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Desert Raider slot machine - get it at SlotoCash

The intrigues, suspense and secrets of archaeological explorations in the deserts of Egypt come alive in the Desert Raider online slot, now available for real money gaming entertainment at our Cash slots online casino. Desert Raider merges themes of ancient secrets with real-money 21st century gaming fun to deliver a thrilling adventure that will keep you on your toes.

You can play Desert Raider at the online casino on your PC or mobile device at any time and from any location at your personal convenience. The game offers a payback of 96% RTP so every time you place a bet, you can look forward to a return on your wager.

Play Desert Raider for free in the casino’s Free Mode or for real money prizes in the Real Mode!

Ancient Egypt

Western fascination with ancient Egyptian history dates back to the late 18th century when Napoleon’s army invaded Egypt. The rule of Western powers, first France and then England, opened the doors to Egyptologists who saw the country as a treasure trove of historical data that was sitting under the sand, waiting to be discovered.

European archaeologists were buoyed by the discovery of the Rosetta Stone which became the key to the ability of scholars of Egyptian history to read ancient hieroglyphs – the script of ancient Egyptians which had remained undecipherable for thousands of years.

Historians and archaeologists have been obsessed by Egyptian sites and artifacts for hundreds of years. They are fascinated by the vast scientific knowledge of the ancient  Egyptians as expressed in the pyramids, burial chambers and other advanced structures that the Egyptians created – building methods which are not fully understood even today.

The Egyptians were one of the first civilizations to create a complex spirituality which influenced many other societies of that era and remains mysterious even to this day.

Some of the earliest Egyptian archaeological discoveries included the Great Temple of Ramesses II at Abu Simbel and a life-size Sarcophagus of Pharoah Seti I of the 19th century in the Valley of the Kings. One of the most noteworthy of the 19th century finds was the mummy cache at Deir el-Bahri where the mummy of Seti I was found.

The world was electrified when the tomb of Nefertari was discovered in 1904 where the antechamber is decorated with paintings based on the Book of the Dead and the walls feature representations of the gods Osiris and Anubis. Little, however, can compare to the 1923 discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun which contained vast amounts of gold and luxury items including food, wine, trumpets, archery bows, a face mask and a gold coffin.

King Tut, as he is known today, wasn’t an especially important or powerful king but his tomb was the first – and to date, the only – tomb to have been found  intact which gave researchers information about the culture, religion and life of Tut’s era which they might never have known of otherwise.

The opening of Tut’s tomb gave rise to rumors of the “curse of the mummy”, an ancient curse that, as legend relates, brings down bad luck on anyone who disturbs the mummy of an ancient Egyptian. Some researchers scoff at such “nonsense” but antidotal stories abound of people who experienced mysterious maladies and accidents after ignoring warnings of the consequences of disturbing the ancient Egyptian dead.

Regardless, exploration of Egypt’s past continues to today as scholars and adventurers carry on with new excavations.

Desert Raider Slot

The Desert Raider online slot takes you into the heart of Egyptian archaeology with five reels and 20 paylines. Line up your completed paylines and collect your real money wins.

Desert Raider slot symbols include books, desert scenes, explorers, Egyptians, sand, temples and more. You can play Desert Raider for free but if you bet on the paylines where you think that your matches will occur and your assessments are correct you’ll walk away with real money payouts that can total hundreds of dollars.

There’s a 2500x max of your total payout so if you’re making high bets on numerous paylines you can walk away with big money wins.

The Explorer symbol is the game wild. When The Explorer appears he substitutes for any other symbol to help you complete the payline. The Explorer is an Expanding Wild which expands on the entire reel in the base game so you can achieve win after win. If the Scatter Book appears it multiplies wins as you apply it to the total bet combined with your line payouts.

If three or more scatters appear on the reels in any position it triggers the Free Spins round where you get up to 14 free spins in which all wins deliver payouts, despite the fact that you didn’t lay a deposit on the spins. That’s why they’re called “Free Spins. Morphing symbols appear during the Free Spins which morph into new symbols that match existing symbols to create even more winning combinations!

You don’t have to travel to Egypt and excavate archaeological sites to enjoy the fun and excitement of raiding the desert for treasures, jackpot prizes and real money wins!


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