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The best blackjack online tips for you

If you want to play the best blackjack online, sign into your account at the SlotoCash casino and navigate to the blackjack online real money USA webpage where you’ll find the best online blackjack casino with the most interactive games, the most generous bonus offers and the highest chances to achieve wins.

Playing blackjack online gives you the chance to enjoy this fun-filled game in an interactive gaming environment where you can place high or low bets according to your personal betting level, play for as long as you want whenever and from wherever you want to play and achieve consistent wins that are sure to keep you on your toes.

You can play blackjack online on your PC or mobile device whenever and from wherever you wish. If you have a Sloto Cash casino account, just sign into your account and click on the blackjack page to enter the casino’s blackjack room and play blackjack. If you haven’t opened an account, you can do so within minutes by submitting your name and email to the casino and confirming your registration through the casino’s registration link.

All blackjack players are invited to play any of the blackjack variations that they wish for free in the Free Mode. Once you understand the rules and strategy of the game you can move to the Real Mode and make a deposit to start competing for real money prizes.

When you play at a blackjack casino you have your choice of blackjack variations. Open up the SlotoCash blackjack page and take your pick of the SlotoCash blackjack options which include the highly-interactive Suit ‘Em Up blackjack, 21 Blackjack and Perfect Pairs Blackjack. The rules of the game vary but all deliver a high-energy blackjack adventure of fun, excitement and real money prizes.

21 Blackjack

Most blackjack players prefer the basic game of 21 Blackjack which is the game most closely identified with the traditional blackjack game that dates back to the Old West. In this game, two cards are dealt to the dealer and two to the player, with the player betting on his/her prediction of whether s/he thinks that s/he can build a hand that is close to a total of a value of 21 without exceeding that value and still getting closer to 21 than the dealer.

If the player’s first two cards are an ace and a picture card, that’s a “Blackjack” and the payout is an immediate 3:2. Beyond that, the player is allowed to continue to take “hits” to see how close to a value of 21 s/he can go. After the gamer’s turn, the dealer proceeds.

  • If the player gets closest to a value of 21 points without exceeding that value, s/he wins
  • If the dealer gets closest to a value of 21 points without exceeding that value, the dealer wins
  • If there’s a tie between the player and the dealer, neither side wins and they can replay the hand
  • If either the player or the dealer achieves a blackjack (a ten-value card and an ace), that’s an immediate blackjack and that side wins.

There’s a “blackjack strategy” that provides an overview of what you should do in any situation – when you should take a hit and chance getting a few more points without exceeding 21, when you should stand, when you should double down, etc. It’s suggested that, if you’re serious about winning at blackjack, you learn the blackjack strategy because playing according to the strategy can give you a higher chance of achieving your win.

Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack

Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack is basically a traditional blackjack game in which you try to build a hand with a value as close to 21 as possible without exceeding that value. It’s the additional side bet that makes it a worthwhile blackjack variation to try. Many players, both veterans and beginners, find it to be the best blackjack variant because it has an RTP of 99.63% and pays out at 3:3.

Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack is played with six decks of cards. It features all the standard elements of a regular blackjack game plus additional rules. The dealer stands on soft 17s and you can both split and take out insurance. You can double on a hard 9, 10 or 11 and double after a split. There’s a dealer peek as well.

The highlight of the game is the side bet where you can wager on whether your first two cards will be of the same suit. If you make a real money bet on your first two cards and they come up as the same suit, you win.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Perfect Pairs Blackjack is also similar to traditional 21 blackjack but it features a fun side bet that makes it more interesting than the classic blackjack game. In perfect pairs blackjack, you make your bet and receive two cards, as in a regular game of blackjack, but you can also make a side bet where you predict whether your first two cards will be two of the same value.

For instance, you wager on whether your first two cards will be two fours or two Jacks. Once you determine whether or not you’ve won that bet you can go on to play the rest of the game in the traditional manner.

When you play any of the blackjack variants at SlotoCash you are eligible to add casino bonuses on to your wagers so you gamble for more money without adding on to your deposit. The winning payouts are based on your wager PLUS those bonuses!


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