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what to do during lockdown - play SlotoCash casino and more

The last time there was a mass shutdown to prevent the spread of a virus was over a hundred years ago. Today, thanks to technology, there are many more things for people to do while they’re sheltering at home. Yet for many people, it’s still difficult to stay secluded in social isolation. 

SlotoCash Casino has compiled a list of ideas that will help you pass the time during the current stay-at-home mandate include:


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Everything is available by Internet which means that you can purchase game apps online and play whimsical, light-hearted games or choose a suspense-filled, tension-packed thriller. If you like old-fashioned board games you can find those online as well where you can compete against yourself or against others.

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Language Studies

Learning a language not only allows you to speak to people from different countries but it’s also been proven to boost your cognitive abilities, improve your memory, sharpen your mind, enhance decision-making, give you better multi-tasking skills and improve your mother-language skills.

Around the world it’s considered a normal part of one’s education to learn multiple languages but not for everyone. If you missed out on the chance to learn a second language while you were in school or have simply become fascinated by the opportunities that learning a new language can open to you, check out an online learning program.

Some of the most successful new language learning programs include Pimsleur, Babbel, Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, iTalki and LinguaLift. You can also find tutorials on YouTube. In addition, there are many geo-specific programs that you can access online to get access to learning software that allows you to acquire a second language. 

Language teachers suggest that you make sure that the program gives you plenty of opportunities to speak to a native speaker and listen to someone speaking that language to strengthen the skills and vocabulary that you learn through the software.

Arts and Crafts

You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy creating art. The most oft-repeated phrase of people who demure from an artistic enterprise is, “I’m not talented.” But you don’t have to have innate talent to create something of beauty.  

If you are talented in a specific type of art, certainly you should pursue it to increase your skill and expression. But if you’re not particularly adept, or if you want to explore a different type of creative outlet, you can purchase a ready-made kit and make something that you’ll be proud to display.  There are all sorts of ready-made kids for needlepointing, embroidery, painting, macramé, even adult coloring books.  

For those who want something a bit more freeform, there are YouTube video tutorials on almost every type of craft including crocheting, knitting, word-working, sculpting and more. All you need are the materials and you’re ready to go.


One advantage to the directive to stay at home as much as possible is that you can spend some time doing your own cooking. Not only will you save money by not going out to eat but you can focus on preparing healthy meals and improving your cooking skills. 

There are thousands of tutorials on YouTube that give you outlines, step-by-step instructions, suggestions and tips about cooking almost anything. Take a look at what’s in your pantry and then do an online search to find various ideas on different ways to prepare the dish.  It’s always a good idea to read over a couple of recipes and look at a couple of tutorials so that you tailor the dish to your and your family’s tastes. 

Organizing Closets

How many times have you promised yourself that you’ll clean out your closets “just as soon as there’s time.” Well, now, there’s time.  In fact, not only is there an abundance of time but this is an era when many people are in need so your second-hand goods can be rehomed to someone who really appreciates the items.

Experts say that when you’re cleaning out your closet, you should clear everything out of the closet and then make 3 piles – “keep,” “donate,” and “toss.” If there’s something that you haven’t worn for the past year, it should either be donated or tossed.

Once you’ve whittled down your clothes collection you should arrange storage. You’ll find that you keep the clothes that you decide to keep in better shape if you store them properly.  

Once you finish with your own clothes you’ll be better prepared to move on to the rest of the family’s clothing situation.


You don’t need to have much knowledge or background in permaculture to plant a garden.  Planting a garden is a matter or getting some seeds or plants that have been started, sticking them in the ground and then making sure that the soil around them stays moist and nurtured. 

Once again, YouTube is the source of a lot of good advice about gardening of any kind.  Many people like to start out with a herb garden because it’s easy, relatively inexpensive and produces items that you can use in your kitchen which gives a sense of satisfaction. 

If you don’t have a yard area, consider planters or flower or window pots for your plants. Make sure that you research which plants do well in sun and which don’t, which plants are summer-friendly and which are hardy enough for the winter and which plants are best adaptable to the climate in which you live.


Almost everyone has something to write about but most people don’t take the time to commit their thoughts or experiences to paper. Yet leaving behind a record of your knowledge and wisdom – on whatever subject – can be a satisfying endeavor, both for you and for those who are close to you. 

If you’re not ready to commit to writing a book, consider an online blog or journal. You can open a blog site for free and write about whatever you want.  It may be that the blog is just for you but you may also gain followers and readers who appreciate hearing what you have to share. 

Write about whatever you’re passionate about – chances are that someone else will be pleased to read your thoughts. You might even develop a following or a group that chats together about the subject which may be cathartic for you and helpful to others. 

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