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Play games for free at SlotoCash online casino

For many years, playing casino games meant traveling to Las Vegas or to another casino site to play table games or on the slot machines. Today you can play slots and other games for free when you just open your PC or mobile device and play free online games.

The casino's Free Mode allows you to play slots, card games, variety games and table games with no deposit requirement. You simply log into one of the recommended casinos, select your game and play online casino games for free.

There's no need to open a casino account but if you do the casino will archive your gambling activities. If you play free online games now through your account your gaming history will be recorded in your account. Then, when you next log in, you'll be able to track your past games and play them again or, if you wish, find new games at which to compete.

Once your account is open and linked to your email address you'll receive notifications about upcoming best casino deals. Then you can decide whether you prefer to continue to play for free or whether you would like to make a deposit and play real money games for the chance to earn cash prizes.




History of Online Gambling

It’s hard to believe that online gaming is, today, a hobby for millions of gaming enthusiasts. A mere 26 years ago the industry didn’t exist at all. Yet today people around the world enjoy gambling entertainment for free or for real money rewards from the comfort of their own homes on any PC or mobile device.

Online gaming began in 1994, almost as soon as the World Wide Web was introduced to private citizens throughout the world.  Sloto Cash casino has been online since 2007 - lucky 13 years ago!  That puts us in the middle of the pack age-wise - but ahead of the pack in all other ways!

The early casinos were launched almost as soon as Barbuda and Antigua passed the “Free Trade and Process Act.” This led to these countries becoming bases from which offshore operators could provide gambling entertainment to people around the world.

One of the first online casinos was the Intercasino what was owned by the Cryptologic company. Cryptologic took old favorite games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker plus some basic three-reel classic slot machines and designed technology that would allow gamers to play online.

Within a few years other gaming design companies such as our very own game supplier, RealTime Gaming, were creating games. Some of these companies operated their own casinos that featured their games while others supplied games to independent online casinos. Today online gambling is available in almost every developed nation in the world.

Antigua and Barbuda were two of the first countries to serve as centers of outsourcing for gaming companies. In these countries Internet gaming facilities are considered to be financial institutions and are regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRC). The FSRC  gives online gaming operators a high level of independence with the ability to conduct business. Within a matter of a few years Antigua and Barbuda’s lead was followed by Malta, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man as countries that would serve as bases for gaming operators. Each country operates its own licensing and regulation bureau.

By basing their companies in these friendly countries, gaming operators have been able to develop the industry without worrying about the varying laws of each country. Since online gambling is entering uncharted territory, basing operations in a welcoming nation that oversees and regulates the legalities of the company’s activities gives the gaming developers the freedom to expand and offer their services to players who wish to gamble online anywhere in the world.

Gaming Platforms

When you play at SlotoCash Casino you have your choice of gaming platforms. All of the platforms are accessible via your personal casino account.

You can enter the casino on your desktop or laptop PC and play real money games through the Download or Instant casino platforms. If you want to access the casino through your Internet browser, just enter through the casino’s URL on your Internet browser and play at the Instant casino. For fast-loading games that have been pre-downloaded into your console, play at the Download casino by downloading the casino software.

Mobile users are invited to play at the Mobile Casino on their smartphone or tablet device. The mobile Casino offers a mobile-enabled platform where you’ll find all of the big screen graphics and navigational tools easily visible and accessible on your mobile screen.  

Brick-and-Mortar Casinos vs. Online Casinos

The battle of online vs land-based casinos continues.  It wasn’t so long ago that casino gambling was limited to brick-and-mortar sites. Gamers would travel to the land-based casinos for gambling action and a luxury vacation. Today land-based casino gaming continues to grow and expand but increasingly, gamers are filling in the trips to these casino venues by playing online in an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Online casinos began to emerge in the early years of the Internet. By the mid 1990s there were over a dozen casinos online, giving gamers the chance to enjoy their gambling activities from the comfort of their own homes. The early online casinos offered basic games including roulette poker and blackjack. Gamers quickly discovered the advantages of playing online and by the late 1990s there were online casinos with hundreds of casino game offers including online slot machines.

The advantages of playing via the Internet were obvious. A player could enjoy any of his favorite games for free  - from slots to video poker, to roulette, to poker, to backgammon, to blackjack and so much more.  Or, if he wanted to play for cash rewards, with no minimum table limits. This meant that big bettors could play at a high rolling level while casual gamers could bet at a low level or with no wagers at all.

In fact, land-based casinos don't offer free gaming at all.

In addition, real money players noticed that the payouts for the wins were higher when they played online. This was due to the fact that the online casinos weren’t obligated to cover the kinds of staffing and building costs that brick-and-mortar casinos had to pay. This allowed the online casinos to roll their profits over into bigger and better wins for the winners.

Finally, land-based casino bonuses are given out as restaurant and hotel coupons for the casino’s eateries and accommodations. Online casino bonuses are delivered as real money points, free spins, credits and free cash. This offers gamers the chance to turn their bonuses into more real cash payouts

These are the main reasons that casino aficionados enjoy spending their home leisure time playing online.




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