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Strange Laws Around the World brought to you by SlotoCash

Sometimes you hear about a law and you just scratch your head, wondering who could have thought about such a ridiculous law.  Whether you’re a gambler playing at the online casino real money SlotCash casino or visiting a farm and considering riding on a cow after dark, you’d be surprised to find out that there are laws to regulate your conduct.

Some of the more unusual laws around the world include:  

Visitors From Another Planet

If you’re an extraterrestrial you’d be best off staying away from the Châteauneuf-du-Pape in southeastern France. After a local saw beings who resembled deep sea divers descending from a cigar-shaped space ship, the mayor decreed that "Any aircraft, known as flying saucer or flying cigar, which should land on the territory of the community will be immediately held in custody."

Clean Ocean

Environmentally-conscious Portugal has made it illegal to pee in the ocean. To date, there are no reports of arrests for violation of this law or even an explanation of how authorities enforce the regulation.

North Carolina Bingo

Charities can run bingo operations in North Carolina but they have to adhere to the law that states that a bingo session can’t run on for more than 5 hours. In addition, no one charity can host two bingo nights in one week. Failure to comply can result in the charity losing their charitable bingo license. 

Excess Potatos

If you live in Western Australia you may not own more than 50 kg. of potatoes at one time. The Potato Marketing Corporation has the right to stop and search your car for excess spuds.

No Questions Asked

In Tasmania, you can’t try to get your stolen items back with the promise that you won’t ask any questions. You can offer a reward for a lost or stolen item. And you can refuse to ask questions. But you can’t do both.

Loss Recovery Act

The Kentucky Loss Recovery Act allows any gambler who loses more than $5 to sue the winner if the gambling was conducted illegally. In fact, you can sue for up to three times as much as you lost in the first place. If the loser does not sue within six months, within five years any other individual can sue the winner on behalf of the loser.  Almost makes it worthwhile to lose at slots in Kentucky, but only if you’re playing illegally.

Swim Trunks

In France, men can’t wear loose-fitting swim trunks at the swimming pool or on the beach – or in any other public place. The French law was designed to prevent men from walking around town in a Speedo. 

Mute Swans

In England it’s illegal to kill or eat a Mute Swan. According to British law the Queen owns all the Mute Swans in England. She’s the only one who can kill or eat a Mute Swan. The law originated in medieval times when swans were considered a delicacy.

The law protected the swans who are, today, a protected species. According to the British Explorer, “Mute swans are protected under the wildlife and countryside act of 1981. Anyone found guilty of killing them faces a £5,000 fine or up to six months in prison.”


You can’t play dominos in Alabama on Sunday. The prohibition comes from a law that says that it’s illegal to “engage in shooting, hunting, gaming, card playing, or racing” on Sundays. The law also covers poker, blackjack, and any other form of card game.

Piano Man Goes to Sleep at Midnight

In Germany, it’s not allowed to play any musical instrument past midnight. If you’re renting an apartment you can only practice between the hours of 8:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 20:00. There are additional time restrictions for various instruments.

Lights On

You can only dance after midnight if the lights are on in Japan. The law originated many years ago when dance halls were used by prostitutes who would pick up their clients in such venues. After trying to ban dancing all together after midnight, the new law makes allowances for late night dancing, but only if the lights are on – even dimmed lights.

Gambling in Outhouses

Tavern owners are not allowed to host gambling in their outhouses. Penalty for allowing outhouse gambling is $100, 4 months in jail and the loss of a business license. The back story to this law is unknown but it seems that outhouse gambling was once a problem in West Virginia so the state legislature was forced to act. 

Flushed With Success

In Switzerland you can’t flush the toilet after 10:00p.m.  It’s considered to be noise pollution.


In Singapore you won’t find any gum, anywhere. The country banned gum and gum chewing in 1992, other than as a therapeutic tool (i.e. nicotine and dental gums). If you make, import or sell gum in Singapore, you can get fined and/or jail time,

Ban the Ketchup

In France, ketchup is banned from school cafeterias. The ban was placed in effect in order to preserve the French culture and keep American influences from overtaking French culture. Ketchup is only allowed on french fries which may only be served once per week.

Riding Bareback

In England, it’s illegal to ride a cow while drunk. ‘Nuff said. 

Alert the ASPCA

Keeping a fish in a container purely for your own enjoyment is considered animal cruelty in Rome which bans the practice. If you’re caught with an aquarium you can be fined. The Swiss have a similar law – their law points out that fish are social creatures and if someone wants to keep fish then they must keep two or more to a bowl.


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