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play Dr. Winmore online slot machine for real money

Dr. Winmore Online Slot Machine

Throughout history, the curiosities of scientifically-minded researchers have led to new understandings of our world and its elements. SlotoCash online casino real money casino invites slots enthusiasts and observers of the sciences to explore some of history’s most unusual scientists and their discoveries.

When you’re done you can do a little experimenting of your own with the Dr. Winmore online slot machine as Dr. Winmore takes you on an adventure of fun, excitement and rewarding winning payouts.

History’s Mad Scientists

Everyone’s heard of Isaac Newton, the man who developed the theory of universal gravitation -- gravity – in which he dropped an apple from a tower to demonstrate that a universal force of attraction exists between all matter. Newton unified astronomical and terrestrial physics to revolutionize the world of science and invested calculus.

Newton also held unconventional religious beliefs and he placed great emphasis on some of his superstitions. He pursued studies in alchemy and expected to become a saint and help rule the earth. He and promoted the theory that metal was alive and was open about his desire to create the mythic “Philosopher’s Stone” which, it was said, could transmute lead into gold. Newton dabbled in the occult and his occult writings were revealed after his death.

Tycho Brahe

Tycho Brahe was a Danish nobleman who lived in the 16th century. He was such a respected astronomer that the royal family paid for him to set up an observatory where he could measure and catalogue the heavens. Johannes Kepler, himself a well-known astronomer who had discovered elliptical orbits, worked as Kepler’s assistant and later used Kepler’s observations in his own work.

Brahe was also a bit eccentric. He kept an beer-guzzling pet elk as a pet and had another kind of a “pet” as well, a dwarf that he was certain was clairvoyant. In fact, he thought that all dwarves were psychic and had “his” dwarf sit at his feet under the table while he was dining. Brahe tried to convince others that that height was inversely correlated to clairvoyance.

Some historians have theorized that Brahe’s affair with the Danish queen was the basis for Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Hugh Everett

Physicist Hugh Everett was the first to propose  that there are a theoretically infinite number of universes which run parallel to our own -- the “Many Worlds Interpretation” of quantum physics theory. According to Everett, quantum particles seem to exist in two opposite states simultaneously and since larger things exist only in one state, such particles take on one state once they become part of a larger system.

If the theory is correct, said Everett, we all have infinite parallel lives. Strange as it is, this compelling theory is still accepted by some respected physicists today.

Science has been developed and diversified by many strange scientists, researchers and inventors. One of the most bizarre is Dr. Winmore whose hilarious on-screen antics bring slots enthusiasts a chance to enjoy a lively and entertaining slot machine on their PC or mobile device.

Dr. Winmore Slot

Dr. Winmore online slot features the wacky Dr. Winmore, a scientist who runs an underground lab from which spooky findings emerge. Join Dr. Winmore as he puts together explosive combinations that deliver bizarre rewards.

Game symbols include beakers, test tubes, liquids, probes, orbs, plasma balls and more. Keep your eye out for the plasma ball which is the highest payout symbol of this game – up to 500 coins for a payline of 5 plasma balls!

The game Wild is Dr. Winmore himself who substitutes for all other symbols  to create winning paylines. The game features cascading wins which are triggered when a line’s winning symbols disappear after the payout so that new symbols can fall into their places. These cascading symbols give you more opportunities to complete more winning combinations.

The game’s prize multiplier builds up so that you receive multiple payouts for successive cascading wins – all of which having been triggered by the same original spin. On the first cascading win, the multiplier is 2x so you get a double payout. On the second cascading win the payout triples.

Payouts continue to double for each successive cascading win. By the time the fifth cascading win comes tumbling down the prizes are multiplied by 6. The cascades continues until the winning combinations end.

Top reward is 300x the total bet.

The Robot symbol is the game’s scatter. There are four different robot symbols, a Blue Gear Robot , a Yellow Gear Robot , a Green Gear Robot and a Red Gear Robot . Each of these robots has its own specific task -- Red Gear Robot removes adjacent symbols, the Yellow Gear Robot clears one column, the Blue Gear Robot clears one row and the Green Gear Robot clears a row and a column.

Dr. Winmore is available for both PC and mobile casino gaming. The game can be found in the Free Mode games lobby where you can play for free and in the Real Mode games lobby where you can place a bet and play for real money prizes. The game is perfect for budget gamers who can place bets as low as $ 0.10 per spin or high rollers who can wager as much as $25 on a spin. Max win is 3,000x the bet.

With an RTP of 98% -- one of the highest in the industry – the Dr. Winmore slot machine presents slots aficionados with a true winner!

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