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woman with an apple on her head that’s been pierced by a bow

For centuries, the simple bow and arrow was the only weapon that people had for hunting and protection.  Locking Archer online slot relives those days in a slot adventure that brings skilled archers together on 25 fixed paylines with Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, Respins and a new Locking Scatter with Re-spin Trigger. Set out on an exciting quest at Sloto'Cash casino for spins, wins and real money rewards.


People have been using bows and arrows for over 10 thousand years as a way to protect themselves, fight battles, hunt and engage in sportsmanship. Pictographs of people using bows and arrows have been found in Egyptian and Mesopotamian archaeological excavations where the bow was often a symbol of power and strength. Soldiers in Ancient China were expected to be proficient in archery and archery was even incorporated into Confucian philosophy. In Japan, Samurai warriors were expected to know kyūjutsu, the art of bow.

Archery was prominent in medieval Europe and was a central component of Viking warfare. The Vikings, who ruled great swatches of the world from the 8th to the 11th centuries,  were known for their impressive skills in archery which played a significant role in Viking warfare. Archers were an essential part of Viking combat which they used to harass opponents. The Norsemen used bows crafted from wood, horn and sinew. Archery is also a part of Norse mythology. Legends tell of the god Ullr who was considered to be an expert archer. Norse sages describe battles, raids, and the equipment used by Norse warriors, including bows and arrows.

The Vikings were known to have settled in Britain during the height of their power and those are the years that the story of Robin Hood began to circulate. The legend of an embattled local population, protected by a bow-and-arrow-bearing protector and his Merry Men, seems to have been based on the exploits of a real rabble-rouser who shielded local Yorkshire peasants from the cruelties of the ruling powers during the reign of Richard I the Lionheart.

Now you can line up Vikings on your gaming screen when you play the Locking Archer slot machine at the online casino.


Locking Archer

Locking Archer features five reels and 25 paylines plus Viking archers who set out to look after the locals using only their wits and their bows and arrows. Every time your spin results in a completed combination of three identical symbols, you collect a base game prize. In addition to the Viking-headgear-wearing archer, you’ll see Sheriff, the King, a thatched-roof village house and the lovely maid who accompanies the archers on their mission to protect the villagers. There are also traditional slots letter and number symbols on the reels.

The Hammer symbol is the game Wild. Whenever the Hammer appears, it substitutes for any other symbol except for the two Scatter symbols – the Archer Scatter symbol and the Hut symbol  -- to create a winning payline.  Locking Archer is a high-volatility game which means that there are fewer wins but when the wins do occur, they pay out at a high rate. So if you like a slot machine that keeps you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the winning combinations, this is the one!

There are two Scatter Symbols in the game, the Hut symbol and the Archer symbol. That means that you have double the number of chances to score Scatter Combination payouts and trigger Free Spins. The Scatter Wins are added to your regular line wins after the machine multiplies the win by your total bet.  After your Scatter Combination payout is delivered, the machine will enter the Free Spins Mode and you will receive 10 free spins where you spin the reels for free and collect the resulting payouts.

The Archer Scatter introduces a new game feature, the Locking Scatter. As with the Hut symbol, the Locking Archer Scatter wins are added to your regular line wins and are multiplied by your total bet.  Top payout is 50,000x your bet per line.

The Free Games are played at the bet amount of the triggering spin. During the free spins, multipliers are awarded on every spin. Multiplier values vary from x2 to x5, with the multiplier value being awarded randomly. The Free Spins can retrigger whenever three of either the Hut or the Archer Scatter symbols appear on the gameboard during a Free Spin.

Locking Scatter

The game highlight is the Locking Scatter symbol that triggers when Locked Archer Scatters appear left to right during the base game.

When that happens, those reels lock and you get 3 Respins on Reel 5.

  • When 4 Locking Scatters appear on reels 1 to 4, those reels are locked and you are awarded 3 respins on Reel 5.
  • When 3 Locking Scatters appear on reels 1 to 3, those reels are locked, and you are awarded 2 Re-Spins on reels 4 and 5.
  • When 2 Locking Scatters appear on reels 1 to 2, those reels are locked and you are awarded 1 Re-Spin on reels 3, 4, and 5.
  • If more Locking Scatters appear during a Re-Spin, whatever respins are running currently are halted and the respins reset according to the new number of Locking Scatters in the wheel box.
  • If you receive 5 locking Scatters at any point, the Locking Scatter Feature will end.

The gameplay is epic and the winnings are legendary in the new Locking Archer online slot, now available for free or real money gaming entertainment at the online casino.


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