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New inventions of 2020 compete with new games of 2020

Is there anything new under the sun? Evidently, yes! From new digital devices to toothpaste squeezers and online casino real money apps, there’s no end to the imagination of the world’s inventors.  

If you want to play new games, check the  SlotoCash New Games webpage. But if you are interested in learning about other new discoveries, take a journey through some of the newest and most innovative of this year’s original developments.


The Caribu calling device takes face-timing to a new level.  The app caters to young children whose find it hard to sit through a video chat, or try to watch a book’s pictures while grandma or grandpa tries to keep the camera focused on the book while simultaneously reading. 

The Caribu app aims to make the video chat child-friendly by letting both parties to the conversation share an activity or book on the screen.  The two can read a book, play a game and see and talk to each other in a child-friendly way. Books are already loaded onto the computer so the child can see the pages clearly while s/he hears his beloved grandparent or parent read. 

Great for military families, long-distance grandparents and even pre-school activities.  

Eyelights Holographic Car Assistant

In an effort to prevent drivers from becoming distracted from the road while they interact with the car’s infotainment or navigational systems, Eyelights created a holograph that displays information like vital stats (car speed, gas tank situation, etc) maps and entertainment controls in a holograph.

This allows drivers to interact with the system in a safe way while they keep their eyes on the road. There’s no physical screen – the drivers waves his hand in the air to control the system while distractions are minimized.

Kano PC

Kano and Microsoft have teamed up to create a computer DIY kit that is a fun, teachable moment from the first time you open the box. The company wants to make computing more interesting and approachable for kids by teaching them how to assemble their own device.

The Kano PC supports Windows 10 through a two-in-one table/laptop that allows/encourages kids and others to learn enough about assembling a computer so that they can fix their own and swap out broken parts. The computer supports basic software including educational games and almost any win32 software (including Microsoft Office and even games such as Mindcraft). No youngster will ever feel that s/he doesn’t have a quality device with a Kano PC.    

Baby Shower Cap

Some babies love to be bathed and enjoy the feel of warm water cascading down their heads.  Other babies…..don’t.  At all.  And protest loudly.  The baby shower cap is a silicon cap that you can put on your baby’s head during bathtime.  The top is open so you can shampoo the baby’s hair but when you let the water run over the clean hair and body, the baby’s eyes and face are shielded so s/he feels safe and comfortable. 

Heated Razor

The morning shave just got a little more enjoyable with GilletteLabs’ Heated Razor. The Heated Razor is a state-of-the-art shaving device that features five separate blades so you get a closer and more comfortable shave. The razor contours to your face and neck and features an Intelligent Heat Control system that turns shaving – especially in the winter – into a nice wake-up moment.

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

How many tubes of toothpaste get thrown away while they still have usable toothpaste in them, simply because it’s too hard to get that last little bit out of the tube? Anyone who brushes their teeth is familiar with the phenomena. 

Now the toothpaste tube squeezer is on the market to ensure that you can squeeze that last bit of toothpaste out. If you use even 4 tubes of toothpaste a year, the toothpaste tube squeezer will certainly pay for itself within 12 months. The squeezer is a T-shaped body into which the tube of toothpaste is placed.  The squeezer then rotates and squeezes that last little bit of toothpaste out of the tube. 


Apeel was designed to keep produce fresher for a longer period of time. It creates a optimal microclimate that leads to every greater quality  and extended shelf life for all types of produce.

The product creates extra peel on produce using plant-derived materials.  This slows the rate of oxidation and water loss which are the primary causes of spoilage.  The extra shelf life means that transporting produce is now easier and ensures that produce arrives at its destination in a fresher state.   

Cat Table

Anyone who doesn’t have a cat stalking them while they try to work from home should read on.  But if your kitty likes to plop on your lap, stand in front of the screen or play with your toes while you’re trying to show your boss that you CAN work from home, the cat table is for you. 

The cat table has a regular surface where you can place your computer and mouse and do your work.  But, underneath the table there are cubbies and hide-aways so that your cat can play, nap, explore and do whatever else it is that cats like to do, all the while leaving you to work in peace!

Starkey Livio AI Hearing Aid

The Starkey Livio AI hearing aid tracks users’ hearing and wellness along with aiding hearing.  The aid tracks brain and body activity and features a Mask Mode which makes it easier to hear people when they are wearing a mask.

In addition to enhancing the hearing of those who suffer from hearing loss, for those who suffer from tinnitus, the Starkey Livio hearing aid provides two of the three therapies that have been clinically shown to soothe sounds and provide relief from the constant ringing noises. 

Herman Miller Cosm Chair

More and more people are working at a desk these days and if you don’t have a comfortable chair, your work day could become miserable. 

The Cosm chair features an auto-harmonic tilt that automatically adjusts the chair to the users’ posture and body. In addition, intercept suspension molds the chair to the user’s body so that more spinal support is provided by removing the gap behind the user’s back.

There’s a woven seat and a flexible frame  that are designed to make the user feel weightless while leaf arms have “Dumbo ears” that don’t get in the way of the desk due to the angle at which they are set. 

Scizza Pizza Scissors

Almost everyone loves pizza but cutting and dividing the pizza can cause family arguments. The Scizza perfectly slices any pizza and then turns into a spatula that scoops the piece up and serves it. The Scizza scissors are designed so that they don’t dull on pizza stones or scratch non-stick pans. They provide a long lasting, durable and sharp cutting edge for deep-dish and crusty pizza.

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