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Tips for playing online casino games on a higher level at SlotoCash casino

The popularity of SlotoCash online casino gaming has never been higher. Increasing numbers of people are playing gambling games online. Most of these gamers are playing casually. For them, it’s a hobby. But if you find yourself playing multiple hours a day and you want to turn your gaming pastime into a more serious adventure, check out some suggestions about how you can play a more serious event at the online casino.

Pick Your Casino

Just as with land-based casinos, each online casino is a bit different. But it’s important to choose the right casino so that your gaming efforts will bear fruit. There’s no “perfect” online casino. Each casino has its own particular advantages and disadvantages. But you can maximize your casino adventure by choosing wisely. Check out at least a dozen casinos and then make your choice.

Look at the games selection, the options for tournaments, the jackpot games and the casino bonuses. You should probably create a spreadsheet to track each casino – which casino offers the top Welcome Bonuses, which casinos allot the best follow-up bonuses, the types of games that each casino offers, etc. 

One of the most important aspects  that you should be checking should involve the information about the casino’s licensing. If the casino isn’t licensed by a recognized regulating agency, don’t go any further. The licensing agency validates that the casino offers fair gaming, works with recognized ebanking institutions and uses games that are produced by certified game developers. Without that seal from a licensing agency, you have no idea whether the games that you’re playing are fair, whether the payouts that you receive are accurate and whether your personal information is kept private.

SlotoCash clearly comes out on top in this aspect.

Terms and Conditions

Every online casino has a page of Terms and Conditions that players are obligated to sign before they start playing. Those terms and conditions vary from one casino to the next, especially regarding bonus requirements and withdrawals of winnings. If you don’t know what you’re signing up for, you could end up with a casino that requires that you have a huge balance before you can withdraw your winnings, or that the bonuses are given out only under impossible-to-meet circumstances.

In order to enjoy your casino event to the maximum, it’s worth the time and effort to read over the terms and conditions page before you sign up for an account.

Play to Your Strengths

Just because you like James Bond, that doesn’t mean that you should choose to play baccarat when you’re at the casino. Your game choices should be those that inspire you and give you pleasure. The more you’re enjoying yourself, the more you’ll apply yourself to your gaming event and the better you’ll perform.

Some serious gamers pass up the slots because they’re viewed as “simple games.” Instead, they go to a game that is regarded as a more “serious” game but one that they don’t enjoy as much.  That’s a mistake. Regardless of whether you see yourself as a serious or a casual player, you should focus on the games that you enjoy. You’ll perform better and will return for more.

And SlotoCash has games for everyone.  If you like it, we've got it!

Set a Budget

It’s vital to set a budget when you’re gaming. Seasoned gamers know that, statistically speaking, the more time you spend at the casino, the more you’re likely to lose. So what you want to do is to jump in, play a couple of games, and then take a break until the next gaming session.

By setting a budget, you’ll be sure to never lose more than you can afford, and also you won’t get into a losing spin. There are numerous gaming “strategies” – double your bet after a loss, bet half the amount after a loss, etc.  Some casino advisors say that those techniques are nonsense while others give credence to them.  But if you’ve set a budget, regardless of whether or not you’re using one of those techniques, you won’t get yourself into a financial downspin and you won’t find yourself desperately trying to make up for losses with money that you can’t afford to gamble.

Some serious gamblers have a system by which they have a special bank account for their gaming activities. They load that account with money that is set aside for gaming. When they’re on a lucky streak, the account is flush and they can play for longer periods of time. When the account has run dry, they know that they can’t return to the casino until they have a new budget.


Pay attention to the math behind the games. Find out the house edges of the various games and plan accordingly.  Also, every game has its own betting schedule so you can place different types of bets. Find out which bets are the right ones to place for each type of game. If you want to take some chances, go ahead, but if you want to play for serious payouts, put your money on the options that have the best chances to give you a return on your money.


Use the online casino bonuses to the maximum. If you read the casino terms and conditions, you know what bonuses are available to you. Now you need to maximize those bonuses to the fullest extent. You need to be aware of the  wagering requirements and the withdrawal limits but be sure that you take advantage of all of the bonuses to which you are entitled.

The casino usually gives you the bonuses automatically when you deposit your bets but it’s always a good idea to check and make sure that you received everything to which you are entitled.

Need we say more?  SlotoCash has THE best bonuses online!  'Nuff said!

Jackpot Games

Opinions vary on whether it’s worthwhile to focus on progressive jackpot games but many serious gamers feel that the jackpot games are a good investment. When you play a jackpot game you add a small additional deposit for the chance to compete for the jackpot prize. Then, you play the game as usual. If your spin is the spin that hits the jackpot, you collect the entire prize pool.

Jackpot prizes can be as much as a million dollars so most casino observers say that the small additional deposit is a good investment in possibly winning the entire jackpot payout.  Check out our jackpot games!

If you’re interested in upping your casino experience a notch or two, read over experts’ suggestions and optimize your gaming adventure.

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