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As featured on Sloto Magazine Spring 2020

There are millions of millennials that are born in a world full of bright screens. They will grow up confident that smartphones, computers, the internet and AI are the standard way of things. The younger generations will have a hard time believing we had to visit libraries to read encyclopedias in order to find out answers about the world, or buy stamps and write handwritten letters to post in the mail.

Technology is advancing at an incredible pace and with such sudden change there are some reasons to be wary of the future. The very foundation of our modern world is at stake, namely: democracy.

It has only recently become apparent that the way democracy works might not be the most fair. Remember a time when women, indigenous people or slaves had no say in the democratic process? The same exclusion is happening today, but with a different kind of population: the unborn.

Changing governments every 4 to 5 years does not inspire politicians to look at the long-term. They mainly focus at the issues here and now. The last 120 years have seen great development but at a great expense. The biosphere has been decimated: forests cut down, oceans contaminated, mountains of trash scattered through the globe. Now, with the climate crisis, we are reaching the very end point of terribly short-sighted policies that focus on profit and endless economic growth in a planet with finite resources.

Who will have to pay the bills of our wrongdoing? Our children, of course! Democracy must reinvent itself so there are policies and laws in place that defend and protect the interest of future generations.

Democracy is also at risk at another front. The internet has permitted our lives to change so quickly and effortlessly, that most people take it for granted that it is an essential tool in our modern world. But it is a double-edged sword. Through social media, corporations and ill-intended governments can harvest endless information about its population. With this information they can target ads in social media that are in fact forms of propaganda.

The case of Brexit is now infamous, where, through careful targeting, pro-Brexit leaders targeted ads, videos and campaign images to millions of people in the U.K; possibly swinging the vote in their favor.

Another big issue is the power of algorithms used today to determine what content you view in social media and online websites. Which film will you watch next is determined by a computer algorithm based on its criteria of what you’ll like to watch. What person you are going to date next can be influenced by the same AI technology fueling most date apps and sites.

If we are not careful, soon this technology will be responsible for every major decision in your life: where to study, where to live, who to marry and whom to vote for.

We are at a crossroads in human history. Historian Noah Harari has stated quite clearly: we are hackable animals. Powerful corporations and governments can manipulate your life with the new technology available.

It is time to question many of the assumptions of our modern life and begin building a safer world for us and future generations!

Although some people deny it, even the actions of one single person can have an impact on the environment around us. Simple changes to our routine, or also by spreading the word about the good of recycling and choosing to walk instead of using the car, end up having a better impact than just doing nothing.

Get inspired this year and implement these steps to your daily life:

  • Change your driving habits: Start by using the car less. Whenever you need to run an errand or go for some snacks, try walking or riding a bike. It’s healthier and it will help you clear your mind!

  • Don’t waste water! Keeping an eye on water usage is key for the environment, as many people around the world must overcome great obstacles to have access to it. Turning off the water while brushing your teeth, taking shorter showers and buying reusable bottles are ways to help.

  • Recycle: It’s one of the best ways for you to have a positive impact as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment.

  • Tell your friends about it! Share your experiences and concerns about the future you want for the environment with your friends and people around you and keep them informed of new ways of helping!

  • Reduce your overall consumption: Next time you’re about to buy something think: Do I really need this? Or, is there a more environmentally conscious way to do this? With food, try to buy just what you plan to eat and think of creative ways, so nothing goes to waste!

Let’s try and make our world a better place without being so jaded about it. Every revolution begins with one single step. Join in!

5 Ways to Make A Difference To The Environment This Year

Now that spring is about to start, one of the most rewarding ways of spending your days is to start planting a garden to benefit your own health. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors gardening, at home or for your community, the proven benefits of gardening have made it a very popular hobby. Let’s take a look at some of the surprising benefits of gardening:

  • Stress Relief: Gardening reduces stress as it lowers the level of cortisol in people after just a few minutes. Since stress is a huge health risk, spending at least a small time gardening can be beneficial in the long term. Think about the years to come!

  • Heart Health: When doing gardening, people burn calories and keep active - as people must constantly move from one place to another and use physical force like digging, planting, and pulling. This helps reduce the risk for heart attack and stroke.

  • Better Sleep: Performing physical activity throughout the day can also make people sleep better at night, which is an important health benefit. Also, people with an outdoor garden can always hang a hammock and take a nap enjoying the garden’s vibes!

  • Family Heath: Gardening can be enjoyed even more if it’s done with someone you love, like a friend of family. Spending time bonding with others and working together on a project increase levels of happiness shared among the group.

  • Dirt for the little ones: Controlled exposure to dirt from the garden has been linked with health benefits for kids, reducing allergies to autoimmune diseases as they grow stronger with each battle won against foreign invaders. There’s nothing like some fresh air to start the day too!

Spring has finally sprung and it’s time to head outdoors and think about planting vegetables, flowers and tons of healthy thoughts into our gardens and souls!

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Benefits of Gardening

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