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There’s a new type of online slots real money in the casino these days. It’s known as the “243 Ways to Win” slot and players are searching for these machines as they make their decisions regarding which games to play.

These slot machines have a unique innovation – instead of matching symbols across specific paylines, your combinations can be  completed by matching symbols on adjacent reels, regardless of their exact position on each reel. As long as the symbols appear from left to right, the combination is completed and the machine pays out a win.

Ways to Win

Ways to Win gamers want a different slots experience than the traditional put your money in/spin the reels/hope that you come up with a winning combination gameplay. Years ago, no one expected anything else but as slots technology advanced, players started to wonder whether there was anything else out there.

Game designers started add more and more paylines but then some developers began to question whether there was alternative to the paylines.

Slowly, the concept of the 243 Ways to Win slot evolved, making their debut only a few years ago. The new model was immediately successful and today there are hundreds of 243 Ways to Win slots at the online casino.

When you play a 243 Ways to Win slot machine you see a typical slots screen when you click in. The screen shows 5 reels, with 3 symbol positions on each reel. Players don’t bet on paylines but rather on the spin.

Coin values on 243 Ways to Win slots range from low to high and players can bet as many coins on each spin as they wish so these slots are suitable for both high-stakes and low-budget gamers.

When you spin, every possible winning combination across the reels from left to right will score you some cash. Each reel has 3 visible symbol positions and it’s possible to combine those symbols with symbols on other reels. So 3x3x3x3x3 gets you to 243 possible Ways to Win on every spin.



The biggest advantage of the 243 Ways to Win game is that you don’t have to keep track of paylines, or decide which individual paylines you plan to enable. Should you enable all of the paylines, or only some? And should you enable different paylines with different wagers or wager the same on all of them? 243 Ways to Win games remove those questions since you place one bet on each spin and either win or lose based on that one spin.

A lot of the frustration of playing slot machines is reduced. Often, you hit the same symbol on some of the reels but at the last minute you discover that they weren’t in the right place to create a win. In 243 Ways to Win games, that’s not an issue.

Finally, 243 Ways to Win games tend to be low volatility. That means that there are a lot of small prizes but not a lot of big wins. If you prefer a high volatility game, 243 Ways to Win may not be for you but if you like to take things slow and steady, this may be the right type of gameplay to suit your individual gaming preferences.

Some of the top 243 Ways to Win games at the online casino include:

Great Temple

The Great Temple slot machine invites gamers to wander through the ruins of an ancient Mayan Temple where artifacts mingle with symbols of Mayan treasures, providing a fun-filled gaming event for adventurous players. Top regular game prize is 50,000x the line bet and when you add free spin wins, multipliers and jackpots to the mix, there’s no end to what you might discover.

The reels display temples, plazas, pyramids, Mayan game courts, the Mayan sun-god, pumas, parrots, holy fires, mysterious masks, pythons, royal palaces and more. volatility is medium, meaning that you will see an average number of wins over a period of time with medium-level payouts. As you make your way through the jungle trails you create your winning combinations, with every spin offering you 243 Ways to Win.

The priest symbol is the game Wild and if your spin results in five simultaneous priest symbols, you win totals 5000 coins. The Pyramid is the scatter symbol and multiple pyramids activates a scatter combination payout and the launch of 10 Free Spins.Three scatters on a free spin means that the free spins round retriggers so you get 10 additional free spins!

There are two progressive jackpots that activate randomly. Your jackpots wins are automatically added to your Win Box.

Halloween Treasures

Halloween Treasures offers you a Halloween-themed gaming event that you can enjoy at any time of the year. The reels spin against the backdrop of an eerie orange and black haunted house that displays pumpkin lanterns in the glowing candlelit windows. The reels are full of spooky symbols including  vampires, potions, witches’ hats, pumpkins and candles.

There are two Wilds -- the Tombstone symbol which multiplies any combination on which it creates a winning combination when it emerges on Reel 3, and the Crypt Door, which acts as a substitute when it lands on the second, third and fourth reels. The gold coins are the game’s high payout symbol. Twelve Gold Coins means that you have a chance to spin to land 3 identical jackpot symbols to collect the Jackpot prize.

Max payout is 50,000x the triggering bet.

The Crystal Ball is the game Scatter -- three Scatters launch the Free Spins game where you spin the reels for free and take home generous real money wins.

For a slots event that takes you to the next level, check out some of the casino’s exciting 243 Ways to Win game challenges!


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