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 Meerket Misfits Slot - have your Meerket fun at SlotoCash Casino

Meerkats are a popular source of entertainment for zoo-goers, animal-watchers and other nature-lovers. The fun-loving, squirrel-sized animals are famous for their mob-like antics as they gather food, groom and live in groups. Now you can join in the fun of meerkat merriment with the Meerket Misfits Cash casino online slot, available for both free and real money gaming at the online casino.


Meerkets are funny little squirrel-sized mammals that are found in the grasslands and deserts of the southern tip of Africa. They are best known for sitting on their haunches and looking quizzically at the world. They rush here and there in groups of different sizes, gathering food, guarding the group against predators and tending to the young.

Meerkats are biologically related to mongooses. They live together in burrows which keeps them cool and safe from the hot African sun. Much of the meerkats’ time is taken up with digging their burrows which can grow to up to 5 meters long and contain multiple passageways, entrances and rooms. They leave their burrows in the daytime but return each evening. Their days are occupied with looking for their favorite foods – caterpillars, spiders, scorpions and beetles along with birds, small reptiles, fruit, plants and eggs.

While some members go out foraging for food, guards are always left in the burrow to watch over the babies. Each meerkat group must take care of its newborns because if given a chance, rival meerkat mobs will kill the babies. Other dangers to meerkets include predators such as jackals, hawks and eagles. Meerkats are best known for sitting on their haunches as they scan the landscape, guarding against such threats.

Meerket Misfits Online Slot

In the wild Meerkets are too busy to stir up trouble but give them a chance and they will take the opportunity to create mayhem. That’s what the meerkats of Meerket’s Misfits online slot machine do when they decide to use some 21st-century military technology to get rid of their enemies.

In Meerkets Misfits online slot, RealTime Gaming puts the Meerkets in charge with multiple levels, bonus games and other multiplying opportunities to take care of their turf. The five-reel Meerkets Misfits slot machine is a lucrative one, offering a 97.3% Return to Player and a maximum payout option of 2000x the line bet.

Playing Meerket Misfits means staying one step ahead of the wily creatures. These seemingly sweet, friendly rodents can actually be quite conniving and sneaky as they set out to defend their territory. The game features a group of four mischievous meerkats who will keep you on your toes as you spin the reels and line up completed paylines.

All together there are 30 paylines but you have the option of enabling as many of the paylines as you want – anywhere from one per spin to all 30!  Don’t forget though, only those paylines that you enable with a bet will payout on a win.

It’s easy to achieve winning paylines in this game because there are FOUR Wild symbols — the Scout Meerkat, the Hunter Meerket, the Muscle Meerkat and the Commander Meerkat. These symbols can appear on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels to complete your combinations and deliver wins.

Multiple Meerket Wilds triggers the Free Games which has four Bonus Game Stages  This game’s bonus round is a bit different than other slots with free games. If your spins result in enough meerkat wilds appearing, you’ll have a chance to play them all.

In the First Stage, once you trigger Stage 1 you get 7 free spins during which all Wilds morph into Multiplying Wilds of x1.  Stage 1 can retrigger if you achieve 3 Wilds during a Stage 1 free spin.

For Stage 2 you receive 8 free spins and all Wilds turn into Multiplying Wilds of x2.

The Third Stage triggers when combination #3 appears on the reels. You are awarded 9 free spins during which all Wilds become Multiplying Wilds of x3. Stage 3 can be retriggered if multiple triggering Wilds appear during a free spin.

For the Fourth Stage of the Bonus Game, you are presented with 10 free spins with a x4 Multiplying Wild on all Wilds. Stage Four retriggers when multiple triggering Wilds emerge on a Stage Four free spin, giving you an additional 10 free spins.

Regardless of your bet you can move through all four free spins stages.

Meerket Misfits is available at the online casino for free gaming or real money play at any time or from any location on your PC or mobile device. This game offers both budget gaming challenges where you can bet as little as one coin on a limited number of lines or VIP gaming action in which you can wager multiple coins on as many of the 30 lines as you wish.

Combine the fun of meerkat antics with real money wins when you play the fun-filled Meerket Misfits!


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