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haunted sites around the world in preparation for Halloween at SlotoCash online casino

With Halloween just days away it’s a good time to explore some unsettling stories about haunted structures around the world. Whether you are a fan of scary slots such as Witchy Wins, iZombie and Ghost Ship or simply enjoy hearing about some unnerving locations where anything can happen, SlotoCash cash casino invites you to read on to discover the stories of some of the world’s most hair-raising sites.

The Lemp Mansion -- St. Louis, Missouri

The Lemp Mansion in St. Louis has seen the tragic history of numerous inhabitants who are said to live on the premises and “visit” from time to time.

The 33-room home was built by William Lemp in the 1860s.  Lemp was a successful brewery owner but he killed himself after Frederick, his youngest son, died and, within a few years, his wife passed away from cancer. A few years after William Senior killed himself in the house his daughter Elsa committed suicide and shortly thereafter his oldest son, William Lemp Jr. shot himself in the same room in which his father had killed himself years earlier. Decades later a third son, Charles, also shot himself.

Many visitors to the Lemp Mansion come to visit the classic Victorian structure which stands in tribute to one of the city’s most notable families. The house is one of the first structures in America to feature a radiant heat system and the parlor ceiling is hand-painted and features intricately carved mantles. The house also displays wine and beer cellars, an auditorium, ballroom and swimming pool. 

Visitors are welcome to visit the mansion where a restaurant now operates. But it’s not just the food that attracts visitors. Restaurant staffers have reported seeing apparitions and hearing voices coming from nowhere. Glasses have been seen flying off the bar by themselves and doors lock and unlock by themselves. The piano bar has been seen to play when no one is sitting there and lights turn on and off.

Most of the activity takes place on the stairway and in the basement. The attic is also a source of paranormal happenings and many say that it’s because that’s where the illegitimate son of William Junior was kept. The face of the boy, who had Downs Syndrome, has been seen peeking out of the windows of the mansion by people walking by outdoors. Some investigators have even gone as far as to leave toys in the room overnight and then found that they were moved the next day.

Jean Harlow’s House -- Los Angeles, California

Jean Harlow, one of the early Hollywood “blond bombshells” married MGM executive Paul Bern and they bought a house in Beverly Hills. Harlow was only 21 when they moved into the house and they only lived there for two months when Bern’s butler found him dead in the bathroom, with a gunshot wound to his head.

There were rumors that MGM tried to cover up the death since there were questions about whether it was suicide or murder. Bern’s secretary was adamant that he must have been murdered, swearing that the handwriting on the suicide note wasn’t his. Equally suspicious was a visit that Bern had from his common-law wife, Dorothy Millette, days before his death. Millette jumped to her death a few days after Bern’s death.

Harlow herself only lived for a few more years –while filming she took sick and died at age 26. 

In the 1960s, actress Sharon Tate, herself to be murdered by the Charles Manson cult a few years later, lived in the house with  celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring after he bought it. She reported that while living there, she experienced several creepy occurrences including the appearance of a vision that seemed to have been Paul Bern and the sight of a corpse with a slit throat hanging in the hallway.

Over the years there have been multiple reports of sightings of the ghosts of both Harlow and Bern. 

Hotel Cecil -- Los Angeles, California

There have been no real sightings of ghosts at the Hotel Cecil but so many bizarre and spooky occurrences have taken place there that it’s hard to believe that there’s not something there, pulling some strings.

The Hotel Cecil has, over the years, seen numerous suicides and deaths, starting in 1931 and continuing throughout the hotel’s history. In the 1930s a man died after a truck pinned him to a wall and in 1944 a mother murdered her newborn baby in the hotel. One suicide, in 1962, occurred when a woman jumped out of a 9th story window and landed on a man walking below, killing them both. The 1964 murder of Goldie Osgood has never been solved.

The Cecil also served as home based for serial killer Richard Ramirez (the Night Stalker) in the 1980s and Austrian serial killer Jack Unterwege in the ‘90s.

Probably the strangest thing to happen at the Hotel Cecil occurred in 2013 when Elise Lam from Vancouver checked into the hotel.  She disappeared and her body was found in the hotel’s water tank which was located on the roof.  Hotel surveillance cameras show her last recorded minutes as she ducked into and out of an elevator, seemingly engaging with someone, though no one was in the cameras’ view. The most bizarre aspect of the case is that there’s no way to access the hotel roof without a key. The death was ruled an accidental drowning but many aren’t buying it.

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