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Learn about Chinese cultural icons while playing Cai Hong at Slotocash Casino

One of the most amazing archaeological finds of all times was the discovery of the Terracotta Army in which terracotta figures  depicts the armies of China’s first emperor. You can learn more about this amazing archaeological find and the history of ancient China’s powerful emperors when you play Cai Hong online slot, now available at the Sloto Cash online slots real money games.

Ancient China

A study of Chinese history provides us with information about one of the most culturally advanced and technologically adept societies of the ancient world. During the formative stages of ancient Chinese history – 4000 – 2000 years ago – the area that is known as China evolved from a collection of isolated communities into organized states, eventually coalescing into a single unified state under the rule of emperors.   

Approximately 2000 years ago, agriculture developed to allow people to store goods. This allowed the different isolated communities to come in closer contact and many were walled in for protection. Societies stratified to include rulers and subjects and allegiances and authority were set up based on clan lines.

Beliefs developed about heaven and the cosmos and a system of writing evolved. There were also technological advances that allowed for economic expansion and political control. A sense of nationalism emerged and society started articulate a sense of “being Chinese.” By 770 BCE, a “hundred schools” of philosophy were debating and articulating Chinese philosophies including the nature of man, the ideal ruler and proper conduct among Chinese.

Periods of ancient Chinese history include:

  • Erlitou period 1750 BCE – 1500 BCE
  • Shang Dynasty 1500 BCE- 1300 BCE Erligang period
  • Shang Dynasty 1300 BCE – 1050 BCE Anyang period
  • Western Zhou Dynasty 1050 BCE – 771 BCE
  • Eastern Zhou Dynasty 770 BCE – 221 BCE
  • Qin Dynasty 221 BCE – 206 BCE
  • Han Dynasty 206 BCE – 220 CE

Throughout most of China’s history the region was ruled by dynasties. These dynasties were powerful families and together, kept the empire united for most of history. Emperors ruled over China for more than 2000 years. Below the emperors were feudal lords who owned the lands where farmers tended the fields. As time went by, civil servants were hired to run the cities, enforce the laws and collect taxes.

The country had 3 main religions/philosophies – Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. There was a lot of similarities between these “three ways” and together, they impacted on the country’s art and culture. Art focused on calligraphy, poetry and painting – the “Three Perfections.”

The Chinese were always threatened by the Mongols who lived to the north. The Great Wall of China was built to keep the Mongols out and its construction was initiated by emperor Qin Shi Huang around 221 BCE. For the most part, the Wall worked, though the Mongols did conquer China at one point under the leadership of Kubla Khan and their Yuan Dynasty ruled China from 1271 to 1368.

You can explore the fascinating history of China and its leaders when you play the Cai Hong online casino slot machine at the SlotoCash Casino.

Cai Hong

Cai Hong is bursting with slot machine multipliers, bonus features and extra elements to give you an exciting and fun-filled slot experience that you can enjoy regardless of whether you’re playing for free or for real money prizes.  There are free spins, wild symbols and payouts of up to 5000x the bet that was placed on the spin that triggered the win. At a nice low minimum bet of 0.30 per spin, this game can fit any gaming budget or playing level.

Symbols include traditional Chinese icons so roosters, dogs, tigers, rabbits, oxen, gold coins, gold ingots and traditional slot machine card game letters and numbers will appear on the screen line up on the game’s 30 paylines and activate wins.

Chinese philosophy focuses on a variety of deities and Cai Hong slots focuses on the God of Wealth who appears with a long black beard in traditional Chinese dress. The Wealth God is the game’s Wild symbol. Whenever he completes a payline by substituting for a missing symbol he doubles the value of the payout. He also acts as a stacked wild meaning that he can fill out any reel on which he lands with other Wilds to complete more paylines.

The game’s scatter symbol is the rainbow. Three or more scatters, appearing together in any combination on the reels, will result not only in a scatter symbol payout but also in the launch of the bonus game. In the bonus games, a series of lucky coins appears to start the free spins. You get 8 free spins with all wins multiplied by 2.

If the game was triggered by 3 scatters you will be given the chance to click 2 of the lucky coins to uncover higher multipliers and additional spins. 4 scatter symbols give you the chance to click 3 coins. If the scatter combination includes 5 or more scatter rainbows you are given 4 lucky coins picks. At its highest, the game awards 33 free spins in which multipliers of 15x are added. Whatever way you look at it, the slot machine offers a big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

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