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Vegan Month in November

The idea of eating ethically and healthfully by sticking to a plant-based diet has been a goal of many different individuals and groups for thousands of years.

Religious leaders, artists, philosophers and others including the Buddha, Pythagoras, St. Francis of Assisi, Voltaire, Leonardo Da Vinci and Ovid promoted the idea that you can eat well without relying on animal proteins to sustain yourself.

In the East, veganism can be traced back to ancient Indian and eastern Mediterranean societies with the Hindus, Jains and Buddhists teaching the belief in the concept of Ahimsa, which means non-violence towards all living things

In America, the goal of promoting a vegan society has been the main thrust of The Vegan Society which was founded in 1944. Fifty years later, in 1994, the society declared World Vegan Day which quickly expanded to World Vegan Week and then, to World Vegan Month which encompassed the month of November. World Vegan Month was established as a way to shine attention on the vegan movement.

To celebrate Vegan Month, we invite Sloto gamers to explore the world of veganism with us.

History of Veganism

The first written mention of the practice of avoiding meat and fish was by mathematician Pythagoras of Samos who, approximately 500 B.C.E, promoted kindness to all species. Way before Pythagoras, however, the Brokpa tribe of Ladaka (in the Himalayas) were avoiding plant-based proteins, using barley grains along with local fruits and vegetables to sustain their active lifestyle in the harsh mountainous region.

The practice of avoiding eggs and dairy in addition to meat and fish was first promoted in the 1940s by Donald Watson who coined the name “vegan.” His Vegan Society grew and today it’s estimated that there are 79 million vegans around the world – one percent of the world’s population. Projections are that by 2040, only 40% of the world’s population will eat meat.


Some people adopt veganism because they believe that it’s a more ethical way to eat while others choose veganism because of its perceived health benefits.

Dr Sally Phillips, Head of Health Services at Zurich Australia insurance company said, “Vegan diets are potentially very healthy as they are high in fruit, vegetables and legumes, and are even better if you include nuts, whole grains and beans and lentils, as well as chia, hemp and flax seeds.”

Many people adopt veganism as a way to help prevent health problems. Because a vegan diet is typically higher in fiber and lower in cholesterol than an omnivorous diet, it has proven helpful in helping people lose weight, control Type 2 diabetes, lower high blood pressure, care for lipid disorders and prevent and control cardiovascular disease. Some studies even indicate that a vegan diet will prevent certain cancers from developing.

The Environment

The fewer people who eat animal-based proteins, the better it is for the environment. Factory farming has a significant impact on deforestation, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and water shortages. 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide come from livestock and their by-products.

91% of the Amazon rainforest's destruction comes from animal agriculture. In order to produce 1 pound of beef you need 2500 gallons of water.  The most ecologically ethical way to eat is to take animal protein out of your diet….or to limit it.

Famous Vegans

There are a number of famous vegan celebrities.

American actor and musician Jared Leto is has been vegan for 20 years and credits his vegan diet for his youthful appearance. British singer Morrissey became a vegetarian at age 11 and soon afterward cut out animal products from his diet. In addition to his outspoken beliefs about the importance of a vegan diet, Morrissey is a vocal animal rights advocate.

Boy George has been a raw foods vegan since 2014 which he credits for his ageless looks, of the Black Eyed Peas went vegan to control his high cholesterol and high blood pressure but since then, has become an advocate for following a vegan diet as the ethical way to eat. Natalie Portman was inspired to go vegan by Tobey Maguire and now she shares vegan cooking videos on social media.

Other vegan celebrities include Alicia Silverstone, Joaquin Phoenix, Brad Pitt, Kat Von D, Mayim Bialik,  Colin Kaepernick and  Russell Brand.

Vegan Recipes

Going vegan doesn’t mean that you have to give up eating well. Some tasty, filling vegan recipes include:

Breakfast Granola

If you buy your granola in the store, you have to be careful that you aren’t buying a product with more oil and sugar than other ingredients. Make your own in minutes by combining equal amounts of oats, wheat bran, wheat germ and ground flax seeds.  Add a bit of brown sugar and mix with coconut oil until everything is thoroughly mixed.  Lay out on a tray and bake in a medium oven for 10 minutes, take the tray out and mix everything and put it back for another 10 minutes. Repeat. Add nuts, dried fruit or fresh fruit as you wish. Store in the refrigerator to keep it fresh for months.

Lunch Hummos

In a food processor or a blender grind cooked garbanzo beans with some of the water in which the garbanzo beans were cooked. Add fresh garlic, salt and cumin. Add lemon juice and olive oil to smooth it.   Blend everything together. Serve with taco chips or on pita with fresh vegetables.

Dinner Chili

Make a tomato sauce using lots of fried onions and fried garlic, tomato sauce and chopped up tomatoes, sweet potato, carrots and herbs (cumin, turmeric, oregano, basil, thyme and rosemary). Add cooked red beans, wine and soy sauce to taste. Simmer on a low fire for 4-5 hours. Serve with crusty sourdough bread.


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