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If you are looking to reduce your sugar intake but worry that the crave for a delicious donut or refreshing ice cream will keep you from reaching your goals, take a look at these tips. One basic rule is that you need the knowledge and the right ingredients to keep yourself on track, such as swapping your fruit juice for an actual piece of fruit - as juice usually removes the fruit's fiber, which is essential to lowering the impact of blood sugar levels.

Another good tip if you spend time at home is not to buy anything that contains refined sugars: regularly check the ingredients on your products to make sure you buy the right stuff. Drinking more water and eating more whole foods prepared at home will fill you up and leave less space for sugary items. However, if the idea of not eating more sugar seems impossible, you can always combine your craving with a healthier option of candy - such as home-baked cookies or dehydrated fruit.

People who wait too long between meals are also prone to choose a more sugary and fatty food option than those who are constantly snacking on healthy options. Good options include fresh vegetables such as baby carrots, crackers with cheese, mixed nuts or homemade popcorn with low amounts of salt.

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