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the US in banning the use of natural gas in any new buildings. This prohibition will require new constructions to rely on the electric grid instead, and will apply to more than 54,000 homes and 32 million square feet business space that are lined up to be constructed from July 2021 onwards.

This ban will directly reduce the city’s climate impact, as natural gas is the San Francisco’s second-largest source of climate-warming pollution - around 40% of its overall emissions, and in terms of buildings, natural gas use is responsible for 80% of the city’s emissions. People will be able to breathe cleaner air, without the nitrogen oxide pollution from more natural gas machinery.

Besides avoiding building out more gas infrastructure that would increase greenhouse gas emissions in the city, the new all-electric new construction will also save money in terms of upfront costs and by avoiding unnecessary spending on gas pipes. The city could also allow some new mixed-fuel buildings if an all-electric building is physically and technically infeasible, but they hope this will not happen in the majority of cases.

Cities across the State of California are also passing restrictions to limit fossil fuel use, as well as plans to phase out gas-powered vehicles sales by 2035 and improve the electric vehicle infrastructure so they can stay charged and on the move in the highways.

The future's looking bright, and clean, for California. Let’s hope more cities and countries around the world join in!

San Francisco

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