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The more you cook, the healthier you live. Today’s world might demand so much of our daily time that we never seem to find the right amount of time to cook something by ourselves, and prefer picking something up at a restaurant or make a home delivery. But the reality is that people who frequently cook dinner at home consume fewer calories than those who cook less.

  • Those who frequently cook at home (6-7 times a week) consume fewer calories than when they go out for dinner. For example, adults who cook dinner at home only once per week end up consuming over 2,300 calories per day (including 84 grams of fat and 135 grams of sugar) - while home-cooking enthusiasts eat at least 150 fewer calories.

  • Cooking can also become a relaxing and liberating activity that people can enjoy whether by themselves or with company. They can find personal satisfaction in cooking as well as a feeling of accomplishment while disconnecting from their daily routine - cooking can give great pleasure to a person, and no longer becomes a chore.

  • The good part about cooking is that there is a never-ending list of recipes which range in difficulty and experience. Cooking skills improve as people become more comfortable preparing individual and simple recipes. It is actually easier than most people think, and it can drastically improve your health and can be even cheaper and more fun than eating out!

Think of some of your favorite dishes you’ve eaten at a restaurant at one point in time and try recreating it. At the very least, you’ll come out with a fun story for your next real dinner party!

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