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What are the Best Places to Find Random Information on the Internet?

The Webbys have become the standard-bearer of acknowledgement of excellence on the web. The Webbys honor different genres of Internet content including websites, videos, advertisements, social media, apps, podcasts, games and more.

Many people have suggested that the Webbys consider addressing web material that focuses on the weird and wonderful in life. Such material isn’t really there to inform as much as it’s just around to give you a giggle.  While the Webbys haven’t yet taken up the challenge of awarding those websites that zero in on life’s bizarre happenstances and random occurences, SlotoCash online casino believes that the time has come to give some recognition to the websites that keep you entertained with pointless, peculiar and plain-old strange data rolling through cyberspace.

The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal doesn’t curate other material from the web as do many of the other websites that feature random material. The Oatmeal features comic material by creator Matthew Inman whose original comics, articles and quizzes populate the site. In 2014 the website won the Eisner Award for Best DigitalWebcomic.

The Oatmeal has been described as “storytelling-meets-infographics.” The comics, which are crudely drawn, range from the bizarre (How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You) to the mundane “15ish Things Worth Knowing About Coffee.” Basically, when you click into the website, you never know what you’re going to see --  a critique of the Mona Lisa, suggestions about what high schools should be teaching, a word game, a commentary about santa and reindeer-abuse and more.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is an encyclopedia of information for people who are looking for ideas for home decor. Even those who aren’t involved in renovations, remodeling or redecorating right now will enjoy perusing the site for ideas and inspiration for future projects.

Apartment Therapy migrated from serving as a weekly newsletter for clients to being a source of design tips and ideas for people looking for real-life, do-able ideas that will work for many budgets and many situations.

The site examines homes around the country and uses them as a base from which to deliver advice, DIY how-tos and shopping guides. There are thousands of tips and photos to assist site visitor with any reasonable budget style their home. The consultants are professionals with decades of home decorating experience. Every day they feature a new House Tour as submitted by audience members. The tour shows what they house looks like on the day that it is shown and the consultants proceed to give inspiring ideas and solutions for these spaces.

According to Apartment Therapy, anyone can create their favorite look for their home.

The Onion

The Onion is self-described as the “biggest ‘fake news’ outlet in the world. The Onion started out as a print magazine but now the satirical newspaper organization publishes its articles online.  It features full-fledged fake news items, satirical horocopes, the Onion Sports Network, Stockwatch and American Voices and a the fan-favorite -- fake man-on-the-street segment. The Onion makes equal fun of liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, blacks and whites and scores of people of every background and gender who find themselves in the news spotlight.

The Onion features parodies of major news websites. There’s also a cable The Onion that mocks broadcast media sites.

The Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a treasure trove of digital candy for history aficionados who can “go back in time” to see websites from the past. Millions of cached webpages can be found at the Wayward Machine’s site.

The site was originally created to enable internet users to view website content that has been changed or disappeared when a site was shut down. Users can view web pages across time -- what the archive called a  "three-dimensional index". The goal of the site’s creators was to provide "universal access to all knowledge"

Researchers and scientists were once the major users of the site but today it’s  open to the public so “ordinary” people can also view world history through the lens of the world wide web.

Mental Floss

Mental Floss flosses the brain by giving users access to puzzles, articles and a wide range of facts and trivia that they would have probably never imagined that they would enjoy knowing. Mental Floss is probably best known for live-streaming a brain surgery, the first brain surgery ever broadcast live.

Mental Floss bills itself as the “website for curious people.” It features smart, quirky content presented in an upbeat, witty voice. The site is dedicated to answering life’s big questions, uncovering little-known facts and sharing unique stories.


Buzzfeed creates articles, videos, quizzes and lists about a wide variety of subjects. They have several brands such as Tasty, a social food network, BuzzFeed News and HuffPost which focuses on investigative journalism and reporting, BuzzFeed Commerce which reports on products, experiences, strategic partnerships and licensing and Nifty (lifestyle), Goodful  (modern living) and As/Is (style).

The media organization strives to create authentic audience engagement with the goal of fostering real-world impact. Material to be found on Buzzfeed includes breaking news, news stories, quizzes, celeb news, recipes, DIY hacks, trends and videos of all the above.

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