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Incredible technological developments in 2020

Most of us will never forget a scene in Star Wars, when Luke Skywalker lost an arm during a fight and a few scenes later we see him moving his fingers again – a robotic arm, responding to his every wish. Such ideas seemed like the remote future back in the 80’s; but today we are closer to seeing even stranger things become a reality. In this article we will review some of the most promising and state-of-the-art developments in medicine.

Bionic Eye

Researchers are close to making a bionic eye that can be inserted into a human head. They are using the latest 3D printing technology on a glass eye-shaped object. The sensors in the bionic eye convert light into electrical signals that researches hope to attach to nerves so the patient can recover his or her sight.

The Power of Music

Researchers in a university in Switzerland have developed special headphones for premature newborn babies. Given the rise of premature babies in most nations, this technology can help these babies develop a healthy brain. The newborns listen to three simple tracks (much simpler than Mozart) that support the baby’s daily rhythm of sleeping, waking and interaction with their environment.  

Rehabilitations Robots

NAO robots are designed to help stroke victims and the elderly to rehabilitate through gentle exercise and stretching. These robots guide people through simple motions at any time of the day, no breaks required! It can also be programmed to give information to residents in elderly homes about meals, the day’s agenda or even the top stories in the news!

An App that can save your life

Developers in the University of Washington are testing an app that can help diagnose pancreatic cancer by checking the whites in your eyes for signs of jaundice. Take a selfie and the app could detect elevated bilirubin levels, a possible sign of the disease.


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