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If you want a break from action, adventure slot machines, try a cozy slot.  These online slot machines real money gaming events allow you to take a break from fast-paced, high-energy slot machines and play a light-hearted game that offers a relaxing escape in a calm and stress-free environment. You can find many of these cozy games in the SlotoCash lobby where you can play for free or for real money prizes.

When you’re ready for a gaming adventure that doesn’t involve a pressure-filled, tension-filled environment where every move brings new questions and new challenges, visit the casino’s slots room to choose a cozy slot that delivers fun, excitement and real money prizes.

What are Cozy Slots?

Cozy games are a relatively recent innovation in the video games industry but knowledgeable slots gamers have known about cozy slots for years.

Amongst indie video game designers, creating a cozy game involves combining appealing colors, atmospheric music and engaging gameplay to build a sense of calm while still attending to the game’s basic gameplay. This focus parallels the design of cozy slots where cozy slot storylines cover the same kind of themes that you’d find in a selection of video cozy games – everything from mystery and magic to humor, mythology, animals, adventures, romance and more.

As slots games become more intricate and their plots become more involved, the backstories of these cozy slots become more elaborate to facilitate a more complete and fulfilling gaming experience. Game scenes are presented in 3D technicolor and accompany the action on the reels as the player spins to complete matching combinations and achieve winning payouts.

Many gamers are drawn to Cozy Slots because they deliver a sense of tranquility which allows the player to experience the game environment and even build relationships with characters in-game. Slots developers have learned that players generally prefer cozy slots with layers which allow them to start out with the basic game and then move onto bonus rounds and other special features.


Gamers report that such focus provides them with a feeling that they have more control over their experience. Together with the relaxed game settings, cozy slots are proving to be quite popular among a wide section of the casino gaming public.

Some of the top Cozy Slots at the SlotoCash casino include:

Copy Cat Fortune

The reels of Copy Cat Fortune online slot are filled with cat-features like balls of yarn, mice, parrots, fish, milk cartons and, of course, the little kitty cat himself. There are 25 paylines in this game and bet amounts range from 0.25 and 6.25 so the game suits both VIP players and budget gamers alike. The Return-to-Player percentage of this high volatility game is 96.76% which gives gamers multiple opportunities to win on every spin.

There are a number of highlighted features in Copy Cat Fortune including stacks of mystery positions which are filled with random symbols and appear at the start of each spin. The Reel Copy Feature triggers when the mystery stack activates on Reel 1 and the stacked reel is copied onto the other 4 reels.

Collect  3, 4, or 5 bonus scatters on any spin and you’ll receive 5, 6, or 8 free spins. If a combination of scatters land the number of free spins will expand. There’s a possibility of achieving up to 200 free spins on one spin!  Free spin options include 10 or more free spins with 25 paylines, 10 or more free spins with 50 paylines, 30 free spins with 50 paylines, super free spins with a 3x multiplier and Mega free spins with a 5x multiplier.

Fruit Frenzy

Fruit Frenzy is a retro slot that features a colorful fruit theme and a jazzy backdrop. There’s an upbeat atmosphere to this game that features cherries, plums, grapes, pears, strawberries, apples, gold stars, lucky 7s and more.

Fruit Frenzy is a 15-payline game with bet options ranging one to three coins of values of 0.01 to 1.00. As a low volatility game, players can expect a high rate of wins but at lower payout values than would be seen with a high volatility game.

Highest payout symbol is the Red Seven which delivers 2500 coins when 5 Red Sevens appear simultaneously on the reels. The Wild symbol is the bunch of bananas which can substitute for any other symbol to assist in creating a combination.

The Watermelon Slices are the Scatter symbol. Three watermelon slice symbols, appearing in any formation on the paylines, will trigger the Free Spins round. Three Watermelon Slices bring you 6 free spins, 4 Watermelon Slices delier 12 free spins and 5 Watermelon Slices offer you the maximum of 12 free spins.

Spins that result in 3 Gold Star symbols trigger the Pick Me bonu game. When the Bonus Game launches you’ll be able to pick one of the flashing Gold Stars which will uncover your bonus cash prize.

Dragon Feast

The loveable group of candy-loving dragons in the Dragon Feast Cozy Slot are dedicated to eating as many sweets as possible and it’s your job to facilitate that as you make bets of anywhere from 0.02 coins at $0.5 per payline to 5.0 coins at $125 on as many of the lines as you want.

As the reels spin you’ll see colorful dragons, delectable cupcakes and many different types of candy. Every time you score  three, four or five matching symbols on a payline, sweeties will fly up into mouths of the dragons who are waiting eagerly at the top of the screen. If your spin results in the “?” Mystery Symbol sign, you’ll trigger even more Green, Blue and Pink Candy Icons.

Depending on the color candy that you collect you’ll receive your Free Spins. For three blue candies you get one free spin, three pink candies get you 7 free spins and three green candies earn you 7 free spins with Wilds. Jackpot prizes are also waiting in this fun-filled slot adventure!

Settle down and make yourself comfortable as you play Cozy Slot Games for real money prizes at the online casino!


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