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online learning classes - some of the best SlotoCash recommendations

Regardless of whether you want to access some general knowledge, pick up a new skill, increase your employ-ability or explore a subject of interest, you can find a class that will teach you want you want to know. Online education is big business these days, offering everything from courses of algebra, coding, physics and computational biology to animation, knitting, guitar playing and underwater scuba diving. 

SlotoCash casino wants you to make the best use of your time and bonus slots money so that you can enjoy the best online education possible. Check out these online schools to find the best-priced, widest variety and and most user-friendly online courses.  

Khan Academy

Khan Academy opened in 2008 as a program that allows students to learn from home. Lessons include short video tutorials and practice exercises. Each student has his or her own personalized learning dashboard so s/he can move along at his/her own pace. The Academy can be used for exclusive homeschooling or in conjunction with a on-site school curriculum. 

Subjects offered at the Khan Academy include study for students from 1st grade through college with courses given in various maths (including early math for young learners), world and American history, biology, chemistry and physics and different types of technology (computer animation, programming, computer science, coding and more. 

All courses at Khan Academy are free for both learners and teachers. College prep courses are given and the Academy is the officially recognized prep proram for the College Board SAT. 


Coursera works in conjunction with universities and other organizations to offer certifications, degrees and other online courses on a wide variety of subjects. Students can study  engineering, machine learning, mathematics, data science, business, digital marketing, humanities, computer science, social sciences, medicine, biology, history and literature. 

Coursera courses are taught  by professors from top universities from around the world. They represent a wide range of universities including Stanford, Princeton, Johns Hopkins and more. The Coursera courses are free to audit but for students looking for graded assignments to be put towards a degree program or a certificate, there is a charge. Costs are significantly less than those charged by on-site-learning universities and colleges  


Udemy is similar to Coursera in that it offers students the opportunity to study while on a budget. The goal is to connect students to the skills they need to succeed. The courses are taught by people who are experts in their field – not only professional educators but entrepreneurs, people who are successful in their businesses, people who offer expert advice on hobbies, lifestyle and health and more. 

Areas of instruction at Udemy include subjects in Design, Business, Photography, Development, Marketing, IT and Software and Personal Development. In each area, there are multiple course options. For instance, if you’re interested in business, you have your choice of studying financial analysis, SQL, Project Management, Stock Trading, Investing, PMP, Financial Analysis, Business Analysis, Business Fundamentals and more. 

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning provides access to thousands of courses in almost every realm -- business, education, art, design and tech.

The platform focuses on business, technology-related, and creative skills. Students access the material through expert-led course videos. The program offers more than 5,000 courses that allows participants to learn material that relates to their field and interests. 

Popular LinkedIn courses include Excel Essential Training, Project Management Foundations, Programming Foundations: Fundamentals, JavaScript Essential Training, Python Essential Training, Body Language for Leaders, HTML Essential Training, Strategic Thinking, Online Marketing Foundations, Time Management Fundamentals, Communicating with Confidence, Developing Executive Presence, Amazon Web Services Essential Training and more. 

One of the advantages of acquiring a Linkedin Learning certificate is that it’s highlighted on your Linkedin profile. That means that you attract more attention from employers who may be more prepared to give you work when they see that you’ve completed one of the Linkedin courses. You also receive recommendations which show up on your Linkedin profile. 

You can take out a subscription for Linkedin courses and take as many courses as you want for one subscription fee. 


If you’ve been meaning to research your family history you can take a genealogy course on to learn the fundamentals of how to do your research in a systematic manner,keep your genealogy documents organized and do your research in a systematic manner, document your findings and stay organized. 

Staying organized is the key to genealogy research. As you move through your research you’ll be inundated with information, vital statistics, family legends, possible relations and many different types of documents.  Ancestry’s "Everything Olde is New Again!" series of genealogy courses gives you the tools to navigate this data, determine accuracy of various documents and learn about how to conduct searches to find basic genealogy evidence. 

The course teaches you:

  • What to look for on primary and secondary evidence.
  • How to identify errors.
  • Techniques for analyzing conflicting information.
  • Strategies for uncovering data.
  • How to navigate genealogy filing systems.
  • How to create a family tree.
  • Where to look for records.
  • How to connect different pieces of evidence.
  • How to determine the difference between primary and secondary evidence.
  • More


AdobeTV gives you the opportunity to create amazing graphic designs with little previous background or knowledge. You can work towards a certificate or simply learn for your personal enjoyment. The Adobe classes give you the tools that you need to create spectacular images and artwork, master the features and functions of Adobe's software (including Photoshop), access the guidance and assistance of professionals and more. 

In the photoshop course you’ll learn image editing, color correcting, and retouching. The Nik course focuses on photo enhancing tools while the Lightroom will send you on your way to proper use of a wide range of lighting tools. There are also courses for Illustrator, Camera Raw and more. Within each of these courses there are dozens of videos designed to get you moving on the path of your choice.

The program offers a one month free subscription.   

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