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Green Light online slot machine

Real Time Gaming’s Green Light online slot is now at the Sloto Cash online casino, ready to take you on an adventure of race car action, winning trophies, bonus games and real money prizes.

Green has always been a favored color in the race car world where green indicates optimism, focus, energy and wins. Sign in to the casino today to spin the reels and watch to see how you can create cash wins for your matching combinations.

Car Racing

Horse racing has been a popular sport since ancient times so when cars started to come on the roads in the late 19th century, it was natural that car racing would develop its own fanbase as well.

The first organized automobile race was held in France in 1894 when the winner of a race from Paris to Rouen averaged a speed of 24.15 kilometers per hour. In the United States automobile racing had its debut in 1895 with a Thanksgiving Day race of 87 km from Chicago to Evanston Il. Within years however racers were achieving speeds of 80 kph and over.

Soon afterward automobile clubs were sponsoring races though there was much opposition from local officials who objected to the high accident rate occurring on roads that hadn’t been built for motorized vehicles. Car companies saw these races as opportunities to show off their upcoming models. Speedway racing debuted in 1906 with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway opening as an unpaved track in 1909 – it was paved with brick for the first Indianapolis 500 in 1911.

Car racing today takes place in almost every country in the world. Today’s race cars can reach 200 miles per hour on track and go from zero to 60 mph in three seconds flat. The most popular form of auto racing in the world is the Formula One Monaco GP which was launched in 1929. That is followed by the Indianapolis 500, 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Daytona 500, the Bathurst 1000 and the Rally Finland.

Some fun facts about car racing include:

At Formula 1 races, pit stops are less than three seconds – in three seconds the driver parks, the car is jacked up, all four tires are changed by 12 guys and the car is back on the road.

  • A Formula One car’s exhaust gets up to 1000 degrees Celsius,  hot enough to melt aluminum.
  • Most of today’s car components were originally developed for race cars (who then tested them)
  • Today’s top race cars can go from zero to 300 mph in 3 seconds
  • Due to the downforce that  an open-wheeled race car produces, which is in excess of the car’s weight, once the car reaches a certain speed it can drive upside down.
  • Prior to a F1 race in Monaco, manhole covers have to be welded down or the cars will suck them up, thanks to the vacuum that is procedued underneath the floor that keeps it sucked to the ground.


The color green is produced by combining blue (which indicates calm) with yellow (a symbol of optimism). That means that it’s a positive color, foretelling messages of good fortune and success. Even before automobiles were on the roads, green was used as a signal to trains to indicate “all clear” and ever since, green has been a color associated with “go, go, go!”

Green Light Slot Machine

That’s what you’ll find when you play the Green Light slot machine – go, go, go! The adrenalin starts rushing as the cars begin to spin on the lines as you line up matching combinations, keep an eye out for the lucrative scatters and play the Green Light Feature along with free spins, Wild Drivers, multipliers, scatter symbols and more. At a minimum bet of 0.01 coins per spin this is a great game for budget players as well as VIP high rollers who can up their bets to up to 5 coins per payline.

Green Light is a 20 payline game in which 3 or more Green Lights can deliver up to 200x your total bet. In between clips of racing scenes you will see green lights, trophies, racing cars, bottles of champagne and traditional slots letters and numbers on the reels. Cars are the high value symbols at up to 5000 coin wins for completed paylines but completed paylines with the other symbols are pretty generous with the payouts as well. Whenever a Wild Driver symbol appears it substitutes for other symbols to create winning paylines.

The Green Light is the scatter symbol. Three or more Green Lights triggers the Green Light Feature in which you pick 1 of 5 cars to race around the track. If your car makes it around first you win 25 free spins, 20 free spins for 2nd place, 15 free spins for 3rd place, 10 free spins for 4th place and 5 free spins for 5th place. So regardless of how you do in the race, you still have the chance to spin the reels for free and add the wins from those spins to your payout total. You might also get the chance to run an additional race where you can win up to an extra 100 free spins.

Enjoy the excitement and high-action fun of a racecar slot with the Green Light online slot, now available for 24/7 gaming entertainment on mobile or desktop at the SlotoCash online casino.


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