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Spirit of the Incas in the 21st century - find them at SlotoCash online casino

The Inca civilization has fascinated modern historians and archaeologists for many years. The Incas built a large, tightly controlled empire that stretched across vast regions of South America. The Inca nation contributed greatly to the political stability of the area and developed a unique culture which continues to impact the world till today.

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The Incas

The Incas were a South American Indian nation whose lands were centered around the southern highlands of Peru. They created a strong, stable government that facilitated the construction of walls, irrigation works, roads and other infrastructure elements – many of which are still in use today. Even after the Spanish conquered the Inca Empire in the 16thcentury, the descendants of the Incas were able to keep the culture alive through their stories and communal memories. Many Peruvians still believe that a new Inca king – which they call the “Amaru”, an amalgamation of the ancient Inca and Spanish words meaning "king" -- will arise to restore the glory of the Inca Empire to those living today.

The Incas established their empire along the western coast of South America. The land is largely flat and arid but it abuts the Andes rain forests which gives residents a temperate, pleasant and fertile environment. The ruler of the Inca empire was the “Chief Inca,” also known as the “Lover of the Poor” and the “Son of the Sun.” Inca tribespeople lived in villages and the residents of each village were generally related in some way or another. Multiple villages were grouped into provinces and the empire consisted of four quarters ruled by noblemen, each of which held several provinces that were governed by secondary noblemen. The Capital of the Inca Empire was Cuzco.

The emperor was believed to be a descendant of the sun and his subjects believed that he ruled by divine right. He could not be seen by his subjects – even his messengers could approach him only by standing on the opposite side of a screen. The emperor ate from gold and silver dishes and never wore the same clothes twice.  Inca emperors were, on the whole, responsible leaders who cared for their subjects. Yet they were revered and feared as men of great power.  

Much of Inca life centered around the nation’s religion which was polytheistic. There was an Earth Mother, a god of the weather and the most important god, the god of creation (Viracocha).   The most sacred shrine of the Incas was the Temple of the Sun which was located in Cuzco.  People worshiped their ancestors and emperors were mummified.

One of the Inca’s most important feast days was the Feast of the Harvest which was held at the beginning of the Southern Hemisphere’s fall season. There were also rituals of planting when guinea pigs and llamas were sacrificed. The Incas practiced human sacrifice as well. 

Art was prized in Inca society where technical perfection was highly valued. Inca artists and artisans are best remembered for their stone masonry, textiles, metalwork and sculpture.

Spirit of the Inca Online Slots

If you want to continue your exploration of the Inca culture, head to the online casino and sign in to play the Spirit of the Inca Slot machine where you can combine interesting information with slots entertainment. When you play the Spirit of the Inca slot you’ll find yourself entering a rich, tropical world with ancient temple treasures, exotic dress, rich traditions, intoxicating imagery and more.

Just as the Inca’s descendants wait for a new emperor to return to lift their nation back to their previous glory, this slot will lift your hopes and spirits with its regular game spins and its five jackpot games. 

There are 25 fixed paylines in this game with betting options that range from 0.5 to 5 coin bets per line for a max bet of 125 coins per spin.

Game symbols include Incan warriors, temples, flowers, jewelry, vases, amulets and more. The Incan warrior is the game’s wild symbol. Five wilds occurring on the same payline triggers a 2000 coin payout. The warrior wild substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter priestess. When the warrior symbol appears it expands to fill an entire reel which gives the player more opportunities to complete more combinations and win more payouts. 

If you land five scatter priestesses on a payline you receive 5x your total bet with a maximum payout potential of 2,000 coins.

Spirit of the Inca summons Inca glory with five different jackpots -- a mini jackpot, a minor jackpot, a major jackpot, a maxi jackpot and a grand jackpot. These progressive jackpots vary in value but even the minor jackpot starts at 50,000 coins while the grand jackpot goes up to 250,000 coins.

All these elements combine to give you a fun-filled game with Inca-style grand rewards.

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