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pet supplies and products will keep your pet loving you and cuddling up to play Slotocash games.

5 of the Most Useful Pet Supply Products

Regardless of whether you’ve recently adopted a pet (or a pet has adopted you) or you’re a long-time pet owner, you might be intrigued at the wide range of pet supply products that are available today. No longer do pet stores sell food, leashes and pet snacks. Today pet owners are treated to a wide variety of items that, you are told, will make your pet’s life more comfortable and pleasurable.

SlotoCash Online Casino believes that the most relaxing time to enjoy your gaming entertainment is when Fido or Fifi is happily curled up near you with a full tummy and pleasant thoughts of treats and engaging activities dancing around their heads. SlotoCash invites you to check out some must-have pet items to keep both you and your furry sweetie feeling happy and content.

Security Camera

Multiple companies including Wyze, Google Nest and Canary have security cameras that are designed to add to your home security. These video recording devices capture footage of your property so you can watch the recordings on your smartphone, computer or tablet using an cable or WiFi internet connection. Home security cameras are motion-activated so you can set the camera to alert you whenever motion is detected.

If you want to watch your pet while you’re out you’ll need a security camera that includes live-streaming, much like a Nanny-cam. If you intend to optimize your security camera to keep an eye on your pet you’ll want one that allows you to interact from afar so if you think that Fluffy needs to be calmed you can have your familiar voice ring out as you sing a few bars of her favorite song.


The days when a dog leash was a simple rope-like extension that attached to the dog’s collar are long gone. First of all, you can also take Missy the Kitty for a walk with a cat leash. Secondly, if you think ahead, you can get a leash that fulfills multiple functions.

First of all, the leash should be of appropriate length and strength for your pup. Putting a Labrador on a leash that’s meant for a Pomeranian is a waste of time – the leash will snap the first time that Bruiser gives it a small tug. Second, taking your dog for a walk is a time for him to sniff the new smells that have entered the neighborhood since the last time that you walked , eat grass and maybe make a lunge for a squirrel or two.

For your hound’s benefit it’s a nice idea to get an retractable leash that allows him to wander a bit. You can find non-tangable leashes that expand up to 6 feet to allow your pup to check out the bushes, trees and other hidden areas that you don’t want to experience yourself.

Holding the dog (or cat) leash can leave you with limited carrying ability so by planning ahead you can combine all of the necessities for the walk – scooper bags, house keys, reflective tape and even a traveling water bowl – which are all clipped to the handle.

Tree Houses

If you cringe every time you see your cat tiptoeing around your fine china that’s decorating your open shelves or rush to grab falling items from the fridge when Maxwell climbs up there, you will appreciate the wisdom of bringing a cat tree into your house.

Cats love these cat condos that are easy to assemble, fit into any room and provide your cat with plenty of space to prowl, scratch, jump or curl up and go to sleep. There are a wide range of cat trees available in many different shapes and textures but the most popular are those that have comfortable nooks and crannies where Pussy can sleep hidden away from the world.


The average dog can spend up to 14 hours sleeping every day and cats…..more. Cats can curl up almost everywhere but if you want your dog to have a comfortable rest, consider a nice dog bed. First and foremost, get a bed that will give the pup a nice area to lay out. If you have a large dog, make sure that he bed area allows her to stretch while she’s sleeping. Most dogs start out curled up but as the night goes on they like to stretch.

Some options include comfortable cushions, foam mattresses and low fleece-covered dog-couches. There are even special orthopedic dog beds for the senior dogs.


There are a number of different types of sprays that can give you an easier life with your cat or dog.

One of the most useful is an odor-eliminating spray that removes stains and smells by releasing bacteria that feeds on the ammonia from your pet’s accidents. The spray eliminates the urine smell and stain completely and deters Sissy or Spot from peeing in that spot again. Since many pets choose the exact same spot for such misses, you can use this method to encourage the pissing pest to take it outside.

People say that you can’t teach a cat anything but given the right tools, you can. One of the most obnoxious habits that cat owners cope with is the scratching behavior that can leave your furniture frayed and tatted. There are several sprays on the market that emit an odor that cats hate. If you spray the furniture that the cat like to scratch consistently for 2 weeks, the cat will learn to avoid that area and won’t go back to scratching there, even after you stop spraying. You can make your own spray as well with a combination of essential citrus oils, vinegar, garlic and peppermint.

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