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Holiday gifts for your pets

Some people buy gifts for their pets because they want to enjoy a bit of a giggle while others really try to find something that the pup or kitty might like. Sloto Cash online slots real money casino suggests that, if you want to use some of the real money winnings from fun animal-themed slots like Frog Fortunes, Builder Beaver or Panda’s Gold  to treat your pet to something special, check out these possible gift ideas.

Cat Perch

In the olden days, cats would wander outdoors but today, that’s a recipe for a possible disaster.  Animal control, fast drivers, rambunctious dogs and other dangers all make it advisable to keep your kitty inside. Cats are still as curious as ever so you can indulge your cat by setting up a cat perch next to the window.

You can get a cat perch that suctions onto windows which enables you to move the perch around from one window to the next. The cat can enjoy a variety of views while basking in whichever are of the house the sun is shining most brightly – which, of course, is what cats like to do most of all.    

Thermo-Heated Pet Bed

You aren’t the only one that gets cold on chilly nights. Unless your pet snuggles under the covers with you, he may be shivering a bit in his sleeping spot. Get him a thermo-heated pet bed so that he can stay as comfy as you. The temperature can be adjusted so if you have a long-haired pet, you can adjust the temperature down, while if your pet is….well….hairless, you can up the heat and give your pet the kind of nice, warm night that you enjoy under your own covers.

Hide-a-Squirrel Tree

One thing that never seems to change is the affinity that dogs have for chasing squirrels. Dogs rarely catch squirrels which are, generally, faster than them and can climb trees, but it never stops the canines from trying.

Now you can get your dog a hide-a-squirrel tree and kill two birds with one stone – the dog will get some exercise and may finally catch that pesky squirrel.  The plush tree is home to some plush squirrels who hide in the folds of the tree and come out periodically to squeak and tease the dog. Sometimes the squirrels win and sometimes…….the dog gets a mouthful of his prey.

Catnip Toys

Cats generally like catnip, a herb whose essential oil can make a cat that comes in contact with it act a bit nutty. Cats that sniff catnip often jump around, rub against things and become hyperactive. They act “high” for several minutes and then settle down for a nap. It’s fun to watch a cat that’s come in contact with catnip and it’s fun for the cat too.

Some people sprinkle some catnip around on the floor (don’t put it near the feeding bowl because the cat shouldn’t ingest it --- it can cause digestive problems) but you can also pull out a catnip toy every once in awhile to give the cat a boost of energy. There are a number of different types of catnip toys, all of which can be used numerous times before the effects of the catnip wear off. 

Pet Teepee

House pets are generally friendly and sociable but everyone likes a bit of privacy once in a while. Pet teepees can be bought for both cats and dogs though for a cat, you might want to perch it up on a high shelf since cats like height. A pet teepee is kind of like an animal lounge – your pet can go in and out at her leisure but when she’s inside, she can give herself a break from whatever other activity is going on around in the house.


Most cats like to chase things. Problem is, if the cat is a hunter, you have to put up with dead prey at your doorstep. If your cat likes the challenge of hunting, a laser may be just the answer. You can sit in your armchair and aim the laser while your cat enjoys himself trying to catch the light. Best of all, nothing dead will show up on your front porch.

Smart Bone

The smart bone is to dogs what the laser is to cats. A smart bone is a type of robot toy that jumps away just as the dog thinks that she’s got her teeth ready to crunch. It’s not really for munching but rather, the scratch-resistant gadget offers a challenge to get your dog moving. You can control the “bone” via Bluetooth and set it according to the dog’s mood.

Hidden Cat Litter Box

The hidden cat litter box is actually more of a gift for you than for your cat but….happy owner, happy cat. The litterbox is hidden inside a false plant pot so no one has to know when Miss Kitty is doing her business – or see the results. When it’s time to clean out the litter box you just lift the false plant up, dump out the litter and put new litter in to start again with everything clean and tidy.

Fur Glove

This glove is great both for cats and dogs who like to have their hair brushed and for those that don’t. Because the brush is worn as a glove, the animal simply feels as though it’s getting stroked. But in the meantime, the glove acts to remove loose hair and keep your pet’s fur slick and smooth.

Dog Bath

The dog bath won’t work well for large dogs but if you have a small dog, this tub could be the answer to a lot of problems. The tub sits on a folding stand and allow you to maintain control of the dog while you bath her. You can easily set up the bath inside your regular bathtub so that when you’re done, the used water drains down into your tub and then out the drain. No more bending down while you try to maintain your balance, hold onto the dog and shampoo her fur.

Dog Socks/Cat Socks

If you want to get a fun stocking-stuffer, you can custom order a pair of socks with your pet’s happy face looking out as the sock’s design. Silly way to keep your pet close to your heart.  

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