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Gods of Wealth Slot Machine

According to ancient Chinese myths, everything that happens to mortals on earth is determined by the gods. There are gods for every type of event, activity and occurrence who direct the happenings from their seats in the heavens. Our cash casino invites you to summon Caishen, the god of wealth, to sit by your side as you spin the reels of the Gods of Wealth online slot and line up symbols to create real money payouts.


In the religion of the ancient Chinese culture, Caishen, also known as Cai Boxing Jun, is regarded as the god of wealth who bestows riches on his devotees. Caishen is accompanied by attendants and hears the blessings that people wish one another during the two-week Chinese New Year celebration when friends say “Gongxi facai” to each other – “may you become rich.“

According to a novel from the 12th century BC, Fengshen Yanyi, Zhao Gongming, a hermit, employed magic to bolster the collapsing Shang dynasty. The challenging Zhou dynasty clan had a supporter, Jiang Ziya, who made a straw effigy of Zhao and shot it with an arrow which caused the real Zhao to die. When Jiang later vised the temple of Yuan Shi, he was rebuked for causing Zhao’s death and as atonement, he brought the corpse to the temple, extolled Zhao’s virtues and canonized Zhao as Caishen, god of wealth.

Caishen is still one of the most popular gods of Chinese mythology and visitors to China can still see statues of Caishen in Chinese businesses and homes. He is portrayed as a wealthy man who wears silk robes and holds riches in both hands.

Sometimes you can see the attendants behind him carrying bowls of gold. Caishen was seen as both a materially rich man and one who lived a live rich in family and other immaterial things. One thing about Caishen – he doesn’t give out money to just anyone – he bestows riches on those who work hard show their appreciation.

Caishen is only one of several Chinese gods which include Pangu, the Jade Emperor, Bixia the Chinese goddess of fertility, Chang’e, goddess of the moon and Guanyin, goddess of mercy.  But it’s Caishen who has the ability to change lives by bestowing wealth where and when he deems it appropriate.

Caishen and the Gods of Wealth Online Slot

Caishen is the inspiration for the God of Wealth slot machine which brings the excitement of a deity that gives out money to the slots screen. The reels spin against a background of a sedate Chinese home and garden where matching symbols line up on the 25 paylines and pay out real money wins when the combinations are completed.

Gods off Wealth is the perfect game for high-wagering VIP gamers and budget players alike with betting options that range from 0.01 coins to 6.25 coins. All payouts are multiplied by the line bet so if you are competing for a big payout, you’ll need to place larger bets on the paylines on which you wish to wager.

Symbols in the game include Caishen himself, snakes, lanterns, gold ingots, jeweled dragon heads, oxen, tigers and the gold double bowls that accompany Caishen as he moves about with his attendants. The number 8 is prominently displayed as a major high-payout symbol – in Chinese lore, the number 8 is considered the luckiest number because the Chinese word “fa”, which means 8, is almost exactly like the word for “wealth.” Line up matching symbols of the colored 8s and you can win up to 250x your wager on the payline on which the matching combination appeared.

Other high-payout symbols are the Chinese Lanterns which can deliver up to 300x your wager for multiple lanterns on a payline, oxen at 500x, 2500x for matching tigers  and 5000x the line bet for a combination of Green Dragons.  Caishen is the game Wild who substitutes for any other symbol when he emerges on the third reel to complete combinations and double the prize. If you achieve five Caishen Wilds on a spin you’ll go home with 10,000x your line bet.

The scatter symbol for Gods of Wealth online slot is the Gold Ingot. Three gold ingots gets you a scatter combination win of 3x your total bet, 4 gold ingots delivers 10x your total bet and 5 gold ingots triggers 200x your total bet. In all cases, the scatter combination win is accompanied by the Free Spins Feature in which you choose one of several gold ingots to determine the number of free spins that you are to receive. During the free spins the oxen, tigers and dragons are replaced by Caishen symbols which increases your chances of achieving winning payouts.

Gods of Wealth is a progressive jackpot game so in addition to the other features, when you play this slot machine you have the chance to compete to win an additional progressive jackpot prize that can be worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars.    The Jackpot can be randomly awarded after any spin.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Chinese-themed slots or this is your first experience with the genre, you’ll find that playing a game that features high-payout symbols, multipliers, scatters, free spins, pick-a-symbol and a progressive jackpot will give you a great way to combine Chinese culture and real money prizes.


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