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Khrysos Gold slot machine - time to spin yourself to some serious Sloto wins.

Greek mythology is full of stories of mighty gods and goddesses whose actions in the heavens influenced the lives of mortals on earth. The gods and goddesses had many different characteristics, powers and methods of influence but in one area they were all similar – they all loved gold and riches and would do anything to make sure that they had a vast treasury on hand.

Now you can explore the world of Greek mythology from the depths as you play the Khrysos Gold online slot, available for free and real money gaming entertainment at the Sloto Cash online casino.

Greek Mythology and Wealth

There were a few gods who were associated with wealth in the Greek mythological world. Chief among hem was Plutus who was associated with wealth and good fortune. Aristophanes wrote that Plutus was blinded by Zeus who wanted Plutus to make his decisions regarding who would receive good fortune without bias. Dante saw Plutus as greedy and it is likely from this portrayal that the expression “money is at the root of all troubles” came from.

Tyche was the female version of Plutus, a Greek Goddess who had the power over mortals’ fortune, chance, providence, and fate, She was said to have been fathered by Zeus and was also associated with Agathos Daimon, protective of individuals and families. Palamedes dedicated the first set of dice, which he is said to have invented, at her temple at Argos.

Khrysos, which means “gold” in Greek, was said to have been consumed by her love of riches. Khrysos was a child of Zeus and little is known of her other than her desire for wealth led others to the same obsession.

Khrysos Gold Online Slot

The Khrysos Gold Online Slot draws on these mythical Greek icons including the mysterious Khrysos in an online slot that’s full of fun, excitement and real money prizes. As you spin the reels you’ll collect glittering riches from the gods along with multipliers, bonus rounds and jackpot prizes.

Khyros Gold is a 20-payline slot machine with a wide variety of special symbols and game levels. Regular game symbols are basic letter symbols but once you start spinning the game’s special, unique symbols, things start to get interesting.

The game Wild is Kyrsos herself. The Kyrsos symbol replaces all other symbols (other than the Scatter and Coin symbols) to complete paylines and deliver payouts. The Kyrsos symbol also randomly  activates the Slippery Wild Feature.

The game Scatter symbol triggers free spins whenever three or more Scatters emerge in any pattern anywhere on the reels. The highlight of the special features is the Jackpot Bonus Feature which is triggered when three or more Coin symbols display together either during the Base Game and/or during the Slippery Wild Feature.

The fun really starts once you enter the bonus game rounds where every spin can bring you closer to serious real money wins.

The Slippery Wild feature can activate randomly whenever the Khrysos Wild appears on the reel to complete a combination. Every time you spin the Khrysos symbol moves one position down on the reel and additional Khrysos symbols can appear.

The more Wilds that appear, the more wins you achieve as the Slippery Khrysos Wild slips from one position to the next.  The feature goes on until there are no more Khrysos Wilds on the reels but it can retrigger at any time!

The Khrysos Wild Morphs into More Slippery Wilds

In the Jackpot Bonus, Coin symbols appear randomly on the reels with each Coin assigned a multiplier of anywhere from 1x to 20x the total bet. You get 3 respins and if the Coin appears in the spinning position it stays there and the number of remaining respins resets to 3.

If your spin results in one row of Coins you are awarded the Minor Jackpot while two rows of Coins wins you a Major Jackpot. For three rows of Coins, you will be handed a Mega jackpot prize which is added to your regular game wins.

Three scatter symbols, emerging on a regular game spin, award you five Free Spins but if you achieve Four Scatter symbols you get eight Free Spins. Five Scatter symbols on a regular game spin results in 12 free spins. All free spin wins are real money wins and the wins are added to your regular game payouts.

Count on Khrysos to deliver gold and other wealth – win up to 50,000x times your initial bet in the Khrysos Gold slot game!!


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