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play keno online at SlotoCash online casino

Keno, one of the most popular casino games is also one of the most ancient games known to man. Check out how 21st century tech has turned this classic specialty game into an action-filled, high-energy gaming extravaganza that you can enjoy at any time and from anywhere when you play at the online casino.

You can enjoy keno play online from your PC or mobile device 24/7 with any cable, WiFi or cellular Internet connection.  Playing keno online allows you to enjoy the same exciting keno gaming entertainment regardless of whether you play for free in the Free Mode or for real money prizes in the Real Mode.

Keno isn’t a skill-based game so you don’t have to worry about strategy and technique. The stakes aren’t high which makes this a great game for all players, regardless of their betting levels. Once you pick your numbers, your luck will do the rest!


Keno has been played in the United States for only about 100 years but it’s actually an ancient game which originated in the Han Dynasty of China before the Common Era. At a time when Emperor Cheung Leng was waging war with China’s neighbors, the Chinese economy was struggling and the government realized that it had to come up with new strategies for raising funds.

The game of keno was developed and presented to the population as a lottery. Participants would pay an entry fee for the lottery and proceeds that weren’t used to pay prizes were kept for the government war chest.

In order to make it possible for as many people to play as possible, the government devised a system in which white carrier pigeons would be trained to deliver results of the draws to the various villages and towns where people were playing. This earned the game the name “Great White Pigeon Game.”

The game involved 80 Chinese characters that were listed on a sheet and corresponded to characters on balls in a lottery ball. Competitors would choose up to 20 characters and payouts were based on how many correct characters were chosen.

The Chinese characters were generally the first 80 characters of the book Thousand Character Classic – legend has it that Emperor Cheung created the first keno card with these characters.

Today, numbers have replaced Chinese characters on keno balls and cards but the game remains roughly the same as that played thousands of years ago in China. Each of the numbers on which you place a bet will pay out if it’s one of the numbers chosen when the balls are selected.

Playing Keno Online

To play keno online, you start by placing bets on the “spots” that you will be selecting. You have up to 20 “spots” and you can bet on as many or as few of those sports as you wish. However, it’s important to remember that only those spots on which you bet will pay out real money prizes on wins. Meaning that, of the 20 possible numbers on which you can bet, only those sports that you’ve enabled with a wager will pay out on a win.

Place your bets on your spots and choose up to 20 numbers. Then wait for the draw. Whichever of your chosen numbers come up in the draw will pay out on the wins. You can play as few or as many times as you want  -- every time that you complete a play card, another draw will occur and new wins will be calculated.


To make keno gaming more entertaining and more rewarding, the casino offers a special keno bonus with a real money log-in and the necessary bonus codes. Check the casino’s promotions page to find out what percentage bonus you are entitled to collect and which coupon code you need to enter in order to receive the keno bonus give-away.

The keno give-away is delivered in addition to the casino’s other bonus gifts. If you’re a new player you are entitled to a Welcome Bonus gift of up to $7,777 on all of your initial casino deposits.

Other casino bonus promotional deals involve cashback deals, weekly and monthly promotions and special deals like the March Hat-Trick bonus package which gives you special opportunities to collect $133 in free chips and a chance to triple that $133 in more free chips on a minimum deposit of $25. The March Hat-Trip bonus is available throughout the month of March on any of your preferred casino adventures:

  • 1st bonus Hat-Trick1 redeem code gets you 133%
  • 2nd bonus gets you 233% with redeem code: HatTrick2
  • 3rd bonus you will be given $133 in Free casino cash for the Hat-Trick3 redeem code

Playing Online

You can find keno at many brick-and-mortar casinos but when you play keno online you have the extra advantage of being able to play on any PC or mobile device. You can log into the casino to play for real money at your leisure and play at the betting level of your choice. Keno is also available as a download game which gives you the option to download the casino software into your device and play at times when you don’t have a readily-available Internet connection.

Play keno online for a fun-filled game of chance!


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