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how to win at SlotoCash slots

Slot machines are often described as a game of random luck. Everything depends, it is said, on the random results of the spin of the reels. That’s true but for slots enthusiasts, that’s a big part of the fun and excitement of the cash casino game. What is not often discussed is the fact that there are elements of a slot machine that aren’t completely random and that there are things that you can do that skew random results in your favor.

Some of these suggestions apply to all slot machines while others are valid for the more advanced slot machines that feature different types of cutting edge elements. You won’t want to adopt all of these strategies for all of your games – check the game out to decide which techniques are appropriate to which slot machine.

And above all, don’t forget that in the end, playing the slots means having fun!

More Wins

If you want to experience more wins while playing slots, check out some of these strategies:

  1. Play slots that feature as many paylines as possible.
  2. Play the jackpot games.
  3. Find games with the Ways to Win feature.
  4. Look for slot machines that include special elements.
  5. Pick a game with bonus rounds and free spins.
  6. Choose a casino that ties extra casino bonuses to your slot gaming.
  7. Practice!


At one time, all slot machines had three reels and one payline. Over the years the newer slots have tended to feature five reels and multiple – sometimes dozens – of paylines. The extra paylines give you a chance to move beyond the one-payline budget slots and bet on multiple paylines simultaneously. That means that if the win occurs on any payline, you have achieved your win!

Some players like to play it safe and place bets on as many paylines as possible, even all of them at once. Others place big bets on a limited number of paylines and hope that winning combinations will emerge on those lines. It’s basically an issue of preference but there’s no denying that when you have a multi-payline game, you have more choices of where and how to place your wagers.

Just remember, only those winning combinations that occur on enabled paylines will result in a win so if you’re more focused on achieving wins than having fun, you’ll want to place bets on as many of the paylines as possible.

One final piece of advice – train yourself to stay within your gaming budget NO MATTER WHAT.  Even if you sense that you’re on a winning streak, you should never exceed your budget limit. The next round is always waiting when you are ready once again.


Not all slot machines have jackpots. In fact, only about a quarter of today’s machines feature jackpot prizes but many industry advisors suggest that, at least part of the time, you look for those machines. Fixed jackpots, also known as “Progressive” jackpots, give you an extra opportunity to achieve a winning payout. And sometimes those payouts are lucrative indeed!

Some games have one central jackpot while others feature two (or even more) jackpots. By playing jackpot games you put yourself in a position to win extra jackpot rewards with only a small additional deposit required. If you’re looking for the excitement of a big prize, choose a machine that features a bigger jackpot but if you simply want to add wins to your regular game prizes, select a machine with a small jackpot because that one will be easier to hit.

Ways to Win

The Ways to Win slot is one in which all completed combinations count as real wins, regardless of where the symbols appear on the reels. There are no paylines so bets are placed on each spin. Wherever the symbols fall on the reels – right to left, left to right, above and below, etc – three matching symbols on consecutive reels will result in a win.

You can find 243 Ways to Win, 728 Ways to Win, 1024 Ways to Win, and so on – all of them have the advantage that the increased pay ways options increases wins and prizes.

Game Elements and Bonus Rounds

Today’s slot machines tend to feature a wide range of interactive elements that make the gameplay more fun and engaging. Along the way, those features provide gamers with more opportunities to create more wins. Some of the most lucrative of these elements include free spins, sticky wilds, respins, scatter symbols, expanding wilds and bonus rounds.

Casino Bonuses

Almost all online casinos offer bonus offers such as casino free spins and match bonus credits. That means that choosing the casino at which you are playing is as important as is choosing the game itself. Find out what kinds of give-aways the casino delivers – these promotional gifts can multiply your prizes significantly.

Some of the casino bonuses that you can get include new game free spins, match credits, no deposit bonuses, cashback deals, daily and weekend deals and more. These bonuses are added to the game payouts and game bonuses to give you more winning opportunities.


Practice is an important part of any successful endeavor and that’s true of slots gaming. You need to learn the rules and features of each individual machine so that when you start playing for real money you’ll be able to move quickly and efficiently through the various levels. Every game has a Free Mode and a Real Mode which gives you the opportunity to play for free before you sign in to play for real.

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