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Bedouin on camel walking towards Egyptian pyramids

Danger and fortune go hand in hand in the exciting Desert Raider online slot machine, now available for real money play at SlotoCash online casino.

Desert Raider brings the fearless Raider himself to the Egyptian desert where he must sift through Egyptian relics to find the vast fortunes that await discovery. Along the way, the Raider uncovers exciting archaeological finds that help him cement his place as a premier researcher of the ancient Egyptians.

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Ancient Egypt

Stories of ancient Egypt were plentiful throughout ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and other eras but it wasn’t until the late 18th and early 19th centuries that systematic exploration of Egyptian archaeology began.

The first excavations began during Napoleon’s Egypt campaign (1798-1801) when European interest in the country's ancient culture and artifacts was sparked. French soldiers discovered the Rosetta Stone in 1799 providing the key that enabled scholars to decipher ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs so that they could understand the ancient Egyptian civilization.

By the mid 19th century Egyptology was a recognized scientific discipline. When Howard Carter uncovered Tutankhamun's (King Tut) tomb in the early 20th century, exploration of the ancient Egyptian civilization captivated the world.

To excavate in Egypt, an impoverished, resource-poor developing nation, has never been easy. Egyptologists willing to struggle with the local populations, the hard climate and corrupt local authorities were often unique eccentric characters who could improvise at a moment’s notice and get by on their wits and some luck.

Some of these early Egyptologists included the flamboyant Zahi Hawass, the meticulous – yet colorful -- Howard Carter, the adventurous Amelia Edwards and the relentless Auguste Mariette. Ancient

Egypt scholarship wouldn’t have advanced to its present state if not for the work of avant-garde Jean-François Champollion who translated the Rosetta Stone or of the unconventional Margaret Murray who advanced ideas about early Egyptian magic and religion that were controversial in their day.

And it if weren’t for the pioneering work of the unusual Gaston Maspero, we might not have the Egyptian Museum in Cairo who created a space where Egyptian scholarship could be highlighted and displayed.


Desert Raider

The Raider of the Lost Ark franchise owes much to Egyptology’s pioneering scholars and excavators and now the Desert Raider online slot takes over where the Lost Art series ended.

Desert Raider draws a new generation into the exciting world of Ancient Egypt archaeology with a high volatility five-reel, 20-payline game where the top prize can reach up to 50,000 times the bet per line. You can play the Desert Raider slot machine for free in the casino’s Free Mode or for real money prizes in the Real Mode.

You can bet as little as 1 coin of 0.01 ($0.20) coins on a payline or as much as 20 coins of 5.00 ($100) per line per spin. Your wager is up to you but the more you bet, the more you win!

Ancient Egyptian artifacts fill the screen including potion books, the Desert Raider himself, scarabs, anubises, ankhs, eyes of Horus and more. There are also traditional letter and number symbols on the reels so even if you don’t score one of the high payout combinations, you still have multiple opportunities to achieve lower payout matches.

The Desert Raider is the game’s Wild Symbol. If a Desert Raider Wild pops up on the reels along with another 2 matching symbols, the Desert Raider substitutes for the 3rd symbol and fills in the combination. The Desert Raider is an Expanding Wild in the Base game. It can expand to cover the entire reel to trigger more payout prizes.

The potion book is the game’s Scatter Symbol. Three Scatter symbols, appearing simultaneously in any positions on the reels, create a Scatter Combination Payout which is calculated according to the bet placed on the regular game spin that triggered the Scatter combination.

If you get three scatter symbols in your scatter combination, you’ll be awarded 10 free spins. For 4 scatter symbols, you’ll receive 12 free spins and if your spin results in 5 free spins you will receive 14 free spins. The free spins are played at the bet amount of the triggering spin.

During the free spins, one symbol becomes a morphing symbol. Then, following each free spin and the resulting payouts, the Morphing Symbol feature is triggered. If the morphing symbol appeared on any of the reels, all other symbols on that reel will turn into that morphing symbol and any additional wins will be paid out.  If the Wild symbol is the Special Morphing symbol, the expanded Wild holds on reel 3 to expand the winning possibilities.

The Free Games Feature ends once there are no more Free Games remaining or when the maximum payout is achieved.

Convenient Gaming Fun

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