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The best of 2020 inventions - read all about it here at Slotocash

The year 2020 brought a number of surprises, questions, challenges and frustrations. By all accounts, on a global scale, 2020 was one of the hardest years that the world has seen for quite a while.  Yet innovators and creators never stopped working. For some, their new products and services were brought about by the pandemic itself. For others, their new inventions have been in development for years.

SlotoCash Casino wants to honor the innovators, inventors and creators whose new start-ups and online casino real money products hit the market this year, making it easier to accomplish our tasks and more enjoyable to live our lives.

Seven of the top 2020 inventions and innovations include:


Fronline workers acquired a new level of respect this year.  Frontline workers – medical personnel, teachers, public servants, law enforcement personnel, shop workers and workers in transportation and utility services – are often stressed during times of emergency.

Virti is a training platform that presents virtual and augmented high-stress scenarios  to train frontline workers to respond quickly and calmly to emergency situations. Imagine a group of surgeons during a Virti session while they’re waiting to start a big operation!

Virti has become a must-have resource during the COVID-19 pandemic where they teach frontline workers skills including how to administer treatments, ventilate a patient, properly wear personal protective equipment, etc.

Virti conducted a study that found that the Virti VR- and AR- approach was 230% more effective in boosting knowledge retention than typical training models. 


Unless you’re allergic to bee stings, you shouldn’t be alarmed when you see a bee. A bee won’t attack unless it feels threatened but bees’ importance to the world can’t be emphasized enough.

Honey bees are the world's food crop supplier, pollinating trees, flowers and other plants to ensure that crops grow and supply us with food. They are a vital component of the food chain by contributing to interconnected, complex ecosystems that allow for the co-existence many different species.

Yet an estimated 40% of bees die every year due to pesticides, climate change and disease.   Commercial beekeepers often miss the warning signs of a hive’s imminent demise. Beewise aims to solve that problem though its artificial-­intelligence-powered hive which uses computer vision, AI and precision robotics to monitor hives 24/7.

The internal systems of the Beehome alert the beekeeper if it detects that a hive has been exposed to irregularities and allows the beekeeper to respond.

Beewise is powered by smart technology that has the potential to double pollination capacity and honey production. Using beewise has been proven to substantially decrease colonies’ mortality rate.

The Corrale

Curly hair can be lovely but not everyone likes the texture or look of the coils, twists and waves.  That’s where Corrale comes in.  Instead of pressing hair straight by clamping it between 2 burning hot plates of a straightener, the Corrale’s flexing plates styles hair more quickly, with less heat, by moving the hair along as it is straightened.

The plates conform to the hair’s precise profile so the correct tension  is applied to all strands using a sensor system that regulates the plates’ temperature to ensure that undue heat isn’t applied. 

IQbuds2 MAX

The wrong ear buds can give you a headache, earaches and create other types of discomfort. Yet for many people, the convenience of wireless earbuds is indispensible.  The IQbuds2 MAX were developed to block out the noise of the outside world  while isolating sounds or people that you want to hear.

The IQbuds2 MAX buds use audio-processing technology to make it easier to hear conversations when surrounding noise makes it difficult. They can also help mitigate the effects of hearing loss.

Nintendo Animal Crossings: New Horizons

There were dozens of great new games that came out this year but arguably the best – and certainly one of the most relaxing and entertaining – is Nintendo’s Animal Crossings: New Horizons. New Horizons is simple, engaging, fun and soothing.

You cultivate small islands, design houses, till the land and manage communities as you create your island paradise. It’s more than escapism… brings gamers into a small village where they can reach out and enjoy the feeling of being reached out to. 

Impossible Pork

Pork is the world’s most widely-consumed animal product but questions about how the animals are raised make reducing pork consumption a priority for many.  Now, Impossible Pork has been introduced as a plant-based pork substitute which tastes almost like real pork.

The product hasn’t been rolled out commercially but initial reviews say that, as ground pork, it’s flavorable and meat-like and emulates the velvet feel and texture of the real thing. Impossible Pork meatballs and Impossible Pork sausage are the biggest winners so far but pork loins couldn’t be far behind! 


Filing for personal bankruptcy is a last-step solution for people who have run out of money. But in a cruel twist of irony, the filing process is costly – up to $1500 in many cases.

Upsolve offers a software program that allows people to file for bankruptcy without hiring a lawyer. It’s a free service in which you are asked to fill in a form with information about your personal finances, submit pay stubs and last 2 year tax returns, take a credit counseling course (Course 1) and submit the certificate that proves that you took and passed the course and file the forms.

You’ll have to take a 2nd course and get a certificate and have an online meeting with a trustee but if all goes well, you can complete your bankruptcy filing without spending the extra $1000 plus for a lawyer.

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