 4 free spins plus a random booster. During the free spins reels 2, 3 and 4 transform into an Oversized Symbol which spins in tandem with reels 1 and 5.

There are respins so if you trigger the free spins round on a free spin, you’ll retrigger the whole free spins round. As in the original free spins, the middle reels transform into an Oversized Icon but during the respins it remains locked while reels 1 and 5 spin as per usual.

The Random Boosters appear randomly when activated by special scatters during the free spins game. Wins that include a random booster are multiplied by 2 and the chance of a Wild Symbol appearing in the Oversized Symbol reels doubles as well.

Mermaid Royale doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but it does include some rather innovative features that will make your slots experience an enjoyable one.


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